Bullies, Dictators, Terrorist Groups and Regimes Are All One and The Same. Their Tactics Are Both Universal and Timeless

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Bullying has always been around and, unfortunately, always will be. It happens on ALL levels, ranging from the individual level to the government and political level. The best thing we can do is to take steps to bully-proof ourselves at the individual level to either cease to be victims or never become a victim.

It has dawned on me that the same mental processes and tactics that happen in bullying and mobbing in schools and workplaces against a target are the same processes that give dictators and autocratic leaders the ability to control countries.

From Saddam Hussein to Karl Marx and Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler; from Xi Zinping and Kim Jong Un, to Josef Stalin; dictators have been a terrible reality for many countries. Understand that dictators are bullies! They influence an entire population first by making empty promises of equality for all, play on our emotions by showing crime, suffering children, poverty, etc.

Once they get into office, they influence by fear and rule with an iron fist.

Understand that your worst bullies in school or at work are busting with charisma. They’re experts at charming and influencing the rest of the student body or workforce. They have a talent of fooling and appealing to others. They’re experts at persuading everyone to turn against their victims. This is how DICTATORS are made.

You can bet that every dictator the world has ever known got their start as a school or workplace bully!

Once a dictator is voted in and the people give them power, they disarm the citizenry, enact a set pay scale for everyone, a set healthcare system, take over the food supply and strip the people of their freedoms and human rights.

Dictators are bullies. Why? Because they rely on fear, dependency, and an imbalance of power from which to draw their power and there’s a clear imbalance of power between the dictator and the citizenry.

bullies snakes poisonous toxic

Just as bullies have followers, dictators have regimes, parties, and secret police. Also, these dictators have targets- certain groups of people they single out and oppress. Hitler’s targets were the Jewish people and anyone who disagreed with him. Stalin’s targets were ethnic Ukrainians, Polish, and Bulgarians.

Their followers are terrorist groups, such as Hitler’s Nazi party of Germany, Mussolini’s Fascist party of Italy. Then, we have Stalin, Lenin, Marx, and the Bolsheviks of Russia, who lead the Bolshevik Revolution and brought Communism to Russia, which is how the country became the Soviet Union, or U.S.S.R. (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

Today, we have Antifa, The Red Guard, and other nefarious groups, who continue to burn and loot cities and physically attack anyone who they don’t like in order to bring Socialism/Communism to America.

Understand that all of it is a form of bullying because it instills fear and creates an imbalance of power in average citizens and is used for intimidation, dominance, and control of them against their will.

toxic brainwashing

Dictators and terrorist groups have had targeted groups to oppress, torture, and kill and have thrived on fear to turn entire populations against their targeted groups. They do this through use of propaganda and usually complete their end goals of genocide. Down through  history, Communism has caused tens of millions of deaths.

Bullies have influenced student bodies and workforces to turn against a target to assassinate their characters and kill their reputations. And the scary thing is that it’s such a slow process that it almost isn’t noticeable until it’s already gone so far.

The tactics used against targets are the same used against the Jews in Nazi Germany during the thirties- demonization. Understand that demonizing is how it starts.

Though the outcome was much worse, with the Jewish people ending up maimed, physically tortured, and murdered, bullying requires the same tactics that slowly build to the final culmination of a social murder of their targets.

Bullying and mobbing are still psychological torture, and it does kill, only on the opposite end of the violence spectrum. But the social contagion and pack-mentality that make each collective attack possible are pretty much the same.  Again, it’s gradual and incremental. It happens so slowly that targets don’t realize they’re being conditioned to accept brutality and bystanders and witnesses don’t realize they’re being conditioned to hate and brutalize the target.

Target on your back metaphor as a person with a tattoo of a bulls eye symbol tattooed on the skin as an icon for being a victim of bullying and bullied or psychology of feeling vulnerable with 3D illustration elements.

Here’s how bullies target individual persons for bullying.

  • A particular person is singled out and labeled as different from everyone else.
  • Others spread the word of the targeted individual’s difference.
  • Before long, everyone defines the target’s “difference” from the rest to suggest that the target person is inferior.
  • Next, everyone is directed by a person in power to target the person for elimination.
  • The person in power sends the message that if anyone associates with, befriends, or helps the target, that person will be targeted next. But if they join in the brutalization and humiliation of the target, they will be rewarded with acceptance and a climb up the social hierarchy.
  • People increasingly leave the targeted person out of the social group and block them from access to knowledge and any deserved awards or credits.
  • The target is isolated, called ugly names, and demonized, which makes it much more acceptable for others to harm them.
  • The target is accused of the same things the bullies are themselves guilty of and a reversal of victim and offender is achieved.
  • Soon, everyone agrees that the targeted person deserves abuse and inhumane treatment.
  • Finally, the rest of the group eliminates the targeted person through character assassination and annihilation of his/her once-good reputation, whether it be isolation, expulsion, termination, banishment, or even murder.
  • Later, everyone either denies they bullied the targeted person or they justify and rationalize it- giving reasons that sound justifiable for their part in the brutal treatment of the person to avoid feeling and looking guilty.

Here’s how dictators and terrorist groups target groups and populations of people. And it’s all the same!

  • They single the targeted group out and put the word out to label them as different from other groups of people.
  • The media and other tools of the oppressive government spread the word of the targeted group’s difference and perceived sins and evil.
  • The labeled group is deemed evil and inferior, then marginalized by society.
  • The message is conveyed to the rest of the people that it’s acceptable to oppress, even harm members of the targeted group.
  • People outside the targeted group are encouraged to dehumanize them and deny them knowledge, a voice, and fundamental human rights- with those in power making it unlawful for members of the targeted group to defend themselves against being hurt.
  • People in the oppressed group are deemed threats to the rest of society, insulted and degraded, cancelled, and denied representation,
  • Dictators and oppressors accuse the targeted group of the same things they themselves are guilty of so that the oppressors can achieve the reversal of victim and offender and cover their own crimes against humanity.
  • People outside the targeted group are only further encouraged to dehumanize members of the oppressed targeted group.
  • Dictators and those in power also promote the message that if anyone associates with and dares to stand up for the targeted group, they too will be targeted along with them. But if they join the fight against the targeted group, they may be rewarded with influential positions!
  • Soon, groupthink takes over, and everyone agrees, although wrongly and unjustifiably, that the targeted group deserves horrific treatment and needs to be destroyed no matter what it takes to destroy them!
  • The oppression and brutality toward the targeted group finally progresses to a sadistic and deadly climax, where those in power have the targeted group murdered by committing genocide and the rest of society looks on with satisfaction.
  • Later, they either deny their crimes against humanity, or they rationalize and justify them to keep from feeling dirty. (An example of this denial would be people, down through the years and even today who deny the Jewish Holocaust ever happened.)

fear silence

Again. Understand that over time, the brutality ever so gradually increases in tiny increments. It progresses so slowly that it isn’t noticeable until it reaches a certain pitch. There are names for this slow, unnoticeable (or barely noticeable to the trained eye) progression- gradualism and incrementalism.

So, you see? The tactics and processes are exactly the same, whether on an individual, school, and company level or government and political level, all of it is BULLYING and MOBBING but only under different names!

These tactics are universal and have been used down through history. If you are target of bullying, the ability to think ahead and predict your bullies’ next move is essential if you expect to be able to protect yourself.

0 thoughts on “Bullies, Dictators, Terrorist Groups and Regimes Are All One and The Same. Their Tactics Are Both Universal and Timeless

  1. Greg Dennison says:

    “Dictators and oppressors accuse the targeted group of the same things they themselves are guilty of so that the oppressors can achieve the reversal of victim and offender and cover their own crimes against humanity.”

    This reminds me of things I’m seeing in the US right now…

  2. goodvibes40 says:

    This is certainly true in many areas but frankly doesn’t tell the full story. Socialism in itself is not a form of bullying. It has to do with Economic systems and distribution of Wealth. Canada, our neighbors, is actually a form of a Socialist country, that doesn’t have the poverty we have here in the United States. They have a great leader who is not a dictator or bully at all and their people according to research are generally happier than Americans especially in recent years as we have become more polarized. Someone like Stalin on the other definitely a different story.

    The United States has a three tier government so Socialism and Communism will never occur here without another country invading and taking over. The system doesn’t allow for that really.

    For example, some people are freaking out because President Biden is using a lot of Executive Actions right now. Well, that shows they don’t actually pay attention because one the things he has done are all within his Constitutional power and while he has used more than others, all Presidents do it. It just depends on if you voted for them or not. And very little of what he has done is actual law. Laws are passed in the Congress. The Democrats are slightly in power now, but just a few years ago Republicans were in power. What changes? Not much.

    Some people claimed President Trump was a Dictator. He definitely used the Bully pulpit on Twitter and his speeches and those who were not fans say it dicator like and some of the things he did may have seemed that way but once again he in a three tiered government didn’t actually make that many changes and was not a Dictator either. Some also would claim there was a radicalization with those that stormed the Capitol which also included the deaths of a few people and the bullying of police officers. Many who were arrested claimed they did it because Trump wanted them too.

    Get my point here? It really comes down to one’s political beliefs on perception of the leader. Trump and Biden may have different philosophical views and both sides want to claim dictatorship none of which are true. You do have groups like Antifa but you also have groups like the Proud Boys (why they chose the name Boys instead of Men is beyond me but anyway). The United States has always had radical groups.

      • goodvibes40 says:

        Yes the same with me but it also illustrates the point. You disagree with me on a lot of this and I disagree with you on a lot of this. So where is the truth? Probably somewhere in the middle but some of this comes down to one’s own political leaning and philosophy meaning frankly because it is subjective there isn’t that much validity on either side even though we both think we are right.

        • cheriewhite says:

          It has nothing to do with anyone’s political leaning. I’m curious as to which parts of the article you’re referring to as false. Because I remember studying history in high school and college before some of it got changed. Also I’ve done a lot of reading on bullies and oppressive governments and they pretty much use the same tactics. That’s the whole point of this article. So please explain to me what parts of this article is untrue since it’s clearly your implication.

          • goodvibes40 says:

            Some of the comments regarded socialism are not accurate. Socialism has proven in some societies (I am not saying necessarily in the United States) to be effective government where many people according to studies have less stress etc. To me the article seems tilted (and there are good points in there too) toward Dictatorships, Communism, and Socialism as basically one and the same when they are not. A Communistic or Socialistic Dictatorship is one thing just a society that favors something is not necessarily a bad thing. Not every country believes like the United States does and recent history has shown we are a country with many flaws. Anytime one of our leaders does something that people don’t like due to the polarization of both sides the Socialistic or Communistic word gets thrown out. I have heard it said about both Biden and Trump. Hmmm? Opposite parties, opposite governing styles yet half the country believes one of the other is a bad person. The President has limited powers but when he uses them it is within the Constitution even when people don’t agree with a position. That doesn’t mean the country is going Socialistic or Communistic. Plus society changes so changes sometimes have to happen. Take Health care, Trump disliked Obamacare (and there is much to find fault with Obamacare) and stated for 4 years he was coming up with the Trump healthcare plan. Granted he never delivered on that but he had a position which half the country would love, half wouldn’t. I just think we have to be careful with thinking everything is going to pot within the government. The problem falls more with individuals like Antifia, like the Proud Boys, etc. The problem also lies within the Special Interest groups that plague both parties.

          • goodvibes40 says:

            I think, frankly, anything that becomes political there is “proof” to confirm and dispute it both. I mean if you watch the media on both sides it all depends on the spin of it. Then if you watch the BBC spin on it, they tend to think both sides are loco.

          • cheriewhite says:

            You’re right about the media spin and yes, I couldn’t agree more about crazies being on both sides. It’s one of the reasons why I consider myself Independent and non partisan on many issues. For me it’s not about who’s doing this or that. It’s about right and wrong, who’s being screwed and who’s doing the screwing and benefiting from the suffering of others. No more, no less.

          • goodvibes40 says:

            See I think both sides are controlled by special interest groups and the media. And the problem is everything is spin. We are a country of hyperbole and spin. And the problem is the extremists on both sides are convinced they are completely right. There is a problem because if someone thinks their way is the only way then no one is ever going to be satisfied and extremism will only grow.

  3. Sue Gallagher says:

    I would like to add that White Supremacy is equally threatening. Any extreme viewpoint spewing hate and the eradication of other races is not exempt from bullying and worse. Thanks.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Yes, white supremacy is very threatening and, unfortunately, there are people out there who have this hatred. And it’s a damn shame. Ignorance is widespread and it’s bad for not only this country, but the world.

      • Sue Gallagher says:

        I hate to oversimplify things and be idealistic but I think we all have fears and if only we could break down barriers and talk about what’s really bothering us and how we can fix things together. I mean the people, like us, in the middle. Not extremists.

        • cheriewhite says:

          You’re absolutely right, Sue. But unfortunately, the powers that be would rather not have a healthy discussion. There are many people who are profiting from keeping us divided and the last thing they want is for anyone to come together for healthy dialogue and to try to come up with solutions on how we can all get along. Remember that a divided population is a controllable population.

          • Sue Gallagher says:

            Yes! For starters, our blogs can reach across to one another. I always like to read something and think about it first. I think the way to do it is to look at the part I agree with and then work from there. If I focus on the negative parts, l will never be able to reach out. As for profiteering, l so agree that it is a real problem. Most of us cannot afford to fund causes let alone pay the rent.

  4. Acid Kritana says:

    Hey, Cherie! It’s good to see that you’re still pretty awesome.

    And that reminds me, but one thing I may add is that an affect of this bullying would perhaps also be suicide.

    And by that, I mean both suicide successes and suicide attempts.

    Sorry for the wording of “suicide successes,” but it was the only one I could think of.

    For example, men not only commit suicide more, but they also actually attempt (Serious Suicide Attempts) more.


    And you’re very right, throughout the whole article.

    • cheriewhite says:

      You made such a great point. Bullycide is a reality. Many times, men are bullied by women and they feel emasculated. And that’s the worst way for a man to feel. The suicide rates of men are a LOT higher than of their female counterparts amd statistics have proven that time and time again.
      Thank you so much for adding this.

      • goodvibes40 says:

        I agree with you here and I think this is another problem within Society. 2021 and we still fall to gender and racial stereotypes. I think society says all men are supposed to be strong, unemotional, etc. That is terrible as not all men are physically or emotionally strong but society makes it seem like they are less of a man if they are. And society places this pressure on men to do this and do that and often times men neglect health etc. But then on the other hand women are supposed to be frail, submissive, emotional which is also bologna. But when a woman shows strength physically, emotionally, leadership, etc you have a sector of society that thinks that isn’t being ladylike. You can be a lady and change a tire or get dirty. When women show that strength they get labeled as being overbearing aggressive and other names I won’t post here. So you end up with some men because of society that don’t know how to handle a strong or stronger woman (in a variety of areas) and then you have some men that think they have to be overly masculine and then more sensitive men feeling less than because society says they aren’t supposed to listen to a strong female. You end up with mass confusion all over the place.

        • cheriewhite says:

          That’s true the roles society puts on men, then you have the other side of the coin, people who view men who are heads of households, raising a family and take on the roles of a father as men with “toxic masculinity,” which I also think is a load of malarkey. In my opinion, it’s up to the individual man as to what role he wants to take up. The stereotypical roles people expect women to play is also malarkey. Again, it’s up to the individual and my mother changed many a tire when my siblings and I were growing up. So, yes, you have a point.

      • Acid Kritana says:

        You’re welcome.

        I’m happy to help any time.

        Also, if you ever have information, please feel free to bring it to any of my articles and let me know.

  5. goodvibes40 says:

    I will say this. I have an admiration for those men out there that don’t have an issue with strong females and are confident in themselves and willing to work equally and beside women without a macho attitude.

      • goodvibes40 says:

        Right and I think men should have that same choice if the woman is working and they can afford it. Men aren’t given that option usually. If one is going to claim they are equal to the other both should have the same choices based on what is best for that family.

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