Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C7.2

“Brielle! Girl! What just happened?” Popeye asked.

“The Sheriff! That lowlife bastard! Oh my God, Popeye! He pulled me over tonight and told me to get out of the car. I didn’t know what to think because I wasn’t speeding, hadn’t made any illegal turns, nothing! Then he starts in on me about Jane!”

“What’s his problem about Jane? She’s a wonderful little girl!” Popeye said, not sure where this was going.

“Jane got into a fight at school today. The other kids at school have been bullying her- ever since she started there and they’ve been making it worse and worse on her! Olivia is being picked on at her school too…anyway, two girls tried to jump Jane in the bathroom and Jane fought back and used her karate training to do it! She beat the two girls up pretty badly!” Brielle continued.

“Who were the two girls?”

“Breanna Lindsay and Audrey Crabtree.”

Popeye paused and the look of concern spread over his face.

“Oh, brother! As much as I hate to say it, Brielle! You’ve got big problems now! Breanna is Grant and Misty’s daughter, and Audrey is the sheriff’s.” He said in a statement that sounded more like a warning.

The Aftermath

Popeye went on.

“Grant Lindsay, and Bobby Crabtree? ‘Them some mean peckerwoods! And dangerous! You don’t know what I know about those jokers!”

“I know more than you think. I’ve been filled in on a few things about them. Back to Jane’s fight at school- after she defended herself against Breanna and Audrey, five other girls jumped in and beat the crap out of her. They knocked her unconscious. The school doesn’t bother to call me or an ambulance for Jane. No. They carry her to the school nurse, Kristi McKay. And she’s a joke. I’m told she’s working as the school nurse because she’s been fired from every hospital and nursing home she’s ever worked at because she’s grossly incompetent! And then, to top it off, the school gives Jane a three-day suspension while letting Breanna and Audrey off scot free and giving the other five only a one-day suspension! How the hell is that fair?”

“Fair? Brielle, these people have absolutely zero sense of fair.” Popeye reminded her, “I don’t know if you knew this or not, but a lot of strange things have happened around here in the last year and are still happening now. Three people came up missing about six months before you moved back here. They haven’t been found yet.” He mentioned.


“Wow! Really?” Brielle asked.

“Yep! Sheriff Crawford died in a hunting accident, but everyone knows it wasn’t an accident. ‘Thing is, nobody can prove it. I think Bobby Crabtree had something to do with it. Sheriff Crawford was such a good and just man. And everybody loved him. But the Crabtrees were jealous of his popularity with the people.”

“Several people have told me about that! I went to school with Bobby, and he tried to hurt me and a few others even back then.”

“I’m not surprised. Bobby Crabtree’s a bad man- a real bad man. Just like his older brother. So, you watch yourself, Brielle. And watch over those babies. And since Jane’s being treated so badly in school, you be there for her, Brielle.” Popeye advised.

“I damn well intend to, Popeye.” Brielle vowed.

“Speaking of Bobby, I went to school with him, as I mentioned. I remember when the Thomasville Conspiracy happened with the McGregor’s. I was living in California when it all went down. And I also remember talking online and on the phone with people around here and they told me of the horrible rumors, the smears against Shannon and her kids. And all they wanted to do was fix the house, sell it, then go back home to Arizona. But the local cabal just had to go after them, didn’t they? They ended up overplaying their hand and getting caught in all kinds of criminal activity. Had they left Shannon alone and let her be, they probably would’ve avoided being caught in all the corruption and some of them wouldn’t be rotting in prison now.” Brielle explained.

Brielle and the Chaney’s

“I agree with you there.” Popeye said with a nod.

“I remember hearing of the explosion of the gas station and that the Crooke property was burned to the ground. They destroyed Crooke Hill. I remember hearing all this bad stuff about Shannon McGregor and her family. And I remember talking to Bart Chaney and his grandfather online. I knew them both when I was a kid, living here. They were great people. I remember seeing everything on the news later- the trials at the Federal Court in Memphis. I remember Bobby’s brother Johnny and his cronies being convicted and sent to prison. Shannon, the Bledsoe Brothers, and a few others uncovered a lot of bad things that happened here.” Brielle said in reflection.

More on Dealing with Catty Women and Girls

cat fight

Not long ago, I created a post entitled “Catty Women and Girls.” In it I described these females, pointing out their toxic personalities, their attitudes, their tactics to bring other women down, and the sickening vibes they put out into the universe.

A commenter on the post, Petrina, made the perfect point when she quoted in her comment:

“…If a woman knows her worth, she won’t be like this. If a woman does not make an idol out of men, she won’t see other women as such a threat. Much of women’s cattiness revolves around the fact that they feel threatened that their idols (men) are going to find other women attractive and prefer them. These types of insecure women are falsely validated by men’s attention….”

Petrina’s words really drive the point home and I thank her for her comment!

Cattiness in Women Comes from One Thing- Fear and Insecurity!

What makes these fraulines so dirty and trifling can be summed up in one word:


Again, if these poor things had a modicum of self-esteem, confidence- any security whatsoever in themselves as women, they wouldn’t need to walk around with such funky attitudes and making trouble for others. They would not feel the need to compare themselves to another woman. They would not be hating on women they feel have lives that are so much better than theirs.

If these women were genuinely happy with their lives and knew their worth, they wouldn’t be so obsessively jealous.  Catty women are insanely jealous of women who have their lives in order and everything going for them.

Women who are catty are usually women who are hungry for attention, especially male attention. They are the kind of girls you see humiliating themselves by chasing and throwing themselves at men in bars or at parties.

Understand that their snooty demeanors alone reveal so much about them. And the sad thing is that they are totally oblivious to it. These toxic broads are under the delusion that their snotty behavior makes them look powerful and goddess-like. They believe that walking around with their noses in the air and upper lip snarled like a dog is cute.

Catty Women are Thirsty!

And yes, there are people, especially guys, who are attracted to that kind of behavior in girls. It’s true that every day, you see many men fall all over themselves to get close to these bitchy fem-fatales. However, you have to consider that these guys are usually those who have no self-esteem nor self-respect. Because the maneaters they’re desperately trying to get next to will only chew them up and spit them back out!

Yes, they may look like and put on the facade of the alpha male, but, under the surface, they’re only beta males who are insecure and have serious doubts of their own masculinity.

If the wannabe alpha guys who dig these broads were cars, they would be shiny, flashy muscle-cars that look sharp and fast on the outside but would be total wrecks under the hoods and wouldn’t make it out of the driveway before sputtering out and breaking down. Otherwise, they would not be such gluttons for punishment. They wouldn’t bow down to these shrews, kiss their behinds, and become, for lack of a better term, “whipped.”

A guy with any self-esteem, self-respect, or common sense, would have nothing to do with these self-absorbed, egotistical twits. After all, they only have the power others give them.

Oh, but wait! This also says something else!

Any quality woman- a woman who is worth her salt- desires a partner she can respect, not some spineless wimp she can walk on. And men of quality desire a quality woman of strength they too can respect and who respects them back.

And when a catty, insecure woman has her partner, or other guys groveling at her feet, it says one of either two things about her:

A. She is a controlling, domineering shrew who’s fearful of a strong, secure, self-respecting partner and would actually prefer a man who’s a sniveling weakling she can keep under the heel of her high-heeled shoe.


B. A strong, secure, and self-respecting man of quality would never in this lifetime have her nor even consider her! Ouch!

A real woman, one who knows there’s no need to act catty to prove anything to anyone, will be successful in achieving a relationship with a quality partner she can respect and who respects her back. This is a girl who will never get into a relationship with anyone she cannot respect. For love to take place, there must first be respect!

Catty Women are Fearful of Strong, Secure, Self-Respecting Men

In contrast, women of the catty variety are fearful women. They fear being outshone or outdone. They are to be pitied because they are truly pathetic.

They’re only beta-females who, by their actions and behavior, reduce themselves to the lowest common denominator. Sadly, these women are many- they’re a dime a dozen. But women who are confident and have their mental stuff together are few. They’re rare. And anything that is rare is and always will be of higher value.  Many would deem it priceless. The Laws of Scarcity dictates this.

Therefore, if you are one of those rare and special women and it seems that so many other females are working like the devil to bring you down, know that they are already beneath you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t expend so much effort to tear you apart and bring you to their level.

Always remember that because you are rare, you hold more value than your mean girl bullies ever will. Believe that with every fiber of your being!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C7

Chapter 7

An Unwavering Determination

As Brielle drove, the anger in her eyes brimmed to a flood and ran down her cheeks. Keeping one hand on the steering wheel, she grabbed her smartphone and touched the screen with her thumb. After three rings, Grandma Bennett answered the phone.


“Grandma, it’s Brielle. I need you to do me a huge favor!” Brielle said as she sniffled, taking tiny gasps of air as she cried.

“Brielle? What’s the matter, hon? It sounds like you’re crying.” Grandma said in a voice of concern, “And where are you? You were supposed to be here thirty minutes ago.”

“I’m on County Route 17. Listen! Can you let the kids spend the night and get Olivia off to school in the morning?” Brielle asked.

“Sure, I can, darling! But what’s wrong? What’s going on, Brielle?” Grandma said in a gentler voice.

“I can’t talk about it now, Grandma. I’ll tell you tomorrow when I’m calmer. Okay?”

“Brielle, did you get fired or something?”

“No, Grandma. It’s nothing like that. I’ll talk about it tomorrow. Please, Grandma. I can’t talk about it now.”

“Okay! Okay, honey. You just get home and get some sleep. Then you come over here in the morning and you can tell Grandma all about it. Alright?”

“I will, Grandma.”

“How are the kids and how did they behave?”

“They’re all asleep now. But they behaved wonderfully!”

“I’m so glad to hear that. Tell them I’ll see them in the morning.”

Popeye Provides a Listening Ear

When Brielle pulled up in her driveway, she shut the engine off, then sat in the car for a moment, trying to collect herself. She ran her hands up each side of her face and back down, trying to relieve some stress. Brielle wiped away tears before exiting the car.

When she got out of the vehicle, she looked down the road a ways and noticed Popeye’s house, sitting in the middle of the field, off in the distance, and noticed that his lights were still on. He was still up.

She took her smartphone and touched the screen.

When Popeye arrived at her house five minutes later, Brielle let him inside and closed the door. Popeye looked at Brielle, noticing how visibly shaken she was.

“Brielle, what’s going on? What happened?” Popeye asked in a soft voice of concern as he gently took her by the arm, “Sit yourself down, Brielle. Get yourself together now.”

She sat down on her sofa and Popeye sat down beside her.

“You wouldn’t believe it, Popeye! Hell! I can’t even believe it myself!” Brielle said between sniffles. She leaned over and yanked a Kleenex out of a box of them which sat on one of the end tables. She then used it to dab her eyes and nose.

Dealing with Catty Women and Girls

Sadly, we have so many women who are jealous of other women. They seek to tear another woman down if she dares to be too pretty, too smart, too rich, too talented, too anything positive.

You’ll have a clique of queen bees and mean girls at school or work, and they’ll see another woman outside their little group who is happy with her life. She’s confident and strong. She knows who she is and what she wants. This woman may be successful at her job or have a huge bank account. She may be talented, smart, have a good family life, or gasp! All of the above.

Do you think that they’ll be happy for a fellow female who managed to defy the odds? Will these women want to learn from her or see her as a role model? Do you think they will look up to her?

Most Females May Act Like They Support Other Women. But Do They Really?

No chance. They will only hate her and wish for her downfall. These vixens will want to tear her to pieces. They will plot against her and try to sabotage whatever success she has. It’s both sad and pathetic!

Understand that the reason these women are so catty is because they’re highly insecure in themselves. They subconsciously see themselves as inferior to any woman who’s got her shit together. So, they’ll do everything they possibly can to pull her down to their level.

Also, if a catty woman has a husband with a roving eye, look out if you’re the woman in his sights! Because she won’t lay into her hubby with the wandering eyes. No. She will come after you! And with a vengeance!

Catty women are mostly the passive-aggressive types and if you’re in their line of fire, you’ll feel their eyes bore into you like a needle. You’ll pick up the sickening vibrations these girls put off. Also, you’ll feel the negative energy they exude grip you and try to squeeze the life out of you. And these females will almost seem demonic- as if they’re possessed with an evil spirit.

If You Become the Target of Catty Women, BEWARE!

These shrews will try to get information from you. Moreover, they’ll pump your friends, associates, even your family members for information about you.

They’ll warn everyone who will listen not to associate with you and try to damage your good relationships. They will also sabotage your job prospects, invade your privacy and snoop through your office and sometimes even your belongings, to find anything they can use against you.

Some may even stalk you to find out where you live and who your family members are. Understand that these women see you as an adversary- someone they must compete with. Your success causes them to compare themselves to you and question their own achievements and overall value as women.

They hate you because they think you have it better than them. You can hear the venom in their voices and sense the poison in their minds. You see clearly the ignorance in their attitudes. Also, you’ll observe their huffy impatience and haughty demeanors.

If they ever sink their claws into you, they’ll never let go. You’re the enemy– the usurper of their perceived girl-code, and they have an evil laser focus on you.

Women and Girls can be Worse Bullies Than Men and Boys

These girls strut around the school, workplace, or community with funky dispositions and their noses turned up. They have their upper lips raised in contempt, eyes blazing under those fake eyelashes, and eyebrows narrowed. Overall, they have snooty and snotty attitudes.

And the woman I mentioned earlier? The one with the ogling husband? Should it be any wonder the guy has a roving eye?

You must realize that these women are miserable human beings, and they suck the oxygen out of every room they walk into. They are to be pitied and dismissed, not hated. Avoid them and have nothing to do with them, not only for your sanity, but your overall safety. And the further away you get from these hussies, the better.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C6.12

“Step around to the front of my vehicle, Brielle.”

Brielle gave Bobby a puzzled look. Nevertheless, she did as she was told. Bobby then stood in front of her with a look of contempt.

“Are you aware that your daughter, Jane, assaulted my daughter and a few other girls at school today?” The sheriff asked angrily.

“Yeah. After they jumped her first.” Brielle answered matter-of-factly.

“Is that a fact?” Bobby challenged.

“That’s a fact.” Brielle answered bravely.

The sheriff placed his hands on his hips and looked Brielle dead in the eyes. His eyes become slits and one side of his upper lip rose in contempt.

“You and your daughter seem to think that because you know martial arts that you can just go around beatin’ up on people anytime you feel like it. Don’t you?” He growled angrily.

“That’s not how it is, and you know it!” Brielle fired back in a low growl as well.

Bobby stepped closer to Brielle and got nose to nose with her. Brielle continued to look the sheriff dead in the eyes.

An Illegal Stop

“You know? Just because you and your sweet little daughters have blackbelts doesn’t give you the right to go around beating up on people. You’d best remember that, in this town, we…have…the power! You might physically be able to overpower us, but you’ll never overpower us psychologically or politically. Girl, we have tactics and tricks you couldn’t even comprehend! And we have ways of making people’s lives hard. Oh, yeah, we have ways, sweetheart! Hell, for years, we’ve had a few people stuck in places they still haven’t figured out how to get out of! So, my advice to you is to keep a real tight rein on that daughter of yours! Or, you’re going to find out just how bad things can get! You hear me, Brielle Bennett! Or Markowitz, or whatever name the suck-head who didn’t know you but was stupid enough to marry you gave you!” The sheriff fired off.

“Are you done?” Brielle asked in a low but serious tone, maintaining her stare into the sheriff’s eyes without blinking.

Suddenly, the sheriff grabbed Brielle by her blouse with one hand and pinned her into the back of her SUV. He drew his gun with the other hand and shoved the nose of it under her chin.

A Criminal with a Badge

“You’ve gotten mighty uppity over the years! And this  overconfidence of yours is likely to be your downfall! You know? I could take full advantage of that blackbelt of yours. I could blow your head clean off, then tell the rest of the world how you used your karate, or jujitsu, or whatever you’re trained in, to assault me, an officer of the law! I could plant drugs in your car and tell everyone how I feared for my life and had to shoot you in self-defense because you resisted arrest and tried to take me down and escape! And you know what the real beauty is? Everyone in this town, or everyone who matters anyway, would believe me because they hate your fucking guts! Best part is that I could orphan your children, take them away from your family, and send them off to foster care! Oh, yeah! I can just imagine what your kids’ futures would be! You just keep shooting your smart mouth off, girl, and I’ll flip your whole world upside down! And not only yours, but that of your entire fucking family! You best remember that you stripper-pole-hugging bitch!” The sheriff growled and snarled through gritted teeth, spewing saliva as he talked.

Brielle never made a sound but only contorted her face in anger while gritting her teeth and panting.

Bobby then let go of Brielle with another shove.

“Get in your car and get the hell out of here!”

With eyes blazing, lips thinned covering gritted teeth, and face hardened with rage, Brielle stormed to the driver’s side door, open it, and got into her vehicle. She then slammed the door and drove off, slinging gravel.

Sheriff Bobby only stood there and watched her drive away with fury and contempt.

10 Signs That They Don’t See Your Worth

There will always be people who won’t see your worth. And some never will see it. It’s just a part of life on this planet and we shouldn’t waste another nanosecond of our time on those people. However, some people are terrific actors and it can be hard to tell if you don’t know what signs to look for. You must know the signs or you won’t know who to hang onto and who to let go.

Here are the signs:

1.You feel bad or awkward around them. Energy doesn’t lie. Although you may not consciously know that the people you’re with don’t value you, you’ll feel it in their vibrations. Therefore, avoid anyone who makes you feel that something is “off” because the vibes you feel are a warning. Realize that these people don’t deserve to be in your presence or your life. You deserve better.

2. Empty promises. These people make all kinds of promises but never follow through. Again, you deserve better than them. It’s time to ditch and switch to better people.

You must know the signs or you won’t know who to hang on to and who to let go.

3. Their words don’t match their body language or actions. They tell you that they like you, that you’re the best thing since the invention of the wheel but don’t act like it. Therefore, they treat you like dirt and ignore you when other people are around.

4. They only want to be with you in private. This means that they’re probably ashamed to be seen with you. They’re all over you when it’s just the two of you. However, in public or when others are around, they ignore you and act like they don’t know you. Again, get rid of these no-counts.

5, You make all the effort in the friendship or relationship. You are always the one to initiate contact, do all the calling, all the texting, and messaging. Also, you make all the visits to their house, using your car gas and your time but they never reciprocate. This can get exhausting. At some point, you find yourself wondering if they really care. Therefore, it’s time to stop making so much effort and let them do some of the work if they want to contact you, and if they don’t, there’s your answer. Find better friends.

Clarity is key!

6. They take and never give. They only use you for what they can get from you, then disappear. Again, this is so revealing. Have nothing more to do with this person.

7. They never tell the truth. If you find that a friend has been lying to you, you have to wonder what else they will lie about. It’s time to start choosing friends who are honest and let this person go!

8. They’re jealous of you when things are going well for you. If a friend resents your achievements and successes, it’s time to cut them loose. You deserve friends who celebrate your successes with you, not ones who are green with jealousy and see you as competition.

9. They get angry when you talk to your other friends or a family member. This is a huge red flag! A true friend would never want to keep you all to themselves and block you from associating with other people who love you. They would want others to love you too. Moreover, any friend who feels insecure any time you talk to someone else is not good for you. Get away from them, pronto!

Know your worth and get rid of those who don’t.

10. They always disappear when you’re in trouble and need them the most. They’ll leave you to fend for yourself when bullies come for you. Additionally, they may not supportive and not come around when you’re sick or feeling low. Again, dead giveaway. Steer clear!

If you see any of these signs in a so-called friend, get rid of them…fast! This person should be about as welcome in your life as a turd in a swimming pool!

You owe it to yourself to let these leeches go!

Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C6.11

Later that afternoon, Brielle arrived at Grandma Bennett’s house with Jane. When Grandma Bennett opened the door, holding Baby Kennedy on her hip, and let her granddaughter and great-granddaughter into the house, she immediately noticed the shiner Jane was wearing and the bruises and scratches about the face.

“My Lord! What the heck happened to Jane, Brielle? Jesse said that he saw you in town at about noon today and that Jane was in the car with you!” Grandma Bennett asked, concerned. She handed the crying baby to Brielle.

“She got into a fight. She’s been suspended for three days.” Brielle answered.

Grandma Bennett’s eyes grew big.

“What!” She asked, flabbergasted.

“Two girls tried to jump her and Jane used her self-defense training. When she took down the two girls, five more girls jumped in and beat Jane up pretty badly,” Brielle explained, “They knocked her unconscious. After we left the school, I took her by the hospital to get checked.  Luckily, all she got was a sprained wrist, few scrapes, scratches, bruises, and a bump on the head.” Brielle told Grandma, “In the meantime, I have to go to work. I called Olivia’s school and took them to tell her to get off the bus here. I hope that’s okay, Grandma.”

Grandma Bennett Gets a Shocker

“My God!” Grandma Bennett gasped, “And they suspended Jane for defending herself? That’s insane!”

“They’ve always been like that, Grandma. Remember? They did the same to me.” Brielle reminded.

“Oh, I know it!” Grandma said in frustration, “These people are back-asswards, I tell ya!”

Brielle looked outside to see Olivia getting off the bus. Grandma took the baby back.

“Brielle don’t mess around, honey! You gotta go on to work before you wind up being late.”

Brielle waited long enough for Olivia to come in before kissing the baby and each of the girls. She then grabbed her purse.

“You girls behave for Grandma!” She called back as she rushed out the door.

Later that night, Brielle was on her way back home from work. The radio was playing, and a long string of ads was airing. She leaned forward, reached out and turned the dial, searching the stations for a good song. She finally found one of her favorites, “Dani California,” by Red Hot Chili Peppers and turn the music up loud.

“…Looking down the barrel of a hot metal forty-five, just another way to survive…California, rest in peace, Simultaneous release…”

Brielle continued bobbing her head to the beat of the music and singing along when suddenly, she noticed the glow of flickering of blue lights dancing all over the inside of her SUV. She looked through her rear-view mirror to see the blue lights of a squad car on her tail.


“What the- “Brielle said as she turned the music back down.

Slowing the vehicle, she eased the vehicle over to the side of the road and pulled to a stop. Brielle then shifted into park and continued watching through her rear-view mirror as the lawman emerged from the squad car behind her.

The cop, silhouetted by the glow of the squad car’s headlights approached the driver’s side window of the SUV. Brielle hit the power-window button and lowered the driver’s side front window. It was none other than Sheriff Bobby Crabtree.

“Why, hello, Bobby. How Can I help you?” Brielle said in a suspicious tone of voice.

“Step out of the vehicle, please.” Bobby suggested.

“Pardon me?” Brielle asked.

“You heard me! Out of the car!” The sheriff growled.

Without saying another word, Brielle reluctantly opened the door and exited her vehicle.

Let Them Talk All They Want

Gossips are everywhere! Too many people worry needlessly about what people are saying about them. But here’s the thing, people talk. They’re going to have something to say about you until the day you die. Get used to it. Better, yet embrace it! Love it!

Here’s Why:

1. Although hurtful, when people talk about you, they make you relevant! Good or bad, it means you’re an exciting topic- you’re not dull. Remember that it’s much better to be good or bad than to be boring.

Businessman not listening to nonsense.

2. When people engage in petty gossip about you, it means that they can’t get you off their minds. Somehow, someway, positive or negative, you’ve made an impact on them. You’ve stirred emotions up in them.

3. When people talk about you, it means they don’t have lives of their own and are obsessed with yours, which means your life must be more exciting than theirs.

4. When people talk behind your back, they reveal much more about themselves than they do you. Remember the old proverb, “Great minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events, and Small minds discuss people.”

Remember, Haters Make You Famous

5. When people can’t shut up about you, you’re the one who’s in control of them. Because you occupy a large amount of space in their minds, you’ve affected them profoundly and with little or no effort.

6. The people who blab about you expend a lot of their energy on you while you get to save yours. They’re thinking of you without getting so much as a thought from you.

7. When you’re the topic of others’ discussions, it means that they’re your fans, only they don’t know it.

8. In a nutshell, when people can’t stop running their mouths about you, it only means that you have a tremendous amount of power over them, and you didn’t have to make an effort to get that power! Yay, you!

So don’t give their talk any validation by reacting. Just sit back and be amused by the talkers. Petty gossip is just that- petty!

Give ’em something to talk about

With knowledge comes empowerment!

Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C6.10

When Brielle arrived at the school an hour later, she walked into the office to see none other than Misty Lindsay, sitting beside Breanna, who held a wet, bloody rag to her nose and another one to the side of her head.

Seeing Brielle come through the door, Misty paused, shocked! Her eyes then turned into slits and her lips thinned as her face turned beet red.

“Awww! Hell no!” Misty yelled as she jumped out of her seat and got nose to nose with Brielle.

“So, it was your bitch daughter that did that to my daughter! Why you little bitch! I guess you never gave that little slut any home training, did you!” She continued.

“Hey! You watch how you talk about my little girl!” Brielle shot back.

“Oh, you wanna say something, bitch? Say something! Open your bear-trap, bitch! Say it! You’ll be sucking on my fist!” Misty screamed before charging at Brielle and provoking her to put her dominant leg back, put her hands up and take a karate stance.

When Brielle’s hands went up, Misty’s eyes widened with fear and she stopped dead.

“Mom!” Jane shouted.

Misty turned and glared at Jane.

“Shut up, you little bitch!” She demanded loudly.

Misty Acts Like a Complete Idiot in the Principal’s Office

Brielle was appalled at the gutter language that was coming out of Misty’s mouth. And how dare she call Jane a bitch! The angry mama bear shoved Misty backwards as hard as she could.

“Nobody tells my daughter to shut up but me! And you call her a bitch again and it’s going to be me and you, Misty! You think I’m afraid of you? Keep talking! Just keep talking and I’ll show you how scared I am!” Brielle warned, raising her voice.

Misty charged at Brielle once more and the principal and security officer came running in and pulled her back.

“You’re banging my husband and your daughter’s beating up on mine! You better watch your fuckin’ back, bitch!” Misty threatened.

“You’re supposed to be a nurse, Misty! And this is how you act? God! You’re a disgusting person!” Brielle bit back

“Shut the fuck up!” Misty screamed again.

“Now, Misty! You have to calm down now.” The principal pleaded, “Throwing one of your temper tantrums isn’t doing Breanna or Jane any good here. And it’s not going to solve anything.”

The security officer gave Misty a stern look and put one hand up.

“We’re not gonna have this, Misty. Now you and Mrs. Markowitz need to cool it. Alright? Don’t make us call the police because you’ll both go to jail if we do.”

Jane shook her head, looking at her mother.

“Mom, no! Please!” She grunted. Brielle stepped back.

Bullies Who Tattle on Their Targets

Bullies, especially school bullies, are notorious tattletales. And they often tattle on their targets for even the tiniest of infractions. If it so happens, they cannot find anything to tell on their targets about, they will make something up. Furthermore, they will make sure it’s something believable.

These bullies watch their targets closely, waiting with bated breath for the target to do or say something- anything that even smacks of being outside the category of right. They then run and tattle to a teacher, principal, supervisor, or manager.

How noble these bullies must feel, sitting on their moral high ground, working as little gestapos. Moreover, they feel entitled to ensure that everyone is good little peasants, following the rules down to the letter! Or, at least, that’s what they want those in authority to think.

The reality is that everyone, other than the target, is free to do as they wish. They only do these things to their targets. Why? To keep them from being able to defend themselves or report bullying.

Therefore, if you are a target of bullying, all your bullies must do is smear your name to any member of staff and you’re marred for good. They then clear the path to bully you in the future without fear of being reported. After all, who’s going to take the word of a troublemaker and rule-breaker?

Also, if enough people tattle on you, those in positions of power are more likely to believe them. Why? Because, “if you aren’t guilty of whatever they accuse you of, then why are so many people pointing the finger at you?” Right?

It’s Like a Game of Chess, Bullies are Setting Everything Up Against You

Besides, in tattling on you or telling lies about you, these bullies are setting up a system where you will be discredited. In that, they’ll render you powerless to stop the bullying or escape it. Tattling is also a way to silence you.  Think about it. If you know that no one will believe you anyway, you’re more likely to find it easier and less painful just to keep your mouth shut.

Remember that bullies are master chess players. Therefore, this is how they set the stage beforehand to make you powerless. Because, once you’re completely powerless, they’ll bully you openly and in plain sight.

Besides, who’s going to stop them? After all, you’re a troublemaker, a rebel-rouser, a riffraff! And people aren’t bullying you, they’re only reacting to something you must have done to them. Right?

Bullies and everyone else-good. Target-bad! You’re bad, so you deserve it.

And the tattlers? They’re only “good kids” who want to learn in a clean environment. They serve as the extra pairs of eyes that the staff need because the staff can’t be everywhere at once. They’re the little helpers.

So, let’s give them a cookie for their efforts to make our jobs a little easier!

Tattling is a technique to eventually block the target from any help they’ll need and otherwise receive.

Afterwards, when the damage is done, the bullies will boast about how they succeeded in taking away your power and ruining your life.

Moreover, bullies use tattling as a veneer to hide their own bad behavior, and project it onto you. If they can slither their way into the good graces of those in power while demonizing you, their plot will work perfectly, and the bullies be virtually untouchable.

I cannot stress enough the importance of being prepared for this type of thing. And the more you prepare, the better you’ll be able to counter this slick tactic, and the better you’ll protect yourself.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C6.9

“Well, look who decided to join us,” the principal said, almost derisively.

Jane slowly rose to a sitting position and perched on the side of the bed.

“They attacked me first. It was self-defense,” she said woozily.

“Well. We’ll decide what is considered self-defense when you come into the office, and we have a little discussion about what just happened. Can you stand up?” the vice principal asked.

Jane slowly rose from the bed to her feet.

“Yeah,” she answered.

“Follow us,” the principal ordered.

They led Jane into the principal’s office, where the other seven girls were already sitting in a row of seats that lined the walls in the office. The principal’s office was a large room with a total of ten chairs and a loveseat that sat against the walls. Framed degrees and awards decorated the wall behind the principal’s desk and chair and a name plate sat on his desk.

“Harold Winchester,” read the name plate.

Mr. Winchester sat down in his chair and leaned back, folding his arms across his bulging, middle-aged belly and placing one foot across his opposite knee. He looked directly and accusingly at Jane. His eyes seemed to cut right through her body.

“Mind telling me how all this got started and what went on in there?” he asked in a thundering baritone voice.

“Breanna and Audrey followed me into the bathroom and started trying to provoke me. When they couldn’t do it with words, they did it with their fists instead and I defended myself,” Jane answered.

“Oh, you defended yourself, huh?” the principal said in a voice dripping with disdain, “Well, that’s not how these kids describe it.”

“Really,” Jane responded sarcastically, “Do you think they would ever admit to starting a bathroom brawl and ganging up, 5 or 7 to one, against one girl? I doubt it!”

The principals’ eyes widened. Mr. Winchester then leaned forward, bringing both hands together atop his desk and steepling his fingers.

“I don’t like your attitude. You have a real smart mouth,” he growled.

“Yeah? Well, at least I’m honest. At least I know who I am and don’t mind letting you know where I stand,” Jane countered.

“Ooooooo!” The other girls gasped under their breath. Then there were giggles and derisive grunts.

“The rest of you shut up!” Mr. Winchester snapped, raising his voice.

The vice principal stood beside Mr. Winchester, legs shoulder width apart and arms folded across his chest, looking down at Jane, then at Mr. Winchester who remained sitting.

“Why don’t you tell us what really happened?” Mr. Winchester asked in a harsh tone.

“I already did. Breanna and Audrey followed me into the bathroom and started picking a fight and I defended myself. That’s when five other creeps jumped in and attacked me for defending myself against those two. It seems that people want to bully me because I’m the new kid and not from this sleazy, one-horse town. And when I defend myself, everyone jumps in.”

“Well, we won’t quibble about who started it, Miss Markowitz. But that’s the way it is around here, you mess with one, you mess with all. I suspect that’s the way it goes in any sleazy one-horse town,” the principal said in a mocking tone.

“Hmmph. No joke. More like, you defend against one, you defend against all, which is the case here,” Jane quipped.

Mr. Winchester and the vice principal, Mr. Sylvester, looked at each other.

“Boy, she does have quiet the attitude, doesn’t she?” Mr. Winchester asked Mr. Sylvester in a taunting tone.

“I’ll say,” The vice principal answered equally as disdainful.

They both looked back at Jane.

“We’re going to call your mother and we’ll see what she has to say about this. In fact, we’ll call yours and Breanna’s both since all this started with you two. You and Breanna both have been bickering back and forth these last few months and we’re sick of it. Now, the rest of you can go back to class. Jane and Breanna, on the other hand, can stay a while,” Mr. Sylvester told them before looking down at Mr. Winchester.

Mr. Winchester looked up at the vice principal and nodded in approval.

Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C6.8

The weeks went by, and Brielle continued to work at the boot Factory. Things at work were going well for her and she was promoted to lead person in the Quality Control Department. Her new job duties under her new title were to train all the new QC inspectors. Brielle managed to make a small group of friends at work, but the rest of the women there despised her because of her virtues. Also, the fact that Brielle’s superiors promoted her quickly, sparing her from having to do her time was yet, another perceived mark against her.

However, they never bothered Brielle but only talked behind her back. Brielle could not have cared less. She had grown a thick skin from her experiences with bullying in school. That, along with age and maturity, was a blessing.

Brielle simply ignored her workplace bullies and focused on her job. She also enjoyed the three friends she did have at work, which included Alvin.

Jane and Olivia Aren’t Doing as Well in the Social Arena

Sadly, school wasn’t going as well for Jane and Olivia. In school, Breanna and Audrey made it their mission and life goal to bully and ridicule Jane every day. Additionally, she still had Janessa and her friends April and Samantha to deal with.

Olivia and her new friend Carmen also suffered their share of bullying in their school. However, the harassment they endured was not nearly as bad as the abuse Jane was taking at hers.

Breanna and Audrey took Jane’s unwillingness to fight as being a coward. Therefore, as time went by, they grew more and more brazen until one cool, sunny day in early October. That day, they finally caught Jane alone in the girl’s bathroom and words were exchanged.

Suddenly, Breanna took a swing at Jane and what happened next was a reaction she never expected. Jane delivered two quick jabs to Breanna’s face, busting her nose and mouth and blacking her right eye. She then swept Breanna’s feet and caused her to fall to the marble floor and hit her head.

After Breanna went down, Audrey tried to strike at Jane, only for Jane to deliver a cluster of jabs to her face, then a kick to her torso that sent her flying into one of the empty bathroom stalls. The blow slammed Audrey backwards into the toilet and she fell over it.

Jane Finally Reaches Her Limit

Seeing Jane getting the best of Breanna and Audrey, a group of five more girls immediately joined in the fight, taking the side of the two girls who had provoked Jane. Although Sensei Delgado had trained Jane well in martial arts, there was no way she could fight off five assailants. No one, no matter how skilled, could fight off that many opponents at once.

A hail of vicious blows from five different pairs of fists and feet landed into Jane and they seemed to come from every direction. However, her anger at being bullied only blunted and dulled any physical pain she would otherwise have felt.

The blows that landed into Jane seemed to feel like painless taps and pelts. Though she was getting hammered, and warm blood ran down the side of her face, Jane continued to fight until one of the girls shoved her from behind so hard that she hit the floor with a fierce thud. Then came a hail of kicks and stomps to her stomach, back, and sides. Finally came a vicious kick to her head and everything went blank.

When Jane awoke, she found herself on a bed in the sick room. She looked up and the principal and vice principal were standing over her.

Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C6.7

“Girl, you’re like a daughter to me! And that’s how I see you! I how much respect for you because you ain’t petty like a lot of these trifling women around here. Maybe that’s the reason a lot of people in Thomasville talk so ugly about you. Because they’re jealous of you and your virtues. Don’t listen to them, Brielle. Continue to be yourself and you got it made. ‘Hear me?”

“Oh, you betcha! I don’t have time to be fake. It’s too much work and I’m lazy as hell.” Brielle said.

Alvin threw his head back and laughed. Brielle smiled.

“Girl, ya crazy!”

Just after dinner, Alvin and Brielle had returned to their workstations. Brielle sat her purse in the cubby hole under her seat. She looked up and saw something or someone that made her gasp with shock and terror. Alvin noticed her reaction and spoke up.

A Dreadful Presence at Work

“Hey, Brielle. What’s up? What’s wrong?”

Alvin looked in the direction that Brielle was looking.

Lo and behold, there stood Sheriff Bobby, about fifty feet away, looking dead at Brielle. Then looking at Alvin. Beside Bobby Crabtree stood Brielle’s supervisor, Ross. The two men seemed to be having a deep conversation while looking in Brielle’s direction. The Sheriff then shook Ross’ hand and walked toward the front exit. As he walked past Brielle, he smirked at her.

Alvin stared at Bobby as he continued to walk, getting smaller and smaller in his field of vision. He then looked at Brielle.

“Is the Sheriff giving you problems, Brielle?” He asked.

“Nothing I can’t handle.” Brielle answered as she began to sweep around the line.

Alvin Gives Brielle the Lowdown

“That sheriff is a very bad man- an evil man. You get mixed up with any of the Crabtree’s, you’re likely to end up dead. That’s what happened to our last sheriff- Crawford. And the sin Crawford committed was being in the position that Bobby Crabtree coveted. That’s why he’s no longer alive.” Alvin said begrudgingly, “Now, Crawford? That was a good sheriff! The best!”

“Yeah, I heard. Grandma and a few others in my family filled me in on it.” Brielle said.

Alvin’s brow furrowed and his eyes turned into slits. He continued glaring at the sheriff and watched as he made his way toward the front door of the factory.

“Murderin’ bastard! Just like yo damn brother!” Alvin mumbled in a low voice before turning to his machine and going back to work.

The next day at school, just before first period, Jane sat at her desk and opened her notebook to reveal her completed homework assignment that Mrs. Dumas had assigned the day before. She then opened her textbook and began reading.

Suddenly, a hand reached out and snatched the book right out from under Jane’s nose.

Jane is Confronted by Bullies

“Well, well! Whatcha readin’, babes?” A girl’s taunting voice rang out.

Both shocked and annoyed, Jane looked up to see two girls, one short, curvy blonde and a tall thin brunette, standing over her. The short blonde, Breanna Lindsay, flipped through the pages of Jane’s textbook. The tall brunette, Audrey Crabtree leaned over Breanna’s shoulder to take a look at what Jane had been reading.

The other students looked up. They then looked at each other and snickered, a few covered their mouths and chortled.

“Oooh, ‘quite the studious little bookworm, aren’t we?” Audrey derided.

Jane just sat there, glaring contemptuously at the girls.

“Do you mind giving my book back?” Jane asked.

“’Do you mind giving my book back?’” Breanna mocked, “Awww! What’s the matter, babes? You mad? You mad, sis?”

Suddenly, Breanna’s tone turned from mocking to aggressive.

Jane Stands Up to the Bullies at School

“’You want your book back that bad? Here, take it!” She shouted as she gave the book back by aggressively shoving it in Jane’s face so hard it hurt.

Scattered cackles and laughter sounded behind Jane as she jumped to her feet and got nose to nose with the two girls. Breanna and Audrey jumped back and throw up their fists, each taking a defensive position.

“Yeah, come on, bitch! Bring it!” She yelled.

“You’re real tough when it’s two on one, aren’t you! Neither one of you are about shit! You’re all talk!” Jane growled.

“Oh, really!” Breanna bit back, “We’ve got a message for you to take home and give to your white-trash mom! You’d best tell her that we know all about what she did in Cali and that we know where she lives. If she talks to my dad again, posts any more videos, or runs her mouth about anybody we care about, she’s going to rue the day she ever came back here! Got it, bitch!”

“Yeah! And if my dad loses his position because of you, we’re personally going to pay you and your mom a visit and it’s not going to be pretty!” Audrey added.

A Threat of Retaliation

“How’s this! You tell her your damned self! I won’t be your carrier pigeon just because you or your parents don’t have the sack to confront my mom!” Jane fired off in a sassy tone.

“Alright, Jane! Sit down and shut up! Breanna, Audrey, get out of here and go to your classes! Now!” The shouting voice of Mrs. Dumas sounded, startling the sparring girls and causing them to flinch.

Mrs. Dumas made her way to her desk, carrying her purse and an arm load of books. Breanna and Audrey looked at Jane before leaving.

“You best watch your back, sweetheart!” Breanna growled.

“I said, out!” Mrs. Dumas shouted louder.

Bullies, Groupthink and Fakery

followers sheep

Excessive groupthink was the accepted norm for Oakley High School and at one workplace I was employed in. In high school, most students and a few teachers shared this toxic group behavior. In the workplace, it went from top to bottom.

A moderate amount of groupthink is only human nature because it’s how we conform to rules and laws. Also, it provides stability for a community. However, excessive groupthink is unhealthy.  It’s how cults, dictatorships, and totalitarian states get started.

An example of groupthink is, “if everyone else is doing it, I want to do it too.” It’s herd mentality at play.

When there’s a culture of bullying in a school or in a workplace, people who would not typically bully, will. And they’ll do it simply because everyone does it, and think they should get in on it also. It certainly was the case at *Oakley High School years ago and later at *Oakley Rehab and Living Center.


Therefore, from time to time, people you thought were friends would suddenly and without warning turn on you. And they will do it to jump on the bandwagon and join everyone else. Even they want to feel like one of the big guys.

Why Not? Everybody Else is Bullying Her?

There are several names for this, two of which are Social Contagion and Peer Pressure.

Now I understand that most of my classmates and later, coworkers were followers, drones, slaves! The student body of Oakley High School, sadly, was one big herd of sheep. They were slaves to the prospect of getting in good with “one of the cool kids” or  “the ‘Good Ole Boy” network.

bootlicker suck-up kiss ass kiss butt

My bullies were nothing but two-faced hypocrites. They talked out both sides of their mouths, holding certain others to a double standard. All the while, they pretended to be someone they never were and never could be. Authenticity, being yourself, and free thought and expression were all punishable offenses. Everything was about appearances and whose butt they wanted to kiss to move up the social ladder

I would watch as most of my bullies pathetically sucked up to people they secretly couldn’t stand because they thought it would score them brownie points.  And often, it would.

I also watched bullies who were second in power take plenty of degradation from the bullies at the top to fit in and look popular.

Hypocrites Abound

bootlicker suck-up kiss ass kiss butt

One such person was someone I knew who was the son of one of the teachers.
Very few of the so-called cool kids liked this wuss, yet he would lick their boots hungrily to get the so-called privilege of hanging with them. It didn’t matter to him if they were only tolerating him.

It was so pathetic I couldn’t hate the boy. All I could do was pity him.

On other occasions, I would see one of the popular girls drop a textbook, a pencil, anything. I would then watch the kids around her scramble, some taking a nosedive to the floor to pick it up for her and laugh as I walked by.

Whoever put on the best possible and most convincing front was rewarded not only by the other classmates but many of the teachers and school staff as well. I realize now that there was a reason behind all the fake sympathy, bogus compliments and, incessant butt-kissing. It was so they could get something from the higher-ups and not because they liked or respected them.

False flattery and opinion conformity in school and at work, made the bullies puffed up and overconfident. Also, it yielded immense social benefits for all the wannabes. Therefore, they maintained the status quo of ritualistic bullying of only kids or coworkers in particular.

Many of my classmates and coworkers were narcissistic sociopaths with low self-esteem. They were like tires with slow leaks. Their followers had to continuously air them up with fake compliments and false admiration to keep them from going flat!


Boot-Licking for Approval

Thirsty for attention and praise, the bullies at the top only surrounded themselves with weak wannabes. They needed bootlickers and yes-people to feed their hungry egos by telling them what they wanted to hear. And everyone, except a few, was more than happy to do so if it awarded them high popularity and favors.

The higher-ups expected you to think like them, dress like them, be like them and agree with them. Conversely, the people who did their own thing, who were happy being themselves, and didn’t act or think like the flock became targets.

But real life did eventually come around to the top dogs in high school. Once we were all graduated, the so-called preppies (bullies) got a taste of the real world, many of them got a rude awakening.

They were no longer the big dogs and had to start at the bottom, which was a terrible blow to their fragile egos. They learned the hard way that the real world doesn’t care who you are. Real life isn’t concerned with whether you made the “Who’s Who” section of your high school yearbook. The real world only cares whether you can contribute to it. And sadly, most of the punks I went to school with haven’t brought a damn thing to the table of life.

In fact, many of them either became criminals or bred them.

Meeting the Real World

Followers and sheep

Fitting in leads to a life of mediocrity. Standing out, on the other hand, is a prerequisite of greatness!

So, if your classmates or coworkers are bullying you, know that you are the brave one. Why? Because you refuse to follow the herd or resort to pathetic fakery to get approval!

You continue to be your authentic self and embrace your uniqueness, flaws, and all. You’re at the head of the class because you are true to your own heart, your own beliefs, and your convictions. You refuse to let them mold you into what they think you ought to be. You stand out from the rest, and one day, it’s all going to pay off! Wait and see!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

Trapped in a Toxic Environment

Like an animal in a cage,

Poked, prodded,

Feeling others’ rage,


There’s no escape,

From the toxic hate,

Bystanders content to follow,

The bullies like sheeple,

Poison you must swallow,

From bullies and fake people,

No chance of flight

Doors slammed shut and locked,

You must prepare to fight,

Because all exits are blocked,

Nowhere to go,

Life tells you no,

Cornered like a frightened dog,

With other’s issues you’re bogged,

Between a rock and hard place,

You must stare them in the face,

There’s no escape,

From the hate,

In a toxic environment,

Where everyone is violent