Targets of Bullying Should Never Act from Neediness

Refraining from acting needy can be hard to do, especially if you’re a target of bullying. The feelings of loneliness and desperation are real, and they can have a death-grip on you after so long. Remember that humans are hardwired for social connections and relationships and it’s not easy to fight the urge to cling to unhealthy relationships and friendships when you’re treated like an outcast.

However, acting clingy and needy only invites more bullying, abuse, and usery. It also opens the door for ridicule. It also makes you a target of disgust and contempt. Yes, a few people may even feel sorry for you, but do you really want to be pitied? Ewww! I sure wouldn’t!

Moreover, it gives the bullies satisfaction and free entertainment. The last thing you want is to look desperate in front of them and humiliate yourself.

Again. I understand that feeling of not having any friends. I understand the longing for friends and human connections. I understand the longing to be noticed and to have your voice heard. And I understand that deep ache in your soul when people ostracize you because, once upon a time, I felt the intense psychopathic hate of my classmates and the resulting soul-deep pain.

However, I learned the heard way that, if nothing else, you still have your pride and your dignity, and you either choose to keep those treasures or give them away. And if you give them away like I did for a time, the good news is that you can always take them back anytime.

How you take it all back is to cut these life-leeches out off your life and make them irrelevant. You also take it back by speaking your truth and taking the abuse they inflicted on you to help others.

You turn your pain into power!

You turn your bullies’ weaknesses into your strength!

Your bullies’ ignorance becomes your wisdom!

You turn their hatred for you into love for others, especially those who are bullied.

And that’s how you overcome! That’s how you go “From Victim to Victor!”

With knowledge comes empowerment!

Never Isolate Yourself if You’re a Target of Bullying

bullied girl sad

Many targets are bullied so viciously that they become terrified, withdraw, and isolate themselves. They grew leery of social situations and lose trust in all people. Once they lose faith in humanity, they can sometimes become hermits.

Some solitude is healthy, but too much of it isn’t good. Although staying away from people may seem to be the safest way to deal with being bullied, it isn’t.

Understand that when you withdraw from people, you not only close yourself off to bullies, you cut yourself off from people who can help you and from information that could be important.

You’ll cut yourself off from any talk that your bullies might be planning something harmful and you must always pay attention to what’s going on around you. Also, when you isolate yourself, you draw too much attention to yourself and make yourself an easier target. When you’re alone, you’re ripe for attack.

Realize that we humans are social creatures and to have any power requires connection, interaction, and being out and about.

It’s much better to mix and mingle with people and find friends and allies. What you should do is hide in the crowd from your bullies. Find others your bullies have bullied and use what you have in common to win them over to your side.

Making friends and allies both in and out of the bullying environment helps to counterbalance your bullies and give you protection.

When you refuse to isolate yourself, you’re more likely to receive news of what your bullies are doing and secrets they’re hiding, then use it to your advantage or for your defense. You can also better predict what they’ll do next.

Besides, the more sociable you are, the more at ease you’ll be, and the more attractive you’ll become.

Too much isolation, on the other hand, will also make you awkward around people and they will begin to avoid you.

So, remember. Isolation should only be temporary and in small doses. Only then is it good because it allows you time to think and evaluate things.

But too much of it can leave you exposed for attack because bullies always attack when the target is alone.

Think about it. In the animal kingdom, predators like tigers and wolves always attack in packs and when the prey is separated from the herd. Bullies are the same!