About Cherie and Her Passion for Anti-bullying

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About Cherie White. Anti-bullying author, blogger, and speaker.About Cherie:

There are many things about Cherie and her passion for anti-bullying. She is an author, blogger, and speaker on bullying and ways to overcome it. She provides tips on ways victims can take control of their situations. Also, she provides mind hacks for victims to use to buffer their self-esteem and overall mental health against the onslaught of bullying.

Because she experienced severe bullying in middle and high school, she is an advocate for bullied youth and adults. Moreover, Cherie has a passion for spreading bullying awareness and teaching bullied people how to defend themselves against all kinds of bully, be it verbal, relational, or physical.

More About the author:

Cherie is married to John Michael White and is a mother of two and grandmother of four, living in Covington, TN. She loves God, time with family and close friends, travel, reading personal development, music, swimming, inner-tubing, camping, hiking, and skydiving.

Also, Cherie’s goals are to become a New York Times and International Bestseller. She also would like to become an international public speaker in the anti-bullying movement. But, most importantly, she wants to help bullied people win back their confidence, peace, and happiness.

“If I can help one, just one reader who deals with bullying realize their worth and know just how precious they are, then I know I’m doing right. Each of us, great and small, has a great purpose here and deserves to be treated with dignity. We each deserve the ability to flourish and achieve happiness and personal fulfillment. If I can help just one target heal, regain their confidence and go on to live a happy and productive life, then I know I’m fulfilling my most important goal with this website!”

Additionally, one thing we need to remember is that bullying is not a right of passage that everyone endures at some point in their lives. It is abuse… period! Not everyone suffers bullying. Another thing that we must always remember is that no one should blame the victim for the bullying they endure. And last and most important, victims (or targets) have every right to fight back in self-defense when bullies attack them. To tell them otherwise is to tell them to just take the abuse and that’s wrong.

Self-defense is a natural human response to danger and there’s no shame or blame in it.

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