Chrissy Teigen Outed as a Bully (Among Other Despicable Things)

It has come out that Chrissy Teigen, former model and wife of singer John Legend, has had a pattern of bullying other females, particularly teenaged girls- minors!

One example is of her bullying of sixteen-year-old Courtney Stodden and attempts to convince her to commit suicide by implying she should take a “dirt nap”, as shown in the above tweets. Understand that Chrissy “mean girl” Teigen is an adult and worse- mother of two children. Is it any wonder that bullying is so widespread today?

What kind of example is she setting for not only hers, but our children and teenagers, who are so easily influenced by watching the behavior of celebrities. And what steps can we, as parents and grandparents take to counter such bad influences?

We can talk to our kids and teach them that, no matter who you are or your status in life, bullying is wrong and you will be held accountable.

We should also monitor what they see and hear and who they see and hear it from.

As of today, Chrissy Teigen products, such as the Cravings Kitchenware, is being pulled from the shelves of Target and Macy’s. And you can bet that more retailers and companies will likely follow suit in the coming days.

It serves her right as she’s not only a bully, and suicide instigator, but also a self-proclaimed pedophile. She’s so open about her vile pedophilia that she doesn’t even try to hide it. Which tells me that she fears no accountability- no fear of arrests, no fear of being cancelled, nothing. The proof is in the screenshot tweets below.

Bully Celebrities

This is not only infuriating but terrifying! This is only the beginning of the downfall of Hollywood as bullying and pedophilia are widely practiced there and by many of it’s celebrities.

As stated earlier, we should be very careful not only what our children watch and listen to, but who.

People need to realize that Chrissy Teigen is a sick, twisted woman and she needs to be outed and cancelled quickly before she hurts another child or causes them to commit suicide. The last thing we need are people like her influencing children and teens to take their own lives.

Yes, I’m against cancel culture but anyone who harms children are exceptions and rightfully so!

It’s dangerous to put someone like her in any position to influence our most precious humans- our young!

We must protect and save the children!