You Should Never Apologize for Being Different

I’ve never been one to follow blindly. Never been one to conform without knowing what motives any authority figure had behind telling me to do so. I’m one to question everything. Always have been. And I’ve always done critical thinking and plenty of reading and research. That’s just me.

Through the years, this has gotten me into a lot of trouble. I’ve taken a lot of heat and lost many friends (or people I thought who were friends) for it. And it’s probably why I was bullied all those years in school.

But that’s okay. In fact, I embrace all of it!

I’d rather stand for something than fall for anything people feed me. I’m true to my beliefs and convictions and I’m not afraid of losing a few people over it. And I’m proud of that.

I’m not a follower.

No one ever said being a free-thinking person was easy and I don’t expect it to be.
And when people get pissed and withdraw friendship over my choice to question a narrative, I only see it as a weeding out of fake friends and people who aren’t meant to be in my circle.

To know who your real friends are, you must be your true authentic self, question status quos, trends, and popular narratives, then call BS when you see or hear it.

And I’m willing to accept it and everything that comes with it.

Break the Rules When Necessary — From Behind the Pen

I want to introduce you to Kym Gordon Moore at “From Behind the Pen” ( She is such an awesome writer and makes such great points in so few words. Now that’s talent!
In her post, she talks about having the courage to be yourself- to live, to laugh, to love, and do it often. Let’s face it, life’s too short to be anything other than authentic.
There will be people who won’t like you and who will not want you to relax and just be your awesome self. There’ll be people who will resent your happiness, and your loving ways. Why? Because they don’t have what you have.
Understand that you can’t please everyone, so, do you really want to live for them or do you want to live for yourself? I would hope that you would choose the latter because when you do, you’ll experience freedom you’ve never known.
Many times, people will put unnecessary and unspoken social rules on you, but know that those rules are made to be broken, so, “break the rules when necessary.” And be the beautiful person God meant for you to be!

Don’t shortchange yourself today. Embrace life through the breeze of discovery.

Break the Rules When Necessary — From Behind the Pen