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Bullies Must Search for Flaws to Point Out

bullies bully watching you

Bullies may not have anything on you. Therefore, they must search. Oh, yes! Bullies have to search for dirt. They must look hard for something to get angry at you about. Bullies are on a constant hunt for things that are possibly wrong with you and believe me. They’re like hounds sniffing a trail.

Bullies will search- and search- and search! They will hunt for anything, no matter how trivial and no matter how minute or tiny the flaw. Then when they find it, they will blow it up- make a big deal of it.

So, understand that bullies are always on the prowl for dirt, controversy, and scandal. And if they can’t find anything, don’t think they won’t invent something.

If bullies select you as their target, they will go over everything about you with a fine-toothed comb.

bullying bullies watching you watched

  • They will scan every word that comes out of your mouth for the slightest hint of sarcasm, stupidity, slowness of mind – anything they can take offense to, be annoyed with, pick apart, or twist to suit a vicious narrative.
  • They look you up and down, then back up. Bullies search your face for the slightest blemish and smallest mole, pimple, or birthmark. They scan the clothes you wear to see if they’re old hand-me-downs or if they’re brand new latest fashions from the department store. Bullies will study your attire carefully, looking for the slightest stain or tear.
  • Bullies stare at your body to see if you’re even the slightest overweight or underweight. They check your nose to see if it’s a millimeter too long and your ears to see with they’re too big.
  • They scan your hair to see if it’s too straight or too curly and your eyes to see if they’re too buggy-looking, or too wide-set.
  • They look deep into your eyes, seemingly down into your very soul, trying to see if you are hiding something from them- trying to ferret out your emotional state.
  • Bullies watch your every move, just waiting, with bated breath, for you to trip, fall, drop something- anything they can use against you.
  • Bullies also have an ear cocked for any damaging information about you- any mistake you may have made or anything you may have done wrong sometime in the past- even if it was years ago.

bullying victim watched

But know this.

If your bullies have to look for stuff to use to throw shade on you, they were probably never bothered by you in the first place. And, truth be known, they’re probably not bothered by you now. So, rest assured you did nothing to get on their “shadar.”

I want you to realize this.

  • when bullies must hunt for stuff to criticize you about
  • when they have to search for things about you to be angry, annoyed, or disgusted with
  • when they have to clock your every move for the slightest inkling of weirdness, awkwardness, or defect

It’s not about them being angry, offended, or bothered. What it is about is POWER! All about power and nothing else!

Every bit of it is a power-play to put you in your place, to force you under their thumb, and to hurt you.

Bullies do it to tear you down, discourage you from defending and protecting yourself. They do it to convince you that you’re nothing, no good, and always wrong. They do it to show you who’s boss- that they’re in charge of your life and you’re not. And that there’s nothing you can do to stop them from harming you.

That’s it, in a nutshell.



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Bullying Used as an Aphrodisiac

bullying girls physical

That’s what bullying is to bullies, an aphrodisiac. It’s the only way bullies can feel good. Hurting other people, they select as targets is like a drug to them. It’s highly addictive because it gives them a massive rush of power.

I want you to understand that targeting people for attacks and bullying is how these people find meaning in their lives. And the only excitement they can add to their meaningless lives is through the mistreatment of their victims. Simply put, bullies bully because they enjoy it!

People crave power, fame, notoriety, and influence- even the best of them. But most people can get those through love, through their hobbies, jobs, talent, and creativity. Bullies, on the other hand, don’t have these things going for them. Some might have jobs but aren’t satisfied in their positions. So, they abuse people instead.

Bullies either can’t get those benefits any other way, or they can’t get enough of them. So, for them, destroying the lives of their targets is the only power they have.

bullying boys personal space

And once their victim is no longer available to them because he’s either quit, moved, or died by suicide, that drug, that aphrodisiac isn’t there anymore. So, what do the bullies do? They search for another target to get their next fix- their power high, because they need authority over somebody, anybody.

Understand that this “fix” always wears off, and bullies consistently need another dose. So, again, once their “drug (victim)” is gone, they may even turn on one of their friends if they can’t find a target outside their peer group.

My point is that if you’re a target of bullies. You are not the one with the issues.

Your bullies are the ones who have the problems. Your bullies are the ones who are severely mentally unbalanced. Your bullies are the ones who belong in mental institutions; they only hide it behind their undermining and degrading of you and others. Realize that they’re only projecting their problems onto you. Your bullies are using you to distract everyone else from mental illnesses of their own. And they have to work hard at it, which doesn’t make for a good life.

Always remember that, and their insults and stupidity won’t bother you as much. I promise you!


How People Come to Believe the Bullies’ Lies About You

bullying gossip rumors

If you’re a target of bullying, I almost certain that you’ve had bullies tell the most outrageous and outright ridiculous falsehoods about you- lies which were laughable at best. And shockingly, everyone in the place actually believed that garbage! And you wondered, “How could anyone with even a lick of sense believe such moronic tales!”

It seemed as if everyone around you was smoking crack. They’d have to be to believe such tripe!

Understand that anytime you’re a target of bullying; you’re at your absolute worst!  Anyone would be at their worst under the extreme pressure that bullying brings. Anytime a person is bullied by everyone, it doesn’t matter how strong they are, how brave they are, how beautiful, how awesome their personalities are, they will eventually be overcome with exhaustion and taken down.

If you’re bullied long enough, by enough people, you’ll only be able to stay strong and withstand it for so long. Because we’re all human, and no one can hold up under that kind of stress and adversity forever.

bullying school

Bullies instinctively know this. So, they increase the abuse until you begin to crack. You will be overwhelmed with so many emotions. You’ll be completely paranoid- and with good reason!

You’ll be furious, you’ll be terrified, shocked, confused, and stressed to the extreme! Your appetite will be gone, and you’ll get very little sleep. You’ll have lots of your hair falling out, and your stomach will be in knots. You’ll have excruciating headaches. At times, you’ll feel nauseated and even vomit!

Should it be any wonder that people believe everything they hear about you?

They’ve seen you morph from a cheerful, reliable, responsible, and reasonable person to a stressed out, hot mess of a train wreck who’s barely able to function, much less concentrate on schoolwork or work projects.


Here’s another thing:

Joseph Goebbels, who was the minister of propaganda to Adolf Hitler, said it best when he made these statements,

“Tell a lie once, and it remains a lie. Tell a lie a thousand times, and it becomes the truth.”

“The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.”

Believe it or not, people will believe the big, outlandish lies before they accept the little white lies that make more sense. If we hear something about another person, especially if it’s something huge and horrible and comes from a person we trust and with a little bit of power, we may feel shocked and disbelief at first, we will eventually end up believing it.

bullying outrageous outlandish unbelievable shocking

And the reason we end up believing it is that the repercussions of severe wrongdoing are so enormous that we don’t want to think that anyone would tell such a big fat lie about someone if there isn’t some truth to it.

We cling to the belief that if a person is audacious enough to make such an accusation about another person, then somewhere, there must be evidence to back it up. Otherwise, they wouldn’t dare make such bold accusations and risk being proven wrong and made to look like a fool!

So, we hold on to the idea that where there’s smoke, there’s fire and allow caution and speculation to supersede any logic. And if we expect trouble to come from a specific place, that’s where we’re going to look.

shock embarrassment

And when we look for a specific thing, we usually find it.

Also, if a lie is something that goes against the target’s character, we’re more likely to believe it strictly because any story of hypocrisy has a certain amount of shock value and entertainment to it as long as the story is about someone else and not us.

Another reason we’re more prone to believe a big fat lie is because it frightens the crap out of us. When people hear a lie so big and outrageous, it makes them wonder if they ever really knew the target at all. And the idea that someone they know could do such a horrible thing scares people to death.

Is it all making sense now? Great!

The more you know, the better!



Bullies and Gossip

bullies gossip rumor defame

Gossip is purely judgmental and includes hasty generalizations about the target’s character and private life, which has nothing to do with the school, community, or workplace. The purpose of gossip is to control the target’s status by demoting the target on the social hierarchy.

Another purpose of gossip is to justify any punishment of the target by promoting a collective view that the victim doesn’t deserve respect, dignity, or humanity, but only abuse and hostility.

 And once a target is viewed to deserve abuse, others will always escalate it!

Gossip has another benefit. It tightens group connections, gives higher status to the people who are privy to the negative information, and sets expectations and norms in the group as to how they should treat the target.

bullying exclusion isolation

Through gossip, the group establishes, maintains, or changes social infrastructures. Gossip promotes unity and shared negative perceptions of the target. With the use of it, the group will foster justification for hostility. Therefore, no one in the group considers their actions as bullying. They will only say that the target “deserves it” and say they were reacting to “an evil enemy.”

People tell others to keep it secret, but they also ask them to inform the group of any new information and updates that concern their target.

Realize that it serves to provide bullies reaffirmations that their perceptions of the target are correct, that the target deserves abuse.

Gossipers will often cover their bad behavior with a slight confession of guilt by beginning their sentences with things like,

“I know I shouldn’t say this, but…”

“Poor thing…”

“Bless her heart…”


 They will acknowledge that the target is a human being, but only because this gives them the green light to go on talking and helps them to feel less like the creeps they are.

It’s true that reputation doesn’t equal character. But understand that the rumors may, in fact, be false and there may be zero credible evidence to back them up. But if pure speculation best fits the bullies’ goals, that’s what they will go along with.

In the late stages of gossip, all bystanders will become willing co-conspirators. Gossip brings scandal, which means to assassinate the target’s character, integrity, mental fitness, and worth as a student, worker, neighbor, or human being.

Anyone who questions or disbelieves the lies will immediately become an object of bullying as well. Nobody wants to be isolated, so this forces others to stay in line with the running narrative.

bullying mobbing

And if the target attempts to defend himself or speak out against the abuse, it will be used against him.

Unfortunately, at this stage, the only way for the target to ensure his safety and escape the abuse is to leave the toxic environment and go to a new place where he can start anew, establish new connections, and reinvent himself.

Remember the character, Chris Chambers, in the movie “Stand by Me.” Although he was a great kid, he was considered a rogue and a thief. Remember the scene where he was crying to his friend, Gordy, telling him about how he got his bad name, and wishing he could go somewhere where no one knew him.

And sadly, in a majority of cases, targets must leave the school, company, or community to heal and to rebuild their lives.

Be Careful What You Share

bullying gossip rumors

If you are a target of bullying, never share anything with anyone- not even your best friend. Because, in a situation like this, you cannot afford to trust anyone. I don’t care how close you and your friends seem to be. It’s still not a smart move because you never know when your bullies will succeed in turning your friends against you and those friends become willing participants in bullying you.

So, never divulge any info that’s private or personal- anything you wouldn’t want to be known.

Examples of things better kept private are as follows (Some of these are no-brainers):

  1. Your sex life, or lack of.
  2. A drug addict in your family.
  3. Any medical conditions or diseases.
  4. Any mental illnesses.
  5. Any legal troubles- even as minor as traffic tickets.
  6. Family issues- divorce, child custody, births, deaths, etc.
  7. Your past (if you’re old enough to have one).
  8. Past abuse you may have suffered.
  9. Your personal info.
  10. Email and passwords to social media accounts.
  11. Names of your family members.
  12. Never brag about your daughter’s beauty pageant or your son’s perfect grades.
  13. Your views about the recent scandal at school or work.
  14. Your hobbies and interests.
  15. The TV show you watched last night, especially if it’s a slasher show or filled with hot-buttered sex.
  16. Never talk about politics! Ever! That’s a no-no subject!

 Bullies are already looking for dirty laundry. So, why air yours? When you’re a target of bullying, the less they know about you and your life, the better.

The Power of Hope — Raza on The Road

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We all know the incredibly slim chances of winning a lottery, right?Yet $72 Billion USD is spent each year on lotteries in the United States alone. While nearly $20 Billion AUD is spent in Australia annually. That’s a whopping amount for something you have an extremely thin chance of achieving. Yet this industry remains an […]

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Chava Boroda’s recipe for peace and tolerance

Chava Boroda_picture

As a young, Jewish girl who immigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union (now Russia) during the eighties, Chava Boroda has known the worst forms of oppression, bullying, and persecution. Below is a wonderful piece she has written and it’s well worth the read. Antisemitism is on the rise in today’s hostile world and sadly, the media seems to be sparse in its coverage of it. Only when we publicly address a problem will it be solved. Congratulations, Chava!

“As a Jew, I have always felt need to be the torchbearer of light into promoting peace and tolerance” – California-based Chava Boroda.

“When I finally established my own Jewish home – I knew that my mission should’ve been enhanced though making Judaism understandable and accessible for the Jewish people, as well as non-Jewish community” – she shares in her interview about the Jewish approach toward peace and tolerance.

Kyiv-born Chava spent her childhood in an environment, where she faced antisemitism as an integral part of the Soviet ideology and mentality, which often hurt her feelings, but never her faith.

“I’ve always had a critical eye toward man-made challenges, which tend to create so many obstacles for different layers of society. Even at an early age – I made an analysis that antisemitism often derives from ignorance among gentiles, who have almost no information about what Judaism is and who the Jews are”.

After arriving in the United States, Chava was taught about peace-building and tackling hate speech through education and activism. “Do not hate what you do not understand” – were the words that she cultivated into her thinking and used as a guide to establishing bridges between the Jews and non-Jews. Nevertheless, she has a mission to educate Jews themselves about their inspiring story spanning over and not limited to the middle ages, migration routes, Shtetls, Holocaust, or their struggle to establish the State of Israel.


“I knew that I had to make a move and bring education to non-Jews about Judaism. Especially after bringing five children into this world – I had a firm belief to ensure that generation of my children and children to come would not face antisemitism caused by ignorance toward the Jewish people”. Ever since her children were small, she has provided them with Jewish upbringing, but also fostered the development of their creative energy and talents in the secular world.

As a proud Jew, Chava has spent the last 25 years making Judaism appealing for all. Apart from working with non-Jews, she has a profound desire to bring all the Jewish communities together by embracing their unique cultural traits and peculiarities.

“I admire the mission of the YAD VASHEM in the world in maintaining the memory of the Holocaust among billions of people worldwide. There is one particular aspect of YAD VASHEM, which I have incorporated into my work and goals – stressing out the importance of the Righteous of the Nations, who saved Jews from the atrocities and often risked their lives”. She believes that if more gentiles had been educated about Judaism pre-WWII – then more people would stand up for their Jewish neighbors or compatriots. The latter argumentation is the sole factor for her work toward promoting tolerance and raising generations who will dare to speak out if they witness discrimination of antisemitism.


Chava has worked with thousands of young people in North America, Israel, and former Soviet Union space educating them about her Refusenik past, as well as raising awareness about promoting peace and understanding between people of various ethnic or religious backgrounds. In her mentoring efforts with young people, Chava cultivates tolerance as a fundamental identity.

“My inspiration derives from Abraham, the first Jew, who is recognized as a prophet by all three Abrahamic religions in the world.” She fully aligns herself with the ideas of the United Nations that “diversity is a form of wealth, not a factor of division”.

Chava sees great potential in the post-COVID 19 era, which has the potential of bringing more empathy among people, who have been witnessing how the whole world has fallen in the same boat against the pandemic. She hopes that more people will look through the “we the people” prism toward the need to build more accepting societies.

“With ongoing clashes between the police and public in the United States – it has become more obvious that educating people about peace and tolerance between all shall be an integral part of educating as early as kindergarten. Ever since I step my foot in the United States at age 14 and as a political refugee from the USSR, I made a realization, which inspires my work every day – diversity is a strength and not a weakness. Tolerance is always nurtured and I am excited to continue my daily work in the digital era and with all the age groups” – Chava shares.


The Difference Between Bullied Girls and Bullied Boys

students gossiping behind classmate back at school

Although I’m female and have discussed bullying mainly from a female perspective, I would like to help you distinguish between the plights of bullied girls and bullied boys. Wishing everyone peace, health, love, and happiness!

In the case of the female target, after having been bullied by her peers and reporting it to school staff and even members of her own family; only to be rebuffed, ignored, or blamed, she feels alone in the world and that no one understands her.

Bullied girls are shamed in their looks, femininity, and virtues. They are called names like “hoe,””whore,” “slut”, and often shamed about their weight and their appearance. Even sadder is the reality that if their self-esteem is low enough, some live up to the names they’re called.

Consequently, as a result of not feeling loved by family and or her peers, she is more likely to use the only thing she feels she has left to offer- her sex appeal. Some bullied girls turn to sexual/dating partners to get the love and approval they’re missing out on and crave so badly. This usually does not end well.


For boys, however, it can be much worse. In most cases, boys don’t have the option to use the opposite sex as a Band-Aid for their emotional needs. Boys are expected to be strong and tough…to display manhood. All too often, the bullied boy has been emasculated and he sees no way to reclaim his manhood.

In essence, his bullies will do everything in their power to strip him of “manhood” and feminize him. Male targets are often called “sissy”, “pussy”, “bitch” and other names that attack masculinity and cause them to feel less like men.

Also, it’s considered taboo for a boy to report being bullied. Oftentimes, young men who complain of being bullied are referred to by others as a “whiner” and told to “toughen up”, “suck it up” or “man up” because they’re going against what is perceived as “man-code”. This can also erode male self-esteem.


Once a young man is stripped of his manhood, it’s next to impossible for him to get a date and find love. Although the suicide rate among females has skyrocketed, It remains to be much higher in males.

No matter what, we must encourage bullied males to speak out and report bullies who torment them. We must also encourage them to seek therapy. Males must also have older males in their lives who remind them of their worth as men and re-enforce it.

Females must be encouraged to speak out and get help as well. And they must also have older female role models who instill in them that they are just as good, just as whole, and just as beautiful without a boyfriend and that it’s okay to be alone.


Waves of Nostalgia

Every once and a while, I like to write a post unrelated to bullying. Posts about certain times in my childhood that were awesome. I went out to run errands the other day and a song came on the car stereo that really took me back in time. It’s funny how songs can remind you of certain times in your life.

The song was “Couldn’t Get It Right” by the Climax Blues Band and I remember it being on the radio when I was about four, maybe five.

Those were awesome times! My dad was in the Army and we lived in Anniston, AL, near Ft. McClellan, where we were stationed that year.

Every year, Daddy would get a 30-day furlough, so, twice per year, during the summer and then again during the Christmas holidays, we would pile up in our VW micro bus and make the eight hour trip to Tennessee to visit the rest of the family for two weeks.

Those trips were awesome! Mom would take plush blankets, pillows, and comforters and fix my brother and me a makeshift bed in the very back of the van to sleep on, should we get sleepy during the long trips to and from.

Many times, my brother and I would fall asleep back there late in the evening. I remember waking up again after dark and looking up at the stars through the back window as we drove down the highway, headed north.

My maternal grandmother lived in a big, two-story house and during those visits, she’d invite the whole family to get together. She’d invite my dad’s family too, all the aunts, uncles, and cousins would come over and everyone would get together and have a ball!

Uma, Grandma, Mom, Dad and all the grown-ups would play cards or board games while we kids ran around and played.

“Uma,” as we called her, could always throw some fabulous parties! God rest her soul, she was an excellent host! How I miss her now! She truly helped create some wonderful memories!

Nobody ever got drunk there. A few of the men would drink a few beers but they knew their limit as they knew Uma wouldn’t tolerate any foolishness in her house.

There were mainly plenty of soft drinks, food, and snacks we’d munch on. And music! There was always music! During our Christmas parties, we played all the Christmas classics. When Uma threw New Year’s Eve parties and family get togethers during the summer, we would play plenty of disco and rock and roll songs.

When I hear the songs today, it immediately takes me back. Lord, we’d have so much fun together at these family shindigs!

Uma’s kitchen was so big that people would get up and dance to the music. In fact, we practically lived in her kitchen. How I wish I could go back and do it all again!

Back then, disco and rock n roll were dominating the airwaves and movies like “Jaws,” “Star Wars,” “Smokey and the Bandit” and “Food of the Gods” were hitting the box office. Kids my age would get up early every Saturday morning to watch “The Bugs Bunny Roadrunner Show,”, “Super Friends,” “Popeye” or “The Flintstones.”

Every Halloween, kids dressed up as their favorite ghoul and went trick-or-treating and it never occurred to anyone that Halloween was the Devil’s holiday. No one made a fuss over it and only saw it as an opportunity for kids to have fun and collect a bag full of candy to feast on for the next few months.

Everyone said “The Pledge of Allegiance” and “The Lord’s Prayer” at school every morning before class would begin and no one took offense to it. Back then, everyone felt free to be themselves!

Those times were so amazing! I can’t help but feel sorry for all the kids today. If only they could get a taste, a little glimpse of how awesome times were back in the late twentieth century!

Sometimes I wish it was still 19-something! Because back then, times were awesome and you were proud to be alive and to be an American! Being attacked by foreign terrorists on our own soil was unheard of!

The Vietnam War had ended a few years before and we were living in a time of peace and prosperity! Sure, we had our problems in society but they were nowhere near like the problems we have today!

Back then, kids could be kids and we could safely walk down the street at night and sleep with our windows open to let the cool night breeze blow in and lightly caress our bodies as we slept. The world was much safer (and freer) back then.

And those parties and get-togethers! Words can’t describe how amazing and fun they were! They are some of my best memories!

The songs I have here are a few of the songs we played at our parties- the songs that really stick out in my mind and allow the good memories to flood in.

Yes, I have some terrible memories from school as a teenager, but as a little kid, the world was full of magic and wonder, and it’s the great memories that seem to provide a good balance to everything!

I will always be grateful to Uma, Grandma, Mom, Dad, my aunts, uncles, siblings, and cousins for helping to create good times to balance the bad.

We were truly blessed to live during such great times and to have the closeness and togetherness we all had as a family. Many of my relatives have since passed away and I miss them to the moon and back. But I smile when I think of them, and of all the wonderful memories of the love and festivities at Uma’s house!

How Bullying of a Particular Person Can Become Status Quo and Why You Must Assert Yourself When it First Begins (Part 2)


If the bullying of a certain student is allowed to continue over a certain amount of time, even for as short as a few weeks, it will likely become the status quo with his/her peers at school. Once it becomes the status quo, it’s virtually impossible to assert your rights without encountering a ton of resistance and reprisals.

The trick is to assert yourself immediately before the bully or bullies grow(s) accustomed to tormenting you because once they do, in most cases, it’s too late. Once it is too late, anytime you are brave and refuse to bow down to a bully, expect retaliation…expect to be severely punished for undermining the bully’s perceived authority or power over you.

This is a warning that you absolutely must heed. Anytime, one certain student is repeatedly bullied over a certain period of time, it becomes a habit…a ritual for any and every one at the school. Anytime you muster up the spunk to say and/or do anything to assert, defend, or stand up for yourself, you are going against a status quo or perceived norm. And once you dare to go against any status quo, you had better prepare yourself for an all-out war!


You are a target! And bullies refuse to see you as anything but. As much as it may suck, when a person becomes a target of bullying, people- bullies, bystanders, and yes; sometimes even teachers and staff, consciously or subconsciously expect the person to stay a target. They expect you to put your head down and take it…to just accept it and if you even attempt to grow a spine, they will do everything in their power to break it.

Anytime a person, who has been a target of bullies over a long period of time, takes steps to take back their power, the unspoken message of the bully is this:

“No! Wait a minute! You’ve been a lowlife loser all this time and NOW you decide to better yourself?” or “Whoa! You’ve been a doormat this long, so why NOW do you get uppity and decide to grow a spine?”


All of which translates to an even deeper message that says:

“Holy Crap! We’re not used to him/her being so outspoken! This scares us! We’ve tried A, now we have to do B and if B doesn’t work, then we will have to resort to C to put this person back in his/her place and do it quick before we lose our foothold on her and therefore, lose the benefits that we have enjoyed at her expense!”

This is because bullies are extremely frightened by change, especially a change in the power dynamic which has long been set. They and others want you to stay a victim because “it’s just the way things are done at this school.”.  Also, bullies are benefiting from your victimization and they do not want to lose those benefits (social status, gratification, satisfaction, etc.)

Your bullies’ degradation of you has become habit…a ritual…a tradition, so to speak. And your defending your right to be safe from harm poses the threat of change and most people cannot easily accept change, bullies especially.


Furthermore, bullies believe that it is their right to abuse their target. Yes! They honestly believe that they have a right to mistreat the person because they assume that they have absolute authority over their victim and that they are entitled to inflict misery on him/her. In the mind of a bully, you as the target do not have the right to undermine, nor question their perceived authority over you. Others believe that you deserve the ill treatment and that you owe it to them to put your head down and “just shut up and take it”.

If this does not tick you off enough to make you want to snatch your power back, I do not know what will. But before you can do so, you must have knowledge of the inner workings of these types of individuals. You must be wise to what it is that makes this type of person tick. It’s imperative that you get abreast on the psychology of the typical school bully, his/her background, motives, how and why the bully seems to escape accountability, and a host of other important and possibly life-saving information.

You absolutely MUST address it early on, as soon as you begin to see a pattern forming. Do not make the same mistake I did and let it get so bad that you either fear for, or want to end your own life.

How I wish I knew this back then!

My Strongest Weakness – Time Management


Today was a good day. I got out of bed good and early, got dressed and left the house to run some errands. I got back and networked with some great blogger friends. My blog is growing and I meet new people here every day. So, I make it a point to read their blogs and network with them because I would want the same and I enjoy making other bloggers feel good and like they matter to someone.

I also love to learn and try to dedicate a few hours to reading, then another few hours to writing future posts, then work on the current book I plan to publish next. After this, I do housework and lastly, begin preparing supper when the time for my husband’s arrival home from work draws near.

But it seems that no matter how well I try to schedule everything, something gets neglected and I feel like such a heel. Especially when I’m unable to read the posts of my fellow bloggers and comment on them.

So, I tried dedicating an entire day of just liking and responding to comments and reading the posts of my followers, followers, blogger friends, even the posts of strangers I haven’t met. But sometimes I don’t get finished that day, then I can’t remember the next day where I left off. Ugggh!

So, I’ll probably do things differently- errands and housework for two hours, read 50 blog posts per day, read for two hours, write for two hours, work on a future book for two hours, then prepare our supper just before the hubby gets home.

So, know that I greatly appreciate you all. Also knew that if you don’t see me on your blogs for a time, I promise that I’ll eventually get to you.

In the meantime, please feel free to share how you manage your time between blogging, working, errands, writing, reading, and housework. I know I could learn many things from you guys!

And to those of you who can manage your time well and kick some serious butt every day, my hat comes off to you!

Love you all!