Bullying: How Identity Politics Is a Danger to the Safety of Women and Girls

Trust me, I don’t like politics. In fact, I hate it and I don’t know a single person who doesn’t get a bad taste in his mouth just by hearing the word itself. But unfortunately, we can’t deny that it’s everywhere.

Bullying and politics go hand in hand- it’s all about who’s in, who’s out, who gets the goldmine and who gets the shaft. Politics is also about who can lie the best- who can talk a good game and make others believe it. It’s about influence, persuasion,  false charm, and charisma- and bullies who are good at what they do ooze all four!

As we know, most bullies, especially the narcissistic and psychopathic types, are notorious con artists, and they are experts at lying, smear campaigns, and spin. So, let’s not kid ourselves by saying that politics has nothing to do with bullying. Politics has everything to do with bullying.

We have school politics and office politics as well as local, state, and national politics. Only school and office politics are child’s play, local politics is the middleweights, and state, and national politics are the Big Leagues! Big politicians always get their start in school and office politics then move their way up.

We now have identity politics, which is like a festering disease, in my opinion. And it’s this type of politics that is dangerous for the female of the human species, regardless of her race, ethnicity, orientation, or age.

As I mentioned in my blog post entitled, “How the Left Killed the Goals and Dreams of Female Athletes,” biological women and girls are getting the shaft in sports all in the name of transgender equality. If they want real transgender equality, they should create a third division- the transgender division in sports. There should be a men’s division, a women’s’ division, and a transgender division. It would certainly solve the issue of inclusiveness. Right?

Yet, biological men who identify as women are being placed on women’s teams, and, because they still have the muscle mass and body composition of a men, they are destroying the chances for biological females. How is that fair? Moreover, how is it not a form of bullying?

No all transgender people are bad, so in no way am I implying that they are. There are great people in every group just as there are bad. And they too should be treated with dignity like everyone else.

But the issue remains that, once again, women and girls are getting the short end, yet you don’t hear a peep from the pink vagina hats and other feminist groups. I wonder why.

And it’s not just in sports, but also in the area of public bathrooms, public showers, and the penal system! Now this is dangerous!

The Left wants to grant transgender females (biological men) the freedom to use the women’s and girl’s bathrooms. And they don’t necessarily have to be transgender. All they must do is identify as a woman! Hell, anyone can do that- including serial rapists, perverts, and killers!

All it takes is for a rapist to claim he is a woman, and he gets to enter the women’s room. He can then lie in wait for the next unsuspecting female to come in, and, preferably for the rapist, come into the bathroom alone! Then, he can attack! And, because of his muscle mass and body strength, most females would be at his mercy.

The Radical Left is basically asking for our mothers, daughters, sisters, nieces, aunts, and grandmothers to be more easily victimized by wolves in sheep’s clothing who have evil intentions, all for the sake of transgender equality and identity politics.

And don’t think they haven’t thought of that because, although the Radical Left is crazy, they aren’t stupid- not by any stretch of the imagination. Believe me, they know exactly what the risks are, they just don’t care. Their “cause” is more important than the lives of innocent women and girls. Excuse me if I “offend” anyone here, but I see the right and wrong of it. I also see reality and am not afraid to tell it like it is.

The penal system. In states like California, not only transgender women (biological men) but any men who identify as women, are being transferred to women’s prisons. This is a recipe for disaster and independent news pieces are already coming out with reports of biological women being raped, impregnated, physically assaulted, even killed by biological men in these prisons!

The hypocrisy is glaring, and it has been for a while now.

The Radical Left claims to be for women’s rights, yet they endanger the lives and well-beings of biological females by these ridiculous ideologies in the name of “transgender equality.”

They claim to be for women’s rights, yet they back countries like Iran, where it is customary to beat females in the street for such tiny mistakes as walking too loud,  speaking out of turn, or walking beside her husband instead of behind him.

The Radical Left also claims that there are what? Fifty-something different genders of people in the world? But! For there to be fifty different genders, wouldn’t there have to be fifty different sets of chromosomes instead of only two (XX and XY)?

After all, we must “follow the science.” Right?

And how can they claim to be for women’s rights when they back groups like the Taliban- who are notorious for chopping off the feet of women and girls who defy their standards, past or present, and ransacking villages and family dwellings to take girls as young as 7 and 8 as child brides?

They can’t!

I’m all for for women’s rights, don’t get me wrong. But if we’re for women’s rights then we’re for it 100 percent, across the board, and there’s no straddling the fence.

Now, do you see the hypocrisy?

As a woman, these ridiculous ideologies infuriate me to no end. Anytime I get ready to go shopping or run any errands, I always go to the bathroom before I leave the house because I no longer wish to use the public bathrooms. It’s not as safe as it once was. But you can bet that if an emergency arises and I have to use them, I’ll always be alert and aware of my surroundings, and I urge every other woman and girl to do the same.

And if any creep comes in and tries to harm me, you can bet that I’m going to fight. I’m going to punch, kick, pull, claw, stab- do everything I must do to get him off me. And I’ll fight until I either kill him or he kills me first! That’s a solemn promise. And I’d also fight to protect another female being attacked, especially if she’s a child!

And I would expect no less from any other biological female who finds herself in the same situation.

Most biological females (and I say most because I realize there are exceptions to every rule) do not have the physical power and strength of a biological male (transgender or not). And little girls most certainly don’t have it. Hence, the imbalance of power that constitutes any form of bullying.

But sadly, it seems no one wants to have this discussion.

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