Kathy Noll “Taking the Bully by The Horns”


Good news for victims and survivors of bullying! Resources to help people who are bullied are everywhere today. I recently spoke with Kathy Noll, an author of “Taking the Bully by The Horns. Since the 1990’s she has worked tirelessly to reach out to young people whom are bullied. I very much admire her work.
Congratulations, Kathy!
Keep up the great work!

Here is a list of her awards and accolades!

1996-Present: In recognition of successful completion of the requisite Course of Study “Writing for Children and Teenagers” and on nomination by its faculty, Kathy Noll was awarded a diploma from the Institute of Children’s Literature where she studied for two years. She also received an award through the Writers’ International Forum for her work. Her short stories and articles have been published in magazines along with interviews.

She recently was awarded with the title of “Woman of the Year” from Glamour Magazine for “Changing a Child’s World for the Better.” She also received Toyota’s “Moving Forward” award. And in 2007, she was honored with commendations from The State Senator’s Office, The Mayor’s Office, and the Council of the City of Reading. In addition, Kathy received her school’s “Most Distinguished Alumni” award.

NBC news has worked with Kathy to monitor classrooms in Philadelphia for bullying behavior. She also has directly helped many children with their personal bullying issues through her books, online counseling, research, educational and family-related Internet chats, message board hosting, and website.

Kathy has spoken on numerous Radio and Television Shows discussing the topics of Bullying, School Violence, and Self-esteem. She also works as a consultant for various TV News & Talk Shows, and was recently asked to be the expert testimony for a new children’s literature infomercial through Buena Vista (Disney).

Writing “Taking the Bully by the Horns” has generated many letters of thanks from both adults and children. Students frequently ask permission to use her research-based information for their projects.

She has excelled in publishing and marketing her books–reaching people all over the globe–educating, inspiring, and empowering them. She has networked with many organizations, schools, anti-violence agencies, mental health professionals, anti-bullying advocates, and child educators both Nationally and Internationally.

“Taking the Bully by the Horns” has also been published in Croatia. The Ministry of Education placed the book in schools all over the country and is having great success with it.

Following up on the success of “Taking the Bully by the Horns,” a much-requested Bullying Workbook has been created by Kathy — “The EDA Workbook” — and she also recently collaborated on a new book for adults on Adult Bullies and Bullying in the Work Place entitled “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life.”


Introducing Al Johnson from “Bullies Be Gone!”



You’re the weak one, you’re a bully.
The weak one is definitely not me.
The bully is always the weak one, but your weakness, you can’t seem to clearly see. So, I’m going to try and shed a little light on your weak and inappropriate ways. Your weakness began on your very first bullying day.
Your false sense of power is not strength at all; it’s a cry for help desperately trying to break through.
I actually feel a little sorry for you.
Weak bullies like you always seek to find other kids they can dominate.
Bullies do this with vicious words, distasteful actions, and misguided hate.
Is being a weak bully the banner you want to carry for the rest of your life?
Get rid of the bully banner forever; create one that shows respect, understanding, and tolerance for others, and always proudly hold that one very high.

By Al Johnson,
Bullies Be Gone!


Being Bullied Has a Way of Sharpening Your BS Detector!


If you were ever a victim of bullying, it more than likely did the same for you. This is not to say that abuse of any form is a good thing because no one should ever be bullied…EVER! However, though painful and humiliating when it was happening, having been bullied has had its positive takeaways, one of which is my fine-tuned ability to smell bulls*** from a mile away.

Judging from my own experience and having heard stories of others whom have endured the same, being a target of bullies has a way of giving you an almost psychic ability to see through people and detect true motives and intentions.

It gave me the ability to observe a large group of people, then spot and pick out the fakes and troublemakers at lightning speed and with complete accuracy. I don’t have to speak a word to anyone, only stand back and watch.

Just as a person who loses his sight experiences a much keener sense of hearing, a victim of bullying quickly grows the ability to read people like a newspaper. Why? Out of sheer necessity. Many survivors are able to read body language like an FBI agent, deciphering the tiniest of micro-expressions. In fact, one can even pick up on the vibes others put out…especially negative ones.

When any certain skill is mandatory for your survival, nature gives you no choice but to quickly hon that skill and use it to near perfection.
I consider this sixth sense to be a gift. However, this gift came at a heavy price.



For those of you who love to write or are readers who are looking for fresh new stories, I recommend following Chris Graham’s “The Story Reading Ape”. This is an awesome website and blog which hosts new guest authors and their books and novels. He also includes insightful information about how to become an even better writer/author and the best magazines and companies to which to submit your articles and short stories.

I’m very happy to have found Chris’ site and I can guarantee that you will be also!


Gaslighting at work

This is is about gaslighting and is worth the read. Although it happens in the workplace, it can also happen in schools. As we know school bullies often gaslight their victims to make them look crazy and to avoid accountability. Gaslighting is a type of manipulation to make the target of bullying doubt their own sanity or feel/seem crazy.

The Bullying of Taylor Swift: She Has Feelings Like the Rest of Us.


It’s no secret that Taylor Swift, one of the most famous celebs of our time, has been bullied both during school and in the adult world. From being bullied by classmates who were resentful of her talent, to having the microphone rudely ripped from her, to being bullied by other celebrities on social media and in their songs (Swish-Swish, Bish), to being bullied only by everyday people who shame her for daring to speak out. I both admire and hurt for her. In my opinion, this young lady has handled the roasting with maturity and grace.

I’ve seen comments on social media…comments which shame her for speaking out and letting her feelings be known. The messages I get from these comments are these:

1. Taylor’s feelings aren’t valid or they don’t count.
2. She has no right to feel hurt.
3. Because she is a celebrity, she has no right to feel those feelings or to voice them.

This is total NONSENSE!

What people fail to realize is that even the rich and famous have feelings. Rich or not, famous or not, this young lady is a human being. She is flesh and blood like the rest of us. So, who is anyone to tell her that she is wrong for feeling the way she does, her stance against bullying, or speaking out against bullying?

Some may see her as a crybaby, but others see her as a strong and brave young lady. To speak out and know well the risk of being perceived as weak, being blamed or worse, retaliated against? That takes courage! To face pushback and still refuse to be quiet about it? That takes GRIT! Any target of bullying who continues to stand their ground despite any backlash they face is, in my opinion, a hero…to themselves and to others who are in the same predicament.

Moreover, Taylor Swift is a shining example that no one…NO ONE is immune to being bullied. Not even the rich and famous! You can have all the fame, all the money, all the power, all the looks and beauty, all the popularity and all the talent and still find yourself to be a victim of bullies.

Anytime a person is a target, it’s much easier to hide it out of shame. It’s much easier and safer to stay silent in hopes that the harassment you endure will just magically go away. It’s much easier to act like everything is okay when it really isn’t.

However, the reality of it is this: You can clam up about it, you can hide it, you can fake it and act like everything is alright all…day…long! But the harassment will not magically go away and the bullies will not magically get lives and leave you in peace. No. They will come for you whether you speak out or not.

Keep speaking out, Taylor!


One of My Former Bullies Asked Me Out…And I Stood Him Up!


Today, I would have just told him “No” and let that be the end of it. The year was 1997 and I was 26 years old and seven years post high school when I ran into a guy who had harassed me mercilessly during high school. During that time I was lead singer of a band and we were doing a show at a nightclub in Memphis. It was during a fifteen-minute break between sets that I ran into him and I’ll have to admit, he was very charming, displaying the very charm which had allowed him to go undetected and escape accountability all those years ago.

I was cordial to him as I’d been to everyone who had come to watch the band. However, when he asked me out, instead of feeling honored, I felt quite insulted. My first thoughts were:

“You’ve got some nerve, buddy!”

“Do you not remember all the times during school you helped make me feel completely worthless?”

“Do you not remember all the horrible names you called me? All the taunts? The jokes?”

“What make’s you think that I’d be even REMOTELY interested?”

Honestly, I would’ve had to be either stupid or desperate to go on a date with the likes of him and I believed his reasoning for it was one of either three things:

1. It was much safer for him to take me out now that we were out of school and he no longer had to face the old high school clique on a daily basis.

2. He thought I was desperate.

3. He thought I was easy.

This only made me angrier. Then I smiled and said, “Let’s talk about it after the show.”

After the show ended, we talked and I agreed to go on a date with him the following weekend. We agreed to meet at a restaurant in a neighboring town. Only I never showed up.

When he called me the next day and wanted to know why I had stood him up, informing me that he’d waited for over an hour, my response was, “You don’t know? You don’t remember all the times you made me feel so bad about myself during school? You don’t remember all the horrible names you called me? You don’t remember all the times you joined everyone else in humiliating me during school? You knew I was hurting and you didn’t give a damn! You knew I was dying inside and you didn’t care! Well, how does it feel, buster?” I shouted.
He apologized profusely, over and over again. But at that time, I just wasn’t ready to forgive him.

It was a rotten thing to do to someone, I know. However, at that time, I wasn’t as mature as I am now and I just had to make a point.

It took a while but things worked out in the end. I eventually forgave him and we became close friends.

Discussing a Possible Screenplay and Feature Film


I would like to share with you some very exciting news! My friend Pete DeLorenzo and I are discussing the possibility of a feature film and I couldn’t feel more blessed! I want to thank God, my family, friends and readers for their support in writing this book! I would also like to thank Mr. DeLorenzo for being a huge blessing in my life and the lives of so many others! Without each and every one of you, this would never had been possible. This project is in it’s infancy and will take time to develop. However, I will be sure and update you as it progresses. God bless you all!
My goal for this film, when completed, is that it helps and gives hope to the millions of hurting young people across the globe.

Here is Pete’s review of “From Victim to Victor”:

Occasionally an extremely gifted and talented writer emerges such as Cherie White the Author of “ From Victim to Victor “.
This Real Life True Story of what she encountered throughout her adolescent years in a small town in Tennessee as a young girl,
jumps off the pages of the book of her bone chilling nightmare experience during her early school memories of being bullied by other students.
Her poignant story will make you cringe at the horrors and abuse she endured at the hands of the sociopath and narcissistic behavior she was subjected to.
Her story unfolds how she rose above the traumatic experience in her life through her strong faith in GOD and the resilience and determination to
survive single handed with no help from anyone around her.
She refused to let the terror rob her of her self esteem, dignity and integrity.
The statistics of young people being bullied and the suicide ratio are astronomical.
The book is inspiring and motivational and serves as a template to those that have or are being bullied.
This book can help SAVE LIVES !!!
In my professional opinion … this book has all the earmarks of a MAJOR FEATURE FILM

Pete DeLorenzo
“The Mentor” Feature Major Motion Picture
“They All Remind Me of You” Hit Single/Title Song
DeLorenzo Enterprise/PKI Productions
www.delorenzoenterprise.com – Pete DeLorenzo
Internationally Recognized Comedian, Impressionist, Actor
Recording Artist, Screenwriter, Producer, Director, and Humanitarian
www.delorenzoenterprise.com – Pete DeLorenzo- AMBASSADOR IN CHIEF OF GOODWILL FOR THE WORLD


Please Don’t Worry About Who Does or Does Not Like You


Why? Because liking of any person or thing is always subjective and no two people have the exact likes, dislikes, tastes or opinions. Know that there will always be those whom do not like you and be okay with it because it bares no reflection on you. We all move in different circles and directions. It’s just how life works and how we were made.

Continue to love and embrace yourself as the person God made you to be. Continue to enjoy the friends and loved ones you do have and never mind the people you don’t have. They aren’t important. Embrace your differences because no two people are the same. Accept every flaw and quirk you have. Accept no one’s ignorant, cookie-cutter version of what you should be. You are enough!

Imagine how utterly and downright boring life would be if we were all the same. Imagine a world full of white people, black people or Hispanics…a world full of people with blonde hair and blue eyes or dark hair and dark eyes…a world full of skinny people…or overweight people…or if everyone had the same tastes opinions or beliefs! It would be like living in a town in which all diners were pizza parlors and served pizza but nothing else. Yuck! I love pizza, but I wouldn’t want to eat it every damn day!

So love being different. Know that there are people who love you and are begging to spend time with you. And above all else, know that God loves you. You will be alright.


A Spring Talent Show and Very Embarrassing Moment


Not only do I love to write, I also love to sing. I’ve been writing since I was ten but singing since I was eighteen months old. It was while traveling home to Tennessee from Ft. Bragg, North Carolina (my dad was a soldier) to spend Christmas with family, when my parents first discovered that I had a natural talent for music.

To hear my mother tell it today, a song played on the car stereo and while sitting in the back, directly behind Mom and Dad in my car safety seat, I hummed and sang, babbling to the tune and words of the music, slapping my pudgy little hand against my lap and bobbing and swaying my head to the beat of the music. My parents immediately took notice as I kept in perfect key and rhythm. Mom, who was sitting in the passenger seat as Dad drove, turned around and peered at me from between the front seats. She then looked at Dad, wide-eyed with amazement, nudging him with her elbow and saying,
“Listen to this baby sing!”

“Oh, I hear it!” Dad said excitedly, having several times taken his eyes off the road every few seconds to look at me through the rear-view mirror. My parents, both music lovers themselves, then turned and looked at each other, mouths agape with astonishment. They had never heard an eighteen-month-old toddler sing so well.
Mom then turned around, looking at me again with a big smile on her face. Dad continued glancing at me through the rear-view mirror, grinning from ear to ear with delight.

Fast forward forty plus years: I had entered a talent show in Covington, which was held at a bar and night-club not far from the county line. First prize was four-hundred dollars, second prize was two-hundred and third prize, one hundred. Having sang in several bands and won numerous talent shows and contests, I was one of the last of about twenty contestants to perform, with my chosen songs being “Girl on Fire” by Alisha Keys and “Fancy” by Reba McEntire. My mother, stepfather and my husband, who was my fiancé at the time, had come to watch me perform.

When the contest was over, we sat in a dimly lit barroom filled with over a hundred people, waiting for the judges to tally up their votes and the winner to be announced. It was close to midnight on a late-spring night and the back door of the tavern was kept open to let the cool air in. Our table was next to the open door and bugs were flying all around, attracted to the lights over the stage.

To my horror, I felt a huge mosquito-hawk fly down my camisole, into my brazier! Completely creeped-out by the wiggling and squirming felt down my shirt and fighting like the devil the urge to frantically dig down to fish the critter out in front of a hundred plus people, I quickly got up and exited the building through the open back door!

Once I got outside, it was completely dark…no security lights…nothing. Although there were several cars in the parking lot, everyone was inside enjoying the festivities. Being certain that the cover of darkness would provide me the privacy I needed to take care of the situation, I pulled my bra down over my breasts and began anxiously brushing and thumping bits and pieces of the insect out of my bra and cami.

Suddenly, click! Headlights! Spotlighted by headlights…on high beam! Because it had been pitch dark, I hadn’t seen the two men sitting in a parked pick-up about fifty feet in front of me! They switched on the headlights while cranking the ignition, then revved up the motor…and I’m standing there…completely exposed!

Mortified, all I could do was turn my back to them to face the side of the building and finish. I then scurried back inside as quickly as possible. I returned to our table and my family and fiancé were falling out of their chairs, others were also looking at me and snickering. They’d put two and two together after seeing the abrupt glow of the headlights beam through the door, knowing I was outside taking care of myself. I couldn’t help but to laugh myself!

After winning first place, I took my prize money, politely thanked everyone, and my family and I made our way through the crowd to leave for the night. On the way to the front exit, I happened to look to my right and notice two older men sitting at a corner table with big-wide grins on their faces, looking directly at me with laser focus and eyes, which seemed to light up. Instantly, I knew who they were!
Feeling my face flush hot, I turned to my mother and said, “The sooner we get out of here, the better!”

It’s funny now. But while it happened, not so much.