Please Don’t Worry About Who Does or Does Not Like You

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Why? Because liking of any person or thing is always subjective and no two people have the exact likes, dislikes, tastes or opinions. Know that there will always be those whom do not like you and be okay with it because it bares no reflection on you. We all move in different circles and directions. It’s just how life works and how we were made.

Continue to love and embrace yourself as the person God made you to be. Continue to enjoy the friends and loved ones you do have and never mind the people you don’t have. They aren’t important. Embrace your differences because no two people are the same. Accept every flaw and quirk you have. Accept no one’s ignorant, cookie-cutter version of what you should be. You are enough!

Imagine how utterly and downright boring life would be if we were all the same. Imagine a world full of white people, black people or Hispanics…a world full of people with blonde hair and blue eyes or dark hair and dark eyes…a world full of skinny people…or overweight people…or if everyone had the same tastes opinions or beliefs! It would be like living in a town in which all diners were pizza parlors and served pizza but nothing else. Yuck! I love pizza, but I wouldn’t want to eat it every damn day!

So love being different. Know that there are people who love you and are begging to spend time with you. And above all else, know that God loves you. You will be alright.

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