The Bullying of Taylor Swift: She Has Feelings Like the Rest of Us.

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It’s no secret that Taylor Swift, one of the most famous celebs of our time, has been bullied both during school and in the adult world. From being bullied by classmates who were resentful of her talent, to having the microphone rudely ripped from her, to being bullied by other celebrities on social media and in their songs (Swish-Swish, Bish), to being bullied only by everyday people who shame her for daring to speak out. I both admire and hurt for her. In my opinion, this young lady has handled the roasting with maturity and grace.

I’ve seen comments on social media…comments which shame her for speaking out and letting her feelings be known. The messages I get from these comments are these:

1. Taylor’s feelings aren’t valid or they don’t count.
2. She has no right to feel hurt.
3. Because she is a celebrity, she has no right to feel those feelings or to voice them.

This is total NONSENSE!

What people fail to realize is that even the rich and famous have feelings. Rich or not, famous or not, this young lady is a human being. She is flesh and blood like the rest of us. So, who is anyone to tell her that she is wrong for feeling the way she does, her stance against bullying, or speaking out against bullying?

Some may see her as a crybaby, but others see her as a strong and brave young lady. To speak out and know well the risk of being perceived as weak, being blamed or worse, retaliated against? That takes courage! To face pushback and still refuse to be quiet about it? That takes GRIT! Any target of bullying who continues to stand their ground despite any backlash they face is, in my opinion, a hero…to themselves and to others who are in the same predicament.

Moreover, Taylor Swift is a shining example that no one…NO ONE is immune to being bullied. Not even the rich and famous! You can have all the fame, all the money, all the power, all the looks and beauty, all the popularity and all the talent and still find yourself to be a victim of bullies.

Anytime a person is a target, it’s much easier to hide it out of shame. It’s much easier and safer to stay silent in hopes that the harassment you endure will just magically go away. It’s much easier to act like everything is okay when it really isn’t.

However, the reality of it is this: You can clam up about it, you can hide it, you can fake it and act like everything is alright all…day…long! But the harassment will not magically go away and the bullies will not magically get lives and leave you in peace. No. They will come for you whether you speak out or not.

Keep speaking out, Taylor!

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