🐾 You Left Your Paw-Print on My Heart 🐾

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Your love and devotion so unconditional and pure

Your companionship and loyalty so sure

Your sweet face made my heart melt

Your fur was the softest my hands ever felt

All the licks to my face, lovins’ and cuddles

Always melted my heart into many puddles

You’d jump and prance and give me smiles

With you on your leash, we’d walk for miles

You weren’t just my pet, you were my love

Sweet furry companion sent from God above

You were my baby, my sidekick, my best friend

How it hurt me so to watch your life end

When I lost you, my whole world went dark

How I wish I could once more hear you bark

I can get another dog but never another Roxie

You had such grace, such sass and moxie

I long to see one more wag of your bushy tail

We had a friendship and adoration that will never fail

You left a huge, deep paw-print on my heart

And in soul & spirit we will never be apart 🐾


Roxie (2010 – 2023)

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