0 thoughts on “Great Advice!

  1. goodvibes40 says:

    So very true! Hey, I am ready to start my positivity project. Everyone list and tag on your social media your 20 favorite posters/friends/followers and tell what you like about their posts/them. Only positive stuff. Do it on any social media you have. Let’s try to get a large number of people posting positive things about people. Hope you will do this, Cherie!

      • goodvibes40 says:

        That’s cool. Facebook is my favorite way of communicating but I know different people like different things. I think it would be cool if you did Facebook and also this blog as well! Two different audiences. I think Twitter and Instagram users could probably do it too. Maybe even Tik Tok though I don’t much about Tik Tok.

        • cheriewhite says:

          I’m on Facebook and I do get on it. Just not as much as before. I’ll do the project. Just send me an email with the link to your Facebook fave and I’ll friend you and do the project. I use Facebook for my blog too. I just don’t post a lot except for quotes and blog. Hehe! 😊 I’ll see you over there.

      • goodvibes40 says:

        And the goal is to try and promote as much positivity on all the platforms. All of them have different audiences. I think preference is just a matter of personal taste.

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