Bullying and The Rising Tide of Antisemitism

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The Jewish people and other minorities have been bullied all over the world, down through history, as have women. They’ve been intimidated by individuals, groups, corporations, schools, communities, and governments!

Recently, there has been an uptick of antisemitism from individuals, interest groups, certain celebrities, even government officials, such as Ilhan Omar and several others! They have also been attacked right here in America by Radical and Extremist Groups.

Understand that antisemitism, racism and sexism are all forms of bullying because there is a clear-cut power imbalance, and the evil committed against the Jewish people has been repetitious for so long!

People may not agree with me and may even get angry. But it is what it is, and I’m not going to hide it nor sugarcoat it.

Most bullies are bigots and racists because bullies are known to have hatred for anyone different from them in any way, although most of them would never admit it for fear of losing face. However, bullies must always have a target to degrade.


So, they prefer to bully someone safer to bully and not as legally protected, such as a person who’s on the autism spectrum, who’s mentally ill, a member of the LGBTQ community, or an older person.

Understand that bullies despise differences from them in any way and you can bet that most bullies are only closet racists and sexists, but because they choose to go the “lesser of two evils” route and be more politically correct to play it safe, they only bully those to whom they can do it and get away with it.

Understand that racism is wrong, no matter who it’s aimed at! Antisemitism is wrong! Hate is wrong!

Just because someone is different in race or skin color, in the religion they practice, or lives a different lifestyle, it gives no one the right to mistreat them!

Eliminate the hate!

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  1. Rethinking Scripture says:

    Some history about the Jewish people being singled out and bullied.
    During WWll a ship full of Jewish people landed on the shores of America to avoid what was happening in Europe.
    Customs made the ship go back to Germany. It is reported that all of the Jewish people ended up in concentration camps and died.

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