Girls Who Think Male Bullies Are Attractive

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Arrogant Young Man With Girlfriends

Arrogant young Caucasian man with three female admirers

So, you think these guys are attractive? Sexy? Hot? If you’re like most young, naïve, and often shallow girls, you prefer the bully- the bad boy! Why? Because he brings excitement, adventure, drama, and mischief, which is alluring, especially to females who are bullies themselves. He drives the hot car, wears the sharpest clothes and his parents seem to have all the connections in town! He’s a real star!

You like that he’s seemingly fierce, brutal and in control (of others) because you’re like the majority of teens, you equate those qualities with manliness. The bully boy seems to be the very definition of masculinity, and other girls are attracted to him like moths to a flame. Because he seems to be the embodiment of manhood, you want him. You get turned on when he beats the crap out of the smallest boy in the class, whether or not the smaller boy asked for it.

His blood is flooded with testosterone, and it shows! You smile, laugh, or even join in when he slut-shames the trim girl with the tailbone-length hair and tight jeans. You think it’s hot when he cruelly taunts the fat girl or the girl with glasses or braces. You love it when he displays his so-called manhood by asserting dominance over the mentally disabled kid in school, slapping and mocking him in the hallway between classes. You laugh with him, and your friends want to be in your place because he’s a big deal and everyone admires his strength and power (or lack thereof).

You secretly think to yourself, “What a MAN! And I must be one hot mama myself because this man is with me- ME! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen me! He can have his choice of any girl in the place, but he chose me!”.

You make fun of another girl’s boyfriend because he doesn’t look quite as good as the stuffed-shirt you’re dating. Never mind that he treats her with respect and she just might think her boyfriend looks better than yours. You get hostile with and want to bully the girl whose rear-end your god of a boyfriend groped while you weren’t around or the girl to whom he makes inappropriate sexual comments. It doesn’t matter that the girl has some sense and thinks he’s a real POS.


You’re not concerned that she felt violated and wanted to punch his lights out when he did that to her. You still give him a free pass and blame her for his being a jackass.

You gladly overlook him because you admire, even worship him. You kiss his butt and the very ground he walks on. You want him, and even better, you have him (or think you do). You’ve got it goin’ on, girl! Because you’re dating a guy who’s the most popular guy at school and whose badassery is so well-known it has become a legend; honey, your ego is soaring, and your head is ten times its normal size! That is until (wait for it)- until(gasp)- he turns on you!
(To be continued)

0 thoughts on “Girls Who Think Male Bullies Are Attractive

  1. simpledesigns2017 says:

    Something I totally don’t get. Why would anyone choose a mean person over a good one. That nice more bookworm person is going to treat you a whole lot better and more than likely has a brighter future ahead. Let me also throw in sometimes that bully isnt as physically strong as they lead others to believe but use intimidation so others are afraid to fight them back

    • cheriewhite says:

      I totally agree with you. But they do it for status and popularity. You see? People who select this way are very insecure with themselves and want to be seen with the cool kids. But understand that girls who select these types of people have low self-esteem and need to be validated. And they base their validation on being seen with the most popular person in the place, it doesn’t matter how they treat others. Sad, I know.

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