Girls Who Think Male Bullies Are Attractive (Part 2)

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Fast forward five, ten, twenty, thirty years, and you’re now married to this guy. He’s coming home drunk, late or both. He’s cheating on you with different women and putting you at risk of catching an STD. Even worse, he seems to want to sleep with any woman but you! He’s also insulting you, psychologically abusing you and beating the crap out of you every night. It’s not so funny anymore!

Remember the smaller boy that he beat up in school? The trim, long-haired girl in the tight jeans he slut-shamed? The fat girl, the girl with the glasses and braces he cruelly taunted? That mentally disabled kid he slapped and mocked? You now suffer the same abuse they suffered. The same kids he abused, and you thought were losers? Now, you are them!

Now it’s you getting slapped around. You are getting your butt kicked between your shoulders every night he comes home wasted and having cheated with other women. You are the one treated like a pile of manure. Now it’s you who’s sitting at home alone crying every night, wondering what you did wrong. He’s not so sexy now, is he?

Oh, my God! You never thought he could ever do that to you! You never even dreamed that anything like this could ever happen to you! My, my! How the tables have turned! Isn’t it funny how life can suddenly flip the script on an in-control little queen bee like you?

And what stings the most is that most of the kids you and he thought were losers? They’re the ones who are now enjoying happy, healthy relationships, marriages, and family. They’re enjoying successful careers to boot. It doesn’t seem fair to you!
“But how can that be?” You wonder. “They were supposed to be the losers in life, not me! Not us!”

Although I may sound cruel and unfeeling here, I hope that you will think before you get into a relationship with a guy who everyone thinks is cool but who is a complete dirtbag. Understand this. If he mistreats those who are perceived to be losers, you can bet that he will do it to you too.

Get out now while you can. Spare yourself years of heartache and pain. You owe it to yourself. Most of all, treat others, no matter their stations in life, with kindness and respect. Because karma is a booger and it will catch up with you years later. I guarantee it.

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