Review of Stephen King’s “Carrie” – The Movie

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The first time I saw Carrie was when I was a senior in high school and I couldn’t help but hurt for her.

She’s a high school senior who’s bullied by her classmates and abused by her psychotic and religious fanatic mother. It seems that Carrie can never get away from the drama and she longs for the things that everyone else seems to come by so easily.

One thing she does have that her classmates don’t is telekinetic powers- powers that she uses as a powerful weapon at the end of the movie. And when I got to see her pour out her wrath upon the people who treated her so badly, I was cheering her on inside and find myself secretly wishing that I too had those powers.

I think we all did if we ever saw the movie.

“Carrie” was Stephen King’s first published book that soared to the top of the best seller list, then became a movie in the 70’s. It’s an awesome movie for Halloween. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

0 thoughts on “Review of Stephen King’s “Carrie” – The Movie

  1. 80smetalman says:

    I once wished I had similar powers and I too cheered Carrie on at the end. Funny but true story, I went with my mother and her boyfriend to see it in the cinema when I was 15. My mother wanted to leave 5 minutes into the film because of all the young ladies naked in the shower. Fortunately, we didn’t.

  2. leightontravels says:

    One of my favourite horrors. A young Sissy Spacek with an excellent performance, not to mention the brilliant Laurie Piper who is every bit as “psychotic” as you suggest. Fun to see an incredibly young John Travolta in a bad guy role, plus small parts for Nancy Allen Edie McClurg, who would go on to have stable Hollywood careers. Didn’t think much of the remake.

    • cheriewhite says:

      One of mine too! I think that, for many of these stars, “Carrie” is how they got their start. And I agree about the remake. Remakes are never as good as the original. 🙂

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