Movies with Bullying as a Part of the Plot

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This is a great movie that’s drenched with woman-on-woman workplace bullying. The protagonist in the movie deals with catty coworkers and an entitled, demanding queen bee boss! This is a must see if you want to catch a sneak peak into the world of office politics.


This movie is about Clifford Peache, a boy who moves to a new school and gets bullied by Melvin Moody and his friends, who are meanest boys in the school. After taking a few beatings, his last resort is to hire a bigger, but troubled kid named Ricky Lenderman to be his bodyguard and the two become friends. But when Moody hires his own bodyguard, Mike, the heat gets turned to a boiling point. This movie ends with an explosion of fists and fury!


If you want to know what high school bullying looks like. Look no further than this flick. Regina George is the head bully in this movie and she’s a force to be reckoned with.


This movie is a hilarious teen movie with high school bullying in it. William Zabka, who plays the character of Johnny in “Karate Kid” plays the lead bully in this film. This movie has a few parts that are risque, so I wouldn’t advise letting children under 17 watch it. But I’ll leave that up to the parents to decide.



If you’ve seen The Karate Kid, then you’ll automatically feel horrible for Daniel LaRusso as he has many run-ins with bullies Johnny, Tommy, Dutch, and Bobby. But at the end of the movie, you will cheer for him. This movie has many scenes that will stir your emotions


The Breakfast Club is one of my absolute favorites! It’s a fun movie with a bully teacher who talks down to the kids who must serve detention by being stuck at school on Saturday. This movie is a reminder that every kid has problems, whether they’re rich, poor,  the prom queen, the jock, the nerdy bookworm, or the oddball.

This movie is based on Kenny Roger’s hit song “Coward of the County.” It’s about a boy named Tommy who promised his father, who died in prison, that he’d always walk away from trouble. But when his bullies take turns assaulting his girlfriend, Becky, Tommy is pushed to his breaking point and fists fly as he deals out the punishment to them for harming his Becky.

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