My Classmates’ Reactions to FVTV

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From Victim to Victor By Cherie White

When I wrote and published “From Victim to Victor: A Survivor’s True Story of Her Experiences with School Bullying”, I received mixed reactions from my old classmates. Several were happy for me and are proud to see a fellow classmate reach success. For this, I am very grateful.

The majority of them (those who bullied, participated, or turned a blind eye), however, were and still are very angry and upset over the book. And the funny thing is, I can understand why they would be.

Think about this, if I had abused and mistreated someone on a daily basis, in my past and then years later, that person turned around and put me on blast by publishing a book about it, even with name changes, I guess I’d be a little steamed too (If I was an abuser)! And what abuser wouldn’t be?

Why are most of my old classmates outraged? Why? It’s because they feel a mountain of guilt and shame, and they’re afraid of somehow being exposed.

Naturally, I changed the names to preserve their privacy. Still, they’re very much afraid. Afraid of being identified, afraid of feeling any guilt or shame and afraid that people just might come around asking uncomfortable questions. I truly pity them because they must constantly maintain any lies that they told by telling new lies and they must now do it indefinitely! Can you imagine how exhausting that would be? It takes a lot of work to maintain a fake façade and rewrite the past.

And the only way it will stop is if they do some deep soul-searching and realize their guilt. I can tell you, they won’t! No way, Never! Not in this lifetime!

Because to admit what they did would mean admitting they were wrong, that they were the inferior ones, that they had the psychological issues. Understand that bullies and abusers will never admit they were ever wrong.

My old bullies from school will likely spend the rest of their natural lives covering up and being afraid, which means they will never truly be free.

Do I hate them. No.

Am I angry with them? Of course not.

The only thing I can feel for them is pity. That’s right! I can only feel sorry for them.

As John Bradshaw quoted,
“Guilt says I’ve done something wrong; Shame says there is something wrong with me. Guilt says I’ve made a mistake; Shame says, I am a mistake. Guilt says, what I did was not good; Shame says, I am no good.”

Is it any wonder my old classmates are so angry, bitter and defensive? Guilt, shame, and fear of exposure are major anger/temper triggers. When a person carries guilt and shame and constantly fears being found out, they tend to react with anger when criticized even mildly or called to account, even under a fictional name. The rest of the world may have no clue who they are, but they themselves know and that’s enough.

Peeling the masks off the bullies one layer at a time!

0 thoughts on “My Classmates’ Reactions to FVTV

  1. Ari says:

    The mark of a mature person is one who can look back at their past, acknowledge thrir mistakes and if possible apologise.

    Bullies from school have had the opportunity to grow up, learn to understand their actions have consequences and become better ppl. What a shame it appears these ppl have not matured. Let them be angry and upset. They have no right to expect your silence.

  2. Brenda Jones says:

    The fact any of of them would be upset many years later is confirmation of their guilt. They could simply apologize. We all probably had moments where we acted poorly in high school (or even before then) but a good, smart, kind, loving, Christian adult owns up to past mistakes and changes their ways. Instead they continue to attack meaning they are still bullies. Their names are not listed here so if they did nothing wrong why would they care? You would think they would be thrilled that a former classmate of theirs has succeeded in life and is writing books and doing advocacy. I am sure many of them have children as well and don’t want their kids tortured in school. Their reaction, even for anyone who doesn’t know you, serves as confirmation that what you are saying is factual.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Absolutely, Brenda! By their reactions, they’re only confirming everything I wrote. I think what upsets them the most is that they never thought I knew so much about them or what drove them to bully. Just the fact that I had them figured out and was enough to upset them. They found out that I knew so much more about them than they ever thought I did and the fact that I was wise to their motives made me a threat to them. Now, they’re scared because it’s out now.

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