Bullies On the Board: One Reason School Bullying Often Goes Ignored and Unchecked!

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It’s no secret that school bullying often goes ignored! It seems that by default, school officials side with the bullies, refusing to hold them accountable and too often blaming the victim for the relentless and merciless attacks against them. Now we know why. When those in power, whom are supposed to be there to help these young victims are bullies themselves,these kids are powerless because they unknowingly go to “the enemy” for help. It certainly makes me wonder how many more school districts are harboring, white-washing and protecting these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The man in the photo, a former middle-school classmate named Greg Barrett, confronts his former school bully, who happens to be Katy, Texas School Superintendent, Lance Hindt, calling him out in front of the entire board for shoving his head against a urinal, then getting his friends to join in kicking him while he was “in a fetal position” on the floor. Now, another past incident has surfaced with the exposure of “sealed” records which say that, when Lance Hindt, at the age of eighteen, brutally beat William Stein, now 80 years old, into a five-day coma! Not surprisingly, no criminal charges were ever filed?

In my opinion, This superintendent is a certified, bonafied, card-carrying psychopath! It’s all I can say after reading this. It’s scary that school districts hire people like him. It’s just another reason why bullying often goes ignored, unchecked and swept under the rug. Even after all this exposure, this school board continues to back Dr. Hindt. Sad, indeed!

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