How Redundancy Backfires on Bullies

Have you noticed how bullies tend to repeat the same personal attacks over and over again? It’s true that a lie repeated a thousand times become truth. However, it can also have the opposite effect- it can become boring.

Sometimes, the attacks go on for so long, they become boring to the point that they actually lose their effect on the target…and everyone else. Why?

Because, instead of tapering off a bit once the attacks do have their desired effect, the bullies only increase them, trying to make absolute sure the labels stick. They want to ensure that others don’t forget how disgusting and revolting the target is.


But! What the bullies end up doing is repeating the same tired, worn-out lines and narratives that they end up losing support. In other words, it all backfires right in their faces.

Let Them Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

This is good because the target now has leverage and can use it to their advantage.

If you are a target of bullying and your bullies are pulled this broken-record tactic, all you must do is to sit back and let your bullies do what they will do. You never know. They just might end up shooting themselves in the foot!

Then you get to smile as you watch them make complete fools of themselves. Also, you get to listen as people laugh at your bullies behind their backs. And, it you think they won’t dare laugh at the bullies, wrong. They may not do it to their faces, but trust me, they’ll go wild with the jokes and laughs behind the bullies’ backs. I guarantee it!

So, align yourself with those your bullies have bullied in the past. Enjoy listening to the ridicule as you laugh with your newfound friends and allies. Because that will be the fun part!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

Bullies and Redundancy


Redundancy has been the downfall of many a bully. Have you ever noticed how bullies always- always…repeat the same narratives and personal attacks?

And, like a broken record, their needle gets stuck on the same old attack. Repeat, repeat, repeat. On and one they drag the same tired, worn-out narrative.

Although it’s true that repeating the same lie a thousand times does work, as Goebbels proved during the 1930’s, there are also times it can backfire because people get bored listening to it.

When bullies get redundant, it reeks of desperation because any time someone feels they must repeat themselves, it means that they have a bad feeling that the story isn’t sticking as well as they hoped it would. Otherwise, they wouldn’t need to repeat themselves.

However, if you’re a target of such foolishness, rest assured that this bodes well for you although it may not feel good. Realize that it can work in your favor and take advantage of it. And how you take advantage of it is to just sit back and let them talk. Forgive me a chuckle or two.

Here are a few reasons being redundant can backfire on bullies:

1.As mentioned above, the bully will end up boring the hell out of those around him. Most people would rather cut off their right arms than be bored. And once something becomes a snooze fest, it’s over!

2. In being redundant, bullies only reveal their own issues. Again, to anyone with an ounce of common sense, redundancy makes the bullies look bad because, if one must continue to beat a dead horse, they not only look desperate but worse, they look defeated! And people around them will pray for the day they finally either go away, or “shut up about it already!” The bully will eventually get blown off with an eyeroll and a “whatever.”

So, if you’re a target of this kind of foolishness, remember to just sit back, let your bullies dig their own holes, and snicker! Some things don’t need a reaction.

It’s only a matter of time before they shoot themselves in the foot, so, why not let them continue cutting off their noses to spite their faces?

With knowledge comes empowerment!