Never Suppress Your Humanness

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be yourself

Why should I put on a veil of perfection?

Why should I hide my flaws? Everyone has them whether they admit it or not.

Why should I bend over backward to conform to being the cookie-cutter version that everyone wants me to be? It takes strength and bravery to be oneself.

Why should I be forced to suppress my emotions when the situation calls for it, and I’m rightfully sad, afraid, or (gasp!) pissed off?

Why shouldn’t I allow myself to make mistakes? That’s how we learn.

Why shouldn’t I, on some days, let myself lounge around the house in my pajamas and no makeup?

Why shouldn’t I allow myself to splurge on a tub of Ben & Jerry’s every now and then?

Why shouldn’t I allow myself to have my own opinion?

Why shouldn’t I allow myself to speak my mind when need be?

I’d rather be myself exactly as I am, the good, bad and ugly. I won’t suppress any aspect of me. I allow myself to be completely human, no matter who doesn’t like it.

To deny humanness is to be fake. Being fake is too much work, and I’m too lazy.

0 thoughts on “Never Suppress Your Humanness

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    YES, this is amazing! I love how you’re structured this, it really hits home. You should be able to do all of those things, without worry of judgement or criticism. We should feel free to indulge, to be ourselves, to speak up with our opinions, to have freedom of choice, to embrace our flaws and make mistakes. I love it!

    Caz xx

  2. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Cherie child, those who think they are perfect and flawless are fooling themselves. 💯 We live in a culture and have been, since I don’t know when, where people are going to criticize you horrifically no matter how good or perfect you try to be. 🤨 Now, since we are on blast with technology on steroids, people can easily peek into our lives. That’s the good, bad, and ugly of social media and modern communication. We all are flawed people, sometimes we don’t think we are, because in our own perfect world we are perfect, based on what society’s definition of perfection is. 🤔

    You go ahead and have your Ben & Jerry’s and I will have my carton of Breyer’s. I have now learned to embrace my flaws because I have learned to love myself which includes my mistakes, which includes my lessons, which includes my successes, which includes a humble heart and renewed spirit. I am alive. I am me! You be you!!! 😍 🥰 😘

    • cheriewhite says:

      Booyah! You said it all right there. And yes, people will criticize no matter how great or small, good or bad we are. That’s why it’s a waste of time to worry about what they think or say of us. And it’s also a waste of time to judge others because people will be people and they’ll do what they’ll do no matter what we think or say. Technology has definitely eroded the privacy of the individual, that’s for sure. And unscrupulous people now have a window to peek in. Like you, my motto is “you do you and let me do me.” 😊💖💐

  3. cheryloreglia says:

    Yes to it all! Great post, an inspiration for all of us who shut down in the face of strong adversity, preferring anonymity over presenting who we really are and what we think. Love this, C

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