Break the Rules When Necessary — From Behind the Pen

I want to introduce you to Kym Gordon Moore at “From Behind the Pen” ( She is such an awesome writer and makes such great points in so few words. Now that’s talent!
In her post, she talks about having the courage to be yourself- to live, to laugh, to love, and do it often. Let’s face it, life’s too short to be anything other than authentic.
There will be people who won’t like you and who will not want you to relax and just be your awesome self. There’ll be people who will resent your happiness, and your loving ways. Why? Because they don’t have what you have.
Understand that you can’t please everyone, so, do you really want to live for them or do you want to live for yourself? I would hope that you would choose the latter because when you do, you’ll experience freedom you’ve never known.
Many times, people will put unnecessary and unspoken social rules on you, but know that those rules are made to be broken, so, “break the rules when necessary.” And be the beautiful person God meant for you to be!

Don’t shortchange yourself today. Embrace life through the breeze of discovery.

Break the Rules When Necessary — From Behind the Pen

I’m Me, Just Me

I’m Me







One hundred percent


Me is all I can be

All I want to be

Who I’ll always be

Me is who I’m proud to be!

Be you and be free!

Never Suppress Your Humanness

be yourself

Why should I put on a veil of perfection?

Why should I hide my flaws? Everyone has them whether they admit it or not.

Why should I bend over backward to conform to being the cookie-cutter version that everyone wants me to be? It takes strength and bravery to be oneself.

Why should I be forced to suppress my emotions when the situation calls for it, and I’m rightfully sad, afraid, or (gasp!) pissed off?

Why shouldn’t I allow myself to make mistakes? That’s how we learn.

Why shouldn’t I, on some days, let myself lounge around the house in my pajamas and no makeup?

Why shouldn’t I allow myself to splurge on a tub of Ben & Jerry’s every now and then?

Why shouldn’t I allow myself to have my own opinion?

Why shouldn’t I allow myself to speak my mind when need be?

I’d rather be myself exactly as I am, the good, bad and ugly. I won’t suppress any aspect of me. I allow myself to be completely human, no matter who doesn’t like it.

To deny humanness is to be fake. Being fake is too much work, and I’m too lazy.