How I Triumphed Over Workplace Bullying (Part 5) – Karma

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Six months after Darnell and I walked away from “the cesspool,” that was the environment at Shady Grove Living Center, the fit finally hit the shan. I was outside walking my dog when a neighbor, who still worked at the nursing home, stopped me to relay some exciting news.

Beau, Harry, and Cammie, better known as “The Thieving Three,” had all been fired from the facility earlier that day. The news had traveled that fast!
She told me that the owners of the nursing home had suddenly shown up and had the three of them escorted off the property. An Acting Administrator took Beau’s place. A temporary Bookkeeper/Payroll Clerk and Head of Maintenance took the positions of Cammie and Harry.

Over the next few weeks, several others were fired as well. The DON (Director of Nursing) was let go after having been caught stealing narcotics to feed her addiction to pain pills, as were a few other nurses. The owners also terminated the dietary manager, as were several CNAs, most of who had been loyal flying monkeys to The Thieving Three.


So many got the ax and within such a short amount of time! The owners cleaned that place out! After it was all said and done, I could probably count on one hand the people spared.

It was the buzz around town for well over a month. Harry and Cammie were so scared and humiliated that by the end of the week after the owners terminated them, they threw everything into two U-hauls and skipped town. Surprisingly, Shady Grove never pressed charges. I guessed that the nursing home didn’t want to end up with a black eye.

Harry and Cammie moved somewhere around Clarksville or Paris, TN, somewhere close to the Tennessee River. Cammie ended up working for the County Medical Center, in the same position she had at Shady Grove. Later, she committed the same crimes there; only the Medical Center didn’t let it slide as Shady Grove had.


They pressed charges, Cammie was found guilty in court, and the judge sentenced her to three years in the state prison. She only served two years.

I’ll never forget the tyrannical reign of The Thieving Three over the employees of Shady Grove and neither will I forget their downfall. This is why I firmly believe that most bullies usually get their just desserts in the end, just as these bullies did.

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  1. murisopsis says:

    That was my mantra for years – karmic justice will come. It took 25 yrs for my thorns to be cut down and thrown onto the bonfire. I didn’t dance on any tables or wish them ill but they finally got their comeuppance. SHMNBN went from her lofty perch to a lowly patient intake position, overseeing a staff of 21 to having a staff of none, a budget of millions to no financial responsibility other than living within her means (supporting her deadbeat husband and going from a salary of over $80k to barely making $23k). On her last day at work there was a party given by the Assoc. Provost who had orchestrated her exit. At that party it was revealed that she was going to be a grandmother. I was not alone recognizing the irony – she had given one employee grief about her daughter getting pregnant when not married and now her daughter (who was a nurse and “knows how to prevent pregnancies”) was having a baby with a down and out drummer 20 yrs her senior. Your story has a happy ending and I rejoice with you!

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