Bullies “Need” Their Targets

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They want you to think that you need them! You don’t. In fact, it’s just the opposite. They need you! Let me explain further:

Bullies need targets as guinea pigs to demonstrate their perceived power and might on.

They need victims to feel better about themselves.

Bullies need targets to blame their stupidity and bad behavior on.


Bullies need victims to scapegoat and to be a dumping ground for all their problems and shortcomings.

If you’re a target, Your bullies need you as a shield to cover their own cowardice.

They need you to entertain and get laughs from their audiences.

And they need you to look cool and in control in front of everyone else.

Understand that bullies need you more than you will ever need them!

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  1. myplace3187 says:

    Hello Cherie I have nominated you for the ” KENNEDY AWARD OF EXCELLENCE”. Your blogs to help those who are bullied makes you deserving of this award. It is on my page and I am looking forward to reading your blog post on it.

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