Why Thinking Ahead is Crucial if You’re a Target of Bullying

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When you’re a target of bullying, you learn very quickly that to be prepared battle requires thinking ahead. You must be ready for things that haven’t even happened yet. You must focus on what could happen and consider every possible scenario.

All the above requires observing the bullies and the people around you, being quiet and listening to every conversation (without making it evident that you’re listening). It also requires paying attention to body language and micro-expressions and micro-aggressions; and making a mental note of their reactions to specific actions, statements, and events. You’d be amazed at what you find out about people by being observant.


It’s what kept me from being fired when I worked in a toxic environment years ago and allowed me to stay ahead of the bullies in that environment. I talked about this in more detail in my blog posts, “How I Triumphed Over Workplace Bullying and Mobbing.”

I want you to understand that the more you silently pay attention, the more information your bullies will unwittingly give you because many seasoned bullies are overconfident and arrogant- which equals loud, obnoxious, and they have big mouths.

The more information you gather, the better you will be able to predict their next move or reaction, and the better you’ll be able to avoid any blunders that might bring about more bullying. You’ll prevent a great many attacks and, ultimately, be better able to protect yourself.

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