The More Bullies Tightened Their Fists, The More Like Water I Became

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I only ran through their fingers and out of their hands. My classmates couldn’t hold me. I flowed over and around them. Understand that sometimes, in their efforts to tighten their grip, bullies only create victims who find their way around them.

Because some victims refuse to be controlled. I was one of them.

When my bullies tried to silence me and prevent me from speaking against the abuse, I found another way to communicate. And I did it through writing about it instead, being sure to keep a backup journal at home in case my primary journal came up missing.

I took advantage of the fact that my bullies were flawed humans just like I was- and that they couldn’t read my mind nor control my thoughts.

When my bullies trashed my reputation at school, I made friends outside that toxic environment– out of kids who didn’t attend Oakley High School and dated guys who were of college-age and were past high school.


Although my opportunities for an after school job in my own community were nil, my attempts to get one in the next town were successful and I made many friends there.

And lastly, twenty years later, when I went through bouts of cyberbullying (keep in mind that some of the attackers online were former schoolmates), I handled it with smarts and class, which only brought me many allies who defended me against them– people from all over the country! And I’m still friends with those people today.

This is not to brag. But I want you to realize that if you think hard, there’s always a way around the stigma if you’re bullied. Dig those heels in, double down and become like water that only runs through your bullies’ hands.
Don’t give up! There’s always hope!

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