The Evil Wordsmith

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If you’re a target of bullying, do you ever wonder how some bullies are able to lie so convincingly and turn everyone against you?

It’s because these bullies are master wordsmiths. But let’s delve a little deeper. What makes them so good at wordsmithing? How is it that their words seem to have a hypnotic effect on your friends, associates, teachers and supervisors?

Here are your answers:

1. They use loaded words and language. Good or bad, loaded language appeals to or triggers other’s emotions. And when emotions are high, logic goes right out the window! Sadly, most people are ruled by their emotions and bullies instinctively know this.

2. They make offhand comments. Offhand comments can be taken many different ways and are interpreted based on the perception of the person you’re talking to. These types of remarks often sound innocent but are meant to be highly insulting, which makes them so easily deniable.


3. They are good at taking your words out of context. And they do this deliberately to use them against you. The intended meaning behind your words won’t matter because these bullies will twist and spin them any and every which way to fit their own narratives.

4. They ask “gotcha questions.” Many times, bullies will get you in front of bystanders and people in authority. They’ll then ask you questions which are designed to trap you into giving answers that may damage your credibility and reputation.

It’s these types of bullies you should avoid at all costs. And if you can’t avoid them, find a way to learn how to counter these monsters because they can do some damage if you don’t defend yourself against them.

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  1. murisopsis says:

    Absolutely. That’s why I learned to document everything and all communication was written if possible and saved. Email saved my skin on many an occasion.

  2. SLM1975 says:

    This was how “Rachel” turned all of Charles Grandison Finney high against me. She’d force me against my will to answer questions she knew I was not comfortable answering, and then once she got the answer, told the whole school I was weird.

    She clearly wanted me all to herself, and would not let me break free from her at all. I should’ve discreetly taken legal action – i.e. restraining order, criminal charges, etc… I think she secretly had a lesbian crush on me and wanted me to be her girlfriend – and her brother “Louis”‘s concubine.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Oh, my goodness, I know that had to have been rough! I’m so sorry that happened to you!

      I’ve had a similar problem! Though clearly not as bad as what you went through. I can imagine how awkward you felt, especially back in those days when people still weren’t as accepting.

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