Bullies Can Hide In Plain Site

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If you’ve ever been a target of bullying, have you noticed how bullies, their followers, and cohorts consistently brag and boast to others and among themselves about how they abuse you. They gloat to anyone who will listen to them, and people seem to get personal entertainment from it. And they’re not afraid to do it right in front of you.

You’ll hear statements such as:

“I beat the breaks off that *****!”

“That little punk got owned!”

“We sure put that wimp in her place!”

“When we see him, we’re going to cut him down to size!”

“We sure shut her down when she tried to open her mouth, didn’t we?”

And they do it while laughing and high fiving one another. In doing this, they openly admit that you’re their target and that they abuse you.

Yet, if anyone outside their group brings it up and, especially if you do, they will sneer, ridicule, and do their due diligence to silence you? They even deny that it’s happening, or they try and justify themselves.

So, prepare to be gaslighted

Have you even wondered why these people do this- openly brag about the abuse they inflict on you, then turn around and, depending on the person bringing it up or the overall circumstances and environment, try to cover up the abuse?

It’s because this is the best way for the bullies to hide the abuse in plain sight and sadly, it works like a charm and it’s hard to combat. But don’t lose hope. Know that these types of people always get a little too cocky and then get stupid. They’ve been getting away with stuff for so long that they push a little further, a little further. They keep pushing until they finally push over the line and end up hanging themselves. And the best part is that you’ll get to see it!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

9 thoughts on “Bullies Can Hide In Plain Site

    • authorcheriewhite_xpmr1f says:
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      Thank you so much, Aparna! And it’s so good to see you! I’m back from a long rest and look so forward to interacting with you again!

    • authorcheriewhite_xpmr1f says:
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      Btw, Aparna, I went to your website and read some of your blogs. I noticed that the option to comment isn’t there. Did you take that down or is it on my end? I’d really like to comment on your stuff since WP is still restricting me from likes.

  1. Stella Reddy says:

    Wonderful post Cherie! As always your insights are correct, Bullies do tend to get stupid and push too far and get caught… I’ve seen this in my own experience, which is why the sites they made in my name are all gone!! They pushed it too far and got caught.

    • authorcheriewhite_xpmr1f says:
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      Wow! That’s awesome, Stella! They took down the sites! That in itself speaks volumes and I’m so glad they ended up getting exposed and you have been exonerated! God bless you, Stella! Victory is yours!

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