Arrogant, Narcissistic Bullies- Give Them Enough Rope…

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Narcissistic bullies are such good actors, aren’t they? They’re good at going undetected, flying under the radar, and making themselves out to be better than what they are while making you look like the fool or the bad guy. But the good news is that sooner or later, people such as these usually wind up telling off on themselves somehow, someway, without even realizing it until it’s too late and the cat’s already out of the bag.

I’ve seen it happen before too many times when narcissistic bullies grew a little too confident. They got too sure of themselves, too loud, too obnoxious, too flippant, and then, they got stupid! They ended up unintentionally outing themselves!

Perhaps the narco didn’t realize a person in authority nearby when he got too loud and shot off his mouth. Or maybe she accidentally left a damning piece of evidence lying about and didn’t cover her tracks as well as she could have. Then again, perhaps the Narc-bully wove such a big web of lies and finally got tangled in it, or pushed things a little too far and made people not want to be around them. Either way, in the end, the narcopath stepped in it!

Understand that these types are always pushing boundaries as far as they can. Give these people an inch, and they take a mile. But give them a mile, and they take ten. With a Narco, it’s never enough. Standing up to these idiots is useless because you’ll only arouse their narcissistic rage, and they’ll spend the rest of their natural lives hunting for you and trying to get back at you. With a narcissist, everything is tit for tat, and the fight soon becomes exhausting for the victim of such erratic behavior.

These people have a “Divine Right of Kings” mentality. So, don’t fight or try to get back at a narcissistic bully because, trust me, they’ll never stop. They’ll only keep coming after you. Instead, just sit back, let the narco rant and rave and act like you don’t care. While they shout, curse, and foam at the mouth, continue to rock it- grey rock it, that is! Go no contact if it’s possible because people like these are dangerous and can hurt you.

But rest assured that eventually, the narcissist bully will screw up, and karma will visit them. They may not learn their lesson and change (few narcs ever do), but they always get what they deserve in the end, especially when they get old.

I knew a young nurse who was a narcissist bully, even had the displeasure of working with her for a while. Eventually, she got caught stealing opiates from the nursing home, where she held Director of Nursing’s title. The nursing home owners fired her, and soon after, the state revoked her license to practice as a nurse. After losing her nursing license, her husband divorced her. She then worked at one of the local cafés as a waitress before becoming ill and finally dying. Her whole life went down the crapper, and this woman had a sad and miserable ending.

I’ve even known a few elderly narcissists, and trust me. They live the most miserable and lonely existence of anyone I know. They’re the most bitter, angry, demanding, and ornery people you’ll ever meet. And why not? They’ve steamrolled others all their lives and now have no one to come for a visit nor to help them when they need it. And it’s sad!

People who know the person always make it a point to stay far away! And if by a minuscule chance some poor, unsuspecting sucker does come around, I can tell you that after spending enough time getting to know the person, they won’t be able to get out of there fast enough!

I know it seems that no one will hold these bullies responsible for their mean-spirited words or actions. I realize that narcissistic bullies have a talent for pouring on the charm and hoodwinking people into believing that they’re such good people. I understand that these types are so intimidating that they force people to take sides with them and give them what they want. And yes, I know that none of it is fair (and whoever said that life was?).

But rest assure. God doesn’t like ugly, and eventually, everything comes full circle. It may take a long time, but narcissist bullies always get back what they dish out in the end.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

33 thoughts on “Arrogant, Narcissistic Bullies- Give Them Enough Rope…

  1. nikipressnewsnetwork says:

    Yep , I dated one of these . One day she slapped me so hard on the back of the head that the entire room gasped. She couldn’t make out why I was not talking to her on the way home. Eventually bust her looking at female porn. She said she was straight , turns out she may have been a little more kinked than she made out to be.

  2. aparna12 says:

    Wow. It seems I am running short of adjectives for praising your blogs. I am an ardent admirer of yours and love reading your blogs.

  3. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    No girl, God don’t like ugly! “Give these people an inch, and they take a mile. But give them a mile, and they take ten.” So true…
    BUT give them enough rope and they end up choking the life out of themselves. Let them hang themselves by their own hands. You don’t have to do or wish anything on them. Save yourself and leave them waging their tales behind them. 😣🤨😫 Thanks Cherie! 🥰💖😘

  4. KT Workman says:

    I have one in my family…I just walk away when they rant and rave, no need to engage. This person is old, and how he has treated people all his life has come full circle. He has one friend…I think. He will die a bitter old man never realizing how he is treated now is completely his fault. In a way, it’s sad.

  5. emergingfromthedarknight says:

    This explains how crazy they get when triggered.. its why lately I have to also watch the way I may react if a sore place is triggered.. who wants to end up so bitter and sad and blaming the whole world while never once questioning oneself?

  6. meowilz7613 says:

    I’ve got a slightly unorthodox question. It’s just an aspect of this dynamic I want to think about.

    These people are not separate from us and ultimately have certain ideas and causes to their behaviour. I understand that a victim would wish to demonise them, but do they – in general – deserve it? I don’t think anyone deserves unhappiness. Just desserts, yes, but with compassion for where they’re coming from.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I can see where you’re coming from. And I believe in compassion. However, bullies don’t recognize compassion because they don’t have any. They see compassion as a weakness to exploit. And I believe that when they mistreat others and get so cocky about it that they end up stepping in their own mess, they get what’s coming to them and are forced to face accountability. This is not to say that I wish anybody harm. But I do believe the latter bad people should be held responsible for their evil behavior and there’s a sense of justice when they are.

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