Bullies Despise It When You Outshine Them

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Especially those who are narcissists. These bullies have to be at the top of the game in everything. They must be the center of attention- all the time.

Therefore, anyone who outshines them in any way is fair game for attack. If you have any talents, anything at all you’re good at, or in which you’re super successful, these bullies will never stop coming after you.

They’ll often accuse you behind your back (and sometimes to your face) of the following:

1. “She’s just showing off.”
2. “Oh, she’s just trying to get attention.”
3. “He just loves to flaunt his (money, material possessions, masculinity, etc.)”
4. “She’s not so hot!”
5. “He’s a wuss, wimp, etc.”
6. “You’re arrogant, full of yourself, pompous, stuck up, etc.”

hypocrite hypocrisy double standard

But notice!

These bullies will often accuse the target of the same things they are guilty of themselves.

By displaying his talents, winning awards, and favor with others and charming those in authority, the target unwillingly offends the bullies’ own excessive vanity. The target instills an imbalance of the bullies’ sense of self and makes them doubt their superiority by poking holes in their importance.

These jealous brutes are often at the top of the pecking order- the popular kids at school or the high executives in the workplace.

So, understand that people such as these can’t accept being outdone in anything by anyone. And if they’re outshone by anyone they deem as inferior- their targets, all the worse! They’ll then stop at nothing to “put you back in your place.”

narcissist bully

They don’t care about your talents, your natural gifts, your successes, or smarts. If anything, they despise them. They hate any threat to their superiority.

Bullies Despise Success in Anyone They Deem Inferior

Additionslly, these bullies will have followers who will kiss up to them and many others who are afraid of them. You’ll know these people right away when you meet them.

They’ll be loud, obnoxious, and arrogant. These bullies will be in a clique and will have attitudes of self-entitlement. They’ll also expect perks and favors and more than likely get them. Anyone outside of their group, they will treat like dirt under their shoes.

Although talk is cheap and what they say behind your back is just a bunch of hot air, be careful your bullies don’t try to do something harmful to you.


If you attract these bullies’ ire, here’s a short list of ways to keep them at bay:

1. Never reveal your plans and goals.
2. Never share anything you wouldn’t want anyone to know.
3. Display your talents, yes. But don’t brag about them.
4. Don’t dumb down for anyone, but don’t be too flashy with any intelligence, especially in the workplace.
5. Politely thank those who compliment you. Nothing more.
6. Humble yourself, yes. But you don’t have to undermine yourself to satisfy these brutes. Quiet confidence is key here.

Do these things, and you’re less likely to have a target on your back!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

11 thoughts on “Bullies Despise It When You Outshine Them

  1. Sara Flower Kjeldsen says:

    This came at the right time. I recently deleted all my posts off Quora, because in all honesty, there’s people who find me there & get upset about me sounding pretentious. Even though I love answering health/psychology related questions and you can learn interesting things from others. Then the questions start getting facetious & I realize it’s not wise to be posting about my knowledge in a few things. A boss could stumble upon it & get the wrong idea I’m bragging and the haters I’ve already attracted will find it & use it as their playground lol.
    You’re very right that it’s best not to talk about your plans, talents, or knowledge. Accept compliments but leave it there. I find as writers we can already get accused of being self-absorbed, so I don’t want to attract even more hate by having a quora channel. 😂

    • cheriewhite says:

      Wow, Sara! I’m so sorry the haters are being so jealous toward you instead of learning from you. In reading your posts in the past, I ne mver got that impression of you, sweetie. Thank you so much for your testimony. I’ve been accused of the same thing so I feel your pain. Sending lots of love your way! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. nikipressnewsnetwork says:

    My ex slapped me in public once. And I am a male! She used to scream at me in public and also told me lies about what her friends think of me. She used to go to weddings alone and would not tell me if I’d been invited or not. Once I was even called to attend an engagement party after the couple asked her where I was. It turns out she was using me as a beard and was a lesbian. She claimed she was a prophet of God. How sick huh?

  3. Vanya Wryter Consulting says:

    Good post. I once had lunch with a narcissist. I said, “I went on a trip across the country.” His eyes clouded over – he thought I was going to talk about my trip but I didn’t when I saw his facial expression. I asked how he was and his eyes lit up as he went on at length about his mundane day at the office.

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