Hidden Declaration of Bullies and Evil Despots

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They said we are the Gods of this earth

And none but we should have any worth

They shall own nothing and be happy

So force them into lives we’d find crappy

For they should work for us not us for them

So let’s make the skies over their heads dim

And shake the peasants down of every last drop

Of freedom, automony, dollar, livestock, and crop

The only way for them is either poor or dead

They shall be as the foot and we as the head

There’s no in-between, no alternatives nor if ands or buts,

We buy out and take over the land or we go nuts

We kill all the livestock, destroy every source of food

We manipulate and make them think it’s for their own good

We execute and escalate this plan with each generation

Until we succeed in completing their re-education

We use and weaponize a virus

To ensure they do not defy us

For we desire to be lords of their lives

As we rape and kill their wives

And their children too for they grow up to fight

So we must crush the young with our might

By instituting mandates that will render them ill

Only when they are sick, can we weaken their will

Let us pillage and plunder their belongings

And leave them destitute, lacking and longing

Their resolve we resent

We hate their dissent

Their spirit we mock

We scowl at their stock

Their happiness we despise

We loathe the old and wise

Their history we rewrite

Their pride is only spite

We cannot let them unite

Let division be their plight

Our desire to sow discord

Their resources we will horde

Let’s burn all the forests

in which  subjects hunt and forage

We despise biology and nature

Because we didn’t create it

Let’s burn the churches too

For we are now gods over you

We’ll take the place of Jesus

To ensure that everyone sees us

As their rightful rulers

Providers and healers

We want it all

We will not fall

It’s all or its nothing

If we can’t make the calls

We’ll ensure that humanity falls.

We’ll blow up each city and town

And take the whole world down

To the pits of hell

Where our god dwells

For we are the gods of the earth

And the rest of you are only surfs

If we can’t rule you

We will kill you

Tis the evil attitudes of despots

Who wish to call all the shots

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