Rattling Your Bullies to Expose Them

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Sometimes, to expose your bullies, you must rattle them. If you’re not sure how to do it, think Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam!

Getting a bully rattled is as easy as smiling. Therefore, say nothing to them; only look at them and smile like you know something they don’t. I promise you. It’ll drive them nuts!

They’ll ask you what the hell you’re smiling at. Don’t get defensive. Don’t say anything. Just walk away, snickering.

Your bullies will be madly bewildered. They’ll look at each other, wondering why you seem so smug. Next, they’ll wonder what it is you’re up to, and curiosity will get the best of them. You’ll throw them off! Trust me. Bullies always think their targets are up to something when they see them act this way. Also, They’ll go on the hunt to find answers like hounds sniffing a trail.

Moreover, your bullies will most likely think you’re making fun of them and get super angry — all the better for you.

Here’s why:

• When someone is really pissed off, they lose the ability to think straight and control their emotions.

• When you stir someone up, you throw them off balance. When this happens, they usually screw up and do something stupid.

If they challenge you to a fight, don’t fight unless it’s necessary. You want to get the bully in front of a crowd of people and get them so mad they start yelling and throwing a hissy fit in front of everyone. Your goal is to get them to expose themselves in front of bystanders and those in authority!


Sadly, this is the only way you can expose a bully by allowing others to see with their own eyes. But before you employ this tactic, be sure that the bully isn’t one who carries a deadly weapon and isn’t criminally violent or insane.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

17 thoughts on “Rattling Your Bullies to Expose Them

      • David Cole says:

        That doesn’t however work, when you have more than one bully, which is the situation I have found myself in at present in a professional manner.
        The person I worked with in a small construction business, that owned the business can be a bully, but a colleague within the business, his brother-in-law as it happens, is a serial bully, and known for it at his previous place of work, but he will make that he is the one being bullied when he talks to the owner of the business, his brother-in-law, to get him onside, to manipulate and deceive him.
        I have put up with my colleagues lies and harassment for three years now, but have recently quit, as I have had enough of it, it was really getting me down, and it was impossible to talk to the owner of the business, as he defended him as his brother-in-law, so I have decided to expose the bullying by writing to other family members of the two of them, telling them of all the events that have taken place, the lies, harassment, poor standards of work which has corrupted the integrity of our constructions – the two bullies laughed together about their appalling behaviour – so I have written to, as I said, other family members, customers that have received seriously corrupted standards of work, HMRC about their Tax fraud, the police, for wildlife crime, and inappropriate sexual comments being made towards women and girls they may meet on site, even harassing sexual comments shouted out on site, deliberately endangering the lives of others on site, etc, and as the worst offender has a solicitor for a spouse, I have written to let her employer know as well, so that what they so confidently thought they were getting away with in secrete, is made know to as many as possible – it needed exposing, and I exposed it, they were doing great harm, especially one of them, and he delighted in it, has a reputation for it, and nothing less would have stopped him, we had all spoken about his behaviour, but nothing was ever done, and when the owner of the business began to join in and laugh about it, I knew what I had to do – expose it, really and definitely expose it!

        • cheriewhite says:

          David, I’m so sorry you went through such horrific bullying by your coworkers. And in cases of nepotism, you’re right. All the exposure in the world won’t help when the bully has a family member at the top. I’m so proud of you for quitting and preserving your mental health. And I’m proud of you for your efforts to expose these people to customers and others outside the company and it’s clique. Wishing you many blessings! 🙌🤗

          • David Cole says:

            Your blog has been a help and encouragement, Cherie, thank-you, it isn’t easy, bullies have a way of forcing you to wear the blame, and question your own sanity and worth, it really is quite a fight; bullies are prepared and willing to face you down, lie, shout, threaten, threaten physically also, and I do not wish to behave like that, and will not, which means I lose, every time, so exposing the bully, and describing the harassment to other people, is only option left, and the bully really fears exposure – I promised myself, that I would not just walk away, that they could live with, but as I walked away, I would shine a bright light on all their dirty little secrets, and make them known. They have accused me of being malicious, well they would wouldn’t they, but it was simply self-defence, and defence of those around them, and those to come – I couldn’t care less if they don’t like what I have done, they made it necessary, and far from being malicious, I am simply standing up and exposing their malicious behaviour which will continue if not exposed.
            It isn’t easy to stand up and involve as many different people in this situation as I have done, and I do not do so lightly, others, wives, sons, daughter, parents, will I know to some extent be hurt to know how their fathers have behaved – but those who are being bullied also have wives, sons, daughters, parents, friends, who’s hearts break to see the stress and sorrow caused to those being bullied, who worry about the effects of the bullying, and who all too often, have to stand at the grave side of those who could bear no more, so I will stand up and say enough is enough!
            Thank-you again for an encouraging blog. Ironic isn’t it, the brother-in-law of the boss, hates him! Lies about him behind his back, gossips about him, and is harming his business, and yet the boss defends his brother-in-law, how mad is that; I thought of the boss as a friend, having worked together before he ever set up his own business, and I tried to defend him against the gossip, lies, and poor workmanship of his brother-in-law, and yet, the bullying brother-in-law has manged to destroy that friendship – bullies hey, gossips and liars, I hate them!

          • cheriewhite says:

            You’re most welcome, David. And you’re doing the best thing by exposing them as you walk away. In exposing them, you spare many people from becoming targets in the future. And no, you don’t lose by being the better person, you win because you aren’t as miserable as the bullies are. A person who goes around bullying others can’t be a happy person. There’s something wrong inside them, otherwise they wouldn’t feel the need to behave the way they do. Therefore, you win simply because…wait for it…you aren’t them! You’re nothing like them. And that’s a win in and of itself.

            Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎄🎉

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