Hey, Bully!

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You stand safely across the room and shoot me a threatening glare.

Stay mad at me because your overinflated opinion of yourself, I don’t share

You scream, threaten, name-call, hurl personal attacks, and swear

But only because deep down you already know that I don’t care

How it pains you to realize you can no longer get in my hair

Be careful bully, take a pause, stop for a breath, don’t run out of air

You might as well sit down, bully, take a seat, just grab yourself a chair

You squawk real loud but down below you don’t have a pair

How sad that your labeling, judgements, and verbal insults were made in haste

Maybe you think that what’s below your nose makes up for what’s below your waist

A heaping spoon of your own terrible medicine you’re finally getting a taste

As your time, energy, and breath, you foolishly continue to waste

You choke on your anger and hate as I calmly and silently grind you to a paste

Hey bully, how does it feel to lose control, how bad does it taste

0 thoughts on “Hey, Bully!

  1. aparna12 says:

    Wow! Wow! And a double wow! This is an awesome, fantastic, mind blowing poem. Excellent, dear Cherie. Loved reading every single word.

  2. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Hey bully, how does it feel to lose control, how bad does it taste…
    Not this sounds like a five-star restaurant kind of question Cherie! Booyah! Is this what you call eating crow??? πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ˜† Chew sloooowwwwwllllyyyy!!! 😲

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