Bullies Aren’t the People Who Are Most Hurtful to Their Target. So, Who Are the People Most Hurtful?

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It wasn’t the attacks from the bullies themselves. The bullies were the people from whom I’d come to expect that kind of behavior. From them, any vitriol, any vile and disgusting words and actions came as no surprise to me!

What hurt more than anything was the betrayal– when those I thought were my friends would so quickly and without question believe the lies and rumors that my bullies had spread. It was akin to being kicked in the stomach. Also, these so-called friends in school never had my back. Some even had the power to stop the bullying and protect me but refused, only throwing me under the bus.

Friends are supposed to be the people who believe the best of you. They are supposed to have your back any time someone attacks you. They’ll speak on your behalf when another person so much as badmouths you behind your back but in front of them, and they’ll stick up for you even when you’re not around to see them do it. Real friends are with you no matter what, especially when the chips are down. They will go to hell and back for you.

But sadly, during school, the people I thought I could trust did the opposite; they’d either go along with or believe the lies- and without bothering to ask me first!

My fake friends often sold me out- delivered me up to my bullies- with my head on a plate.

Rejection and mistreatment from a bully are easier to deal with because, from a bully, you expect nothing more. It’s much harder to take when it comes from someone you think is a friend and think highly of. When I look back now, I realize that I didn’t have friends in school until I was in the twelfth grade.

Before senior year, I only kept these so-called pals around and put up with them because they were the only options I had. It was pathetic.

The betrayals I suffered years ago is why I’m so selective of who I let in my life today. It’s also why I prefer to keep my circle small. I’d rather have only a handful of real friends than a million half-baked, fake ones. But we don’t value ourselves like we should when we’re teenagers and haven’t been in the world very long.

Too many people are overly concerned with having a large number of friends but don’t realize that real friends- people who have your back, who have your best at heart and will go to bat for you under the worst conditions- are a rare commodity and don’t come around every day.

Finding genuine friends is like opening a thousand empty oysters and finding only five or six pearls. These are the friends who are worth more than gold! And if you have them, you’d better appreciate them for all that they are!

When I meet a new person for the first time, I no longer wonder whether they’ll like me; I now wonder if I’m going to like them. I choose who I let in and who I give the boot, and if I stop having anything to do with someone, you can bet they betrayed me somehow, and I consider betrayal a deadly sin that will get someone dismissed very quickly.

I know what I want in a friend, and I won’t settle for anything less because anything less than desired is unacceptable. Loyalty is a virtue I look for, and if the person isn’t loyal, they aren’t worthy!

I want you to understand that if you have friends who are so quick to believe the lies your bullies tell them that they get angry with you and refuse to speak to you, guess what? These people are not your friends. They never were! Why else would they take your bullies’ word over yours and be so quick to turn against you?

Maybe those you thought were your friends only tolerated you because they felt sorry for you. And why would you settle for someone’s pity? Or, maybe your so-called friends didn’t have many options themselves, and you were only a second choice friend, or worse! The last-resort-friend! Ewww! Who wants that!

If you have friends who don’t stand with you and fade into the woodwork when your bullies attack you, they’re not worth your time or energy. Friends like that don’t deserve the privilege of being a part of your life. You’re better off without them.

You need to ditch these losers and find better friends, even if it means you have to be by yourself for a while. Hey, I know it sucks. Nobody wants to be alone. However, you must learn to be your own best friend before anyone else can.

Sometimes you must clean out all the trash to make room for the good stuff- the people who deserve to be in your life.

Continued in Part 2…

0 thoughts on “Bullies Aren’t the People Who Are Most Hurtful to Their Target. So, Who Are the People Most Hurtful?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I not only read this post, but lived through it. I felt with you and also found myself again. Thank you Cherie


    I agree with whatever you have written, real friends are those who stand beside you when everyone is against you. If your enemies are spreading lies about you, but your friend only trust you, then they are the real friend!!
    Just like you my circle is small, but secured!!
    Also, a well written blog, It’s lengthy and I appreciate your hard work in creating it. Best wishes.

  3. justblog07 says:

    Ohh gosh that experience is so traumatizing when the friends are not helping one in need , especially if your close one gets bullied. I hope you were very strong to deal with such situation when everyone was against you. Hatts off to what you became of them. A strong lady who could let other know how to deal with such circumstances. This is a great work indeed by a strong women who was not so shaken but put those experience to develop herself in such a great manner.🙏🙏🙏

  4. PeachyTO says:

    My idea of what makes a real friend has matured so much over time. The numbers have surely dwindled, but I now have a loving and true group of people that care about me as much as I care about them. A wonderful reminder, Cherie, thanks!

    • cheriewhite says:

      You’re most welcome, Peach! Your story sounds so much like mine! As we get older we realize the importance of keeping our circle small and being selective of who we allow in our lives, which is not only smart, but a great thing! ❤🌺🌷

  5. rubycommenting says:

    This is perfect Cherie! Once again, you write as if you know me. I for one think the world of my friends but they think little of me. I hear belittling comments or put downs. Finally ditched that friend. My best friend growing up, we were at a rock concert in NYC and I was choking. She ripped a bottle of alcohol out of a drunks hand so I could better swallow what I was choking on. We were 14 at the time. That was a real friend 💜 ✨

    • cheriewhite says:

      So lovely that your childhood best-friend saved your life! I’m so sorry your friends treated you so badly! I’m so glad you ditched those people! Always put yourself first, sweetie! ❤🌺🌷

  6. Contemporary Writer_9 says:

    Finding genuine friends is like opening a thousand empty oysters and finding only five or six pearls. These are the friends who are worth more than gold!

    Loyalty is a virtue I look for


    Really great statements 👍

    Yes, agree Loyalty is a branded word 😉☺️
    There may be pearls but they catch our eye 😉😍

    We can settle for pearls too if no gold, if branded with the glow of loyalty, love and care✌️😇 not filled with the oyster oil of jealousy, greed etc. etc. 😉😂

    You have a lot of real-life writings/content in your blogs and book also. I’m sure your personal experience has thought you to help others in this way, which is totally admirable and appreciated….sometime some don’t even realise to what extent they might have or had been bullied..

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