To Battle a Bully, You Must Learn to Think Like One!

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Most people who become targets of bullying are genuinely good-hearted, pure, and sweet-natured and would never dream of hurting another human being in any way.

On the other hand, bullies are consistently thinking up newer and more sophisticated ways to inflict harm on others. Their hunger for power is such that they have left a long line of victims in their wake and are always looking for new targets.

Most good-natured people become targets of bullying because bullies are notorious for taking kindness for weakness. Sadly, to protect yourself from becoming the next target requires that you adapt the bully mindset. You must think as they do to predict their next move, but NEVER act as they do.

I realize this can be difficult because a bully’s mind isn’t a very pleasant place. It’s downright ugly!

Another sad truth is that to think as a bully takes a certain degree of identifying with the person- that’s what really sucks. And if you can figure out what their next move will be, you can stay a few steps ahead of the bully and protect yourself and others.

Though it won’t be easy, as the mind of a bully can be a real cesspool, sometimes you must wade through a ton of crap to keep yourself safe and your name and reputation clean.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

0 thoughts on “To Battle a Bully, You Must Learn to Think Like One!

  1. Devang Upadhyaya says:

    Bully dwells on fear!
    They identify fear and they strick. When bullies see that a person is getting bothered, they do it more.
    It’s all fun and games for them, but life of people who is getting bullied is destroyed forever.
    I am still not confident to go in crowd even after 12 years

  2. Shashi says:

    Again a great article.
    But sometimes I feel that bullie’s don’t have control over themselves. It’s not like that they consciously decide to bully and plan accordingly. I may be wrong but I feel it’s the only way they can think. It’s their innate nature.
    Plus they may be completely lacking in empathy. So they don’t understand the damage they are inflicting.

  3. Stella Reddy says:

    Another great post Cherie! Yes, to battle a bully you have to think like one, but I will never get to the personal level they did, I don’t have the ability to make stuff up about a person I really do not know that well. I go by what I see and I was given a great gift by my bullies, which was their bullying in black and white. I was also lucky in that they were just tenants, not involved in my personal life like they allude to being. I refuse to allow them to stop me from engaging in living anymore. I spent way too much time hiding away in fear and refuse to do so any longer. Stella got her groove back! lol Go out in public with my head held high and never be afraid of anyone else and what they say, as I can walk away from them, no problem, if they disrespect me. No one is obligated to stand there and take shit from anyone you don’t want too!

    • cheriewhite says:

      YOU GO GIRL! 💖🌺🌷🦋 Getcha groove back, sweetie! I’m so proud of you! And I completely understand about not getting on a personal level like your bullies did. I couldn’t desecrate another human being either so I’m like you. When I say think like a bully, I mean expect the unexpected. It means think of all the stuff bullies can do and expect them so that you can outflank them and keep yourself protected. Keep groovin’ honey! Make me smile by living your life to the fullest! Love you! 💖🌺🌷🌞😍

  4. royiii says:

    One hall mark of a bully is that they hate it when you fight back – they get upset when you are not behaving like a compliant victim.

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