6 Signs Your Date Only Wants One Thing: Bullied Girls, Dating and Relationships

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When a girl is bullied in high school, college, or the workplace, she may turn to dating, romantic relationships, and sex to compensate for the friendships she isn’t getting anywhere else and to feel accepted, wanted, and loved. Anytime a girl is bullied, she risks having her dating opportunities taken due to having their once-good reputations destroyed by the malicious gossip and smear campaigns orchestrated by their bullies.

They will meet and date partners outside of the bullying environment, which is completely okay provided the girl isn’t a minor and the partner a legal adult. What’s never okay is when the girl is so broken by bullying that she clings to having a romantic relationship as a band-aid to her feelings of loneliness and isolation and to compensate for the connection and friendship they miss out on at school or work.

And because they’ve been convinced by their bullies that they have little or no options for dating suitors, bullied girls will often drop their standards and date anyone who shows their teeth to them without observing their behavior and the way they carry themselves first because all they’re looking for is a warm body to validate them. Nothing more. It’s also the reason they rush into having sex with the person. This isn’t good!

Understand that there’s a reason why it’s always best to make your partner wait a while before having sex with him. That reason is not only to show that you have respect for yourself and your body, but also to weed out the creeps who are only looking for one thing. Because, if a guy is only interested in sex, he will NOT want to wait for it. Keep him waiting for any length of time and he’ll only break it off and move on to an easier girl.

Trust me, this is what you should want because, it he’s only wants your body, he isn’t interested in a long-term relationship and doesn’t value you like you deserve to be valued. Therefore, he doesn’t deserve to be with you in the first place.

So, how do you know if he wants a relationship or if he’s only out to get in your pants?

Here are the signs:

1. He always hounds you for sex. If ever you’re on a date and your partner gets impatient and starts belittling or harping on you to give him sex, you might want to re-evaluate the relationship and reconsider if this is the person you should be with. If your partner doesn’t respect your decision to wait and admire you as a female for not being so dang easy, then they aren’t the person you should be with.

Arrogant young Caucasian man with three female admirers

2. Everything he talks about pertains to sex. This is a huge giveaway. If it seems that all your date can talk about is sex or anything pertaining to it, either show him the door, or head for it. Whatever you do, get rid of this creep because it’s a sign that sex is all he’s after.

2. He brags or hints about having sex with X number of girls before you. Yuck! Who wants to hear that? He’s only telling you up front that he’s a player and is actively anticipating the day he gets to score with you. Do you really want to become just another notch in his belt? No way! Give yourself the respect you deserve- get away from this dude…fast!

4. He puts down the girl he’s had sex with in the past. This idiot will make statements such as, “She was a lousy lay,” or any other remarks that put her down. Ewww! For your own peace of mind, drop this loser because, if he’ll put down a girl he’s slept with, you can be sure that he’ll say the same about you once you’ve let him have his way with you. Also, he can’t have much respect for you if he makes such statements around you- women who respect themselves do not want to hear such rubbish!

5. He undresses you with his eyes. You know that look. Or maybe you’re both talking and having fun and his eyes drop from your eyes to your breasts and seem to rest there. Again, that’s your cue to exit quickly!

6. You find out he’s addicted to porn. The last thing you need is to date a sex addict. It’s time to head for Splitsville!

Know that you are so much more than just your body and know that you deserve a partner who cherishes you for more than just your body or what you can offer him. You deserve someone who will respect your decision to wait and who will also admire and love you for it.

Real men don’t want a woman who is easy. They want a high-value woman- a woman who has morals and who respects herself enough to wait it out. They want a woman who is true to herself and who has standards. They want a woman who knows who she is, what she wants, and what she’s worth.

And you’re worth so much more than just a one-night romp between the sheets. You’re worth a lifetime commitment from the right guy at the right time. Always remember that.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

0 thoughts on “6 Signs Your Date Only Wants One Thing: Bullied Girls, Dating and Relationships

  1. Jim W. says:

    Very important info 👍👍 avoid men entirely if you can 😳😳 They are worse than you can imagine and will let you down forever 😎

  2. tealveyre says:

    I agree so much with all of this. I had sex with loads of guys when I was younger and they were all awful to me. It made my mental health issues so much worse. When people applaud hook-up culture, they need to remember that not all women are having sex happily. Some are having sex in miserable desperation in an attempt to feel human and it’s only fueling a terrible downward spiral.

  3. 80smetalman says:

    I found that the best way to a woman’s heart is to respect her personal space. Don’t enter until she has invited you to do so. This has worked for me. On a far out note, if a male target is found to be a dating a lady outside the bullying environment, bullies will immediately go around saying that the girl in question must be a prostitute because there is no way the target could get such a woman unless he’s paying for her.

    • cheriewhite says:

      You hit the nail on the head, Michael! We love our personal space! I’m so glad you understand women and I know your wife appreciates it. And yes, male bullies do get highly jealous and angry when they see their target with an attractive girl on his arm and they do make such statements. It only makes them look pathetic! Their poor little egos got shattered and they want to attack the target for it. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  4. Sara Flower Kjeldsen says:

    This is really great advice especially for really young women. As someone who’s been dating, this is so true. I make the men wait and most of them vanish after a month or sooner – it shows how many of them are only seeking an easy lay, which is sad, but it’s better to wait for a higher value man who is willing to wait.

  5. Iosif says:

    How many women in this millennium, know their value and have the standards presented in this article? Children raised and educated by virtual martyr systems live longer in the metaverse, and their reality is practically a sad and depressing place. 🙂

    • cheriewhite says:

      You’re absolutely right. The metaverse is destroying our young people. However, it doesn’t mean we should stop letting them know that they have value. To give up trying to steer them to self-respect and self-love wouldn’t do any good either.

  6. Kartik Dodia says:

    Nice article. And I belive if dating is only for friendship it’s good.. but if it is for girl’s body or any other bad intention.. it’s very very bad. All girl should know these facts before dating anyone. It’s fun for boy but not for girl.

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