16 Kinds of Personal Information You Should NEVER Share When You’re a Target of Bullying

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If you are a target of bullying, never share anything with anyone- not even your best friend. Because, in a situation like this, you cannot afford to trust anyone. I don’t care how close you and your friends seem to be. It’s still not a smart move because you never know when your bullies will succeed in turning your friends against you and those friends become willing participants in bullying you. If you share intimate and private details about your life with anyone, it’s not a question of if but when they spread your business far and wide once the bullies win them over.

So, never divulge any info that’s private or personal- anything you wouldn’t want to be known. Understand that any personal deets can be fodder for bullies and their minions to slander you with.

Examples of things better kept private are as follows (Some of these are no-brainers):

1. Your sex life, or lack of.

2. A drug addict in your family.

3. Any medical conditions or diseases.

4. Any mental illnesses.

5. Any legal troubles- even as minor as traffic tickets.

6. Family issues- divorce, child custody, births, deaths, etc.

7. Your past (if you’re old enough to have one).

8. Past abuse you may have suffered.

9. Your personal info (SS number, credit card number, birthdate, home adress, etc).

10. Email and passwords to social media accounts.

11. Names of your family members.

12. Never brag about your daughter’s beauty pageant or your son’s perfect grades.

13. Your views about the recent scandal at school or work.

14. Your hobbies and interests.

15. The TV show or movie you watched last night, especially if it’s a slasher show or filled with hot-buttered sex.

16. Never talk about politics! Ever! That’s a no-no subject!

 Bullies are already looking for dirty laundry. So, why air yours? When you’re a target of bullying, the less they know about you and your life, the better.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

0 thoughts on “16 Kinds of Personal Information You Should NEVER Share When You’re a Target of Bullying

  1. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    It’s interesting how some people try to act innocent and humble while luring their victims into a web of deceit…utter betrayal…using your personal information against you. SMH 😫🤨😠 Beware!

  2. Stella Reddy says:

    Awe this was hard for me to do when I had to share some of my history during a legal proceeding… My bullies shared all that they got about me online, including other personal details they gained during the same proceedings, in a website in my personal name. It was 19 months of back and forth in emails and forms with HRTO. I have 538 of those emails from that process.

    Their process is really screwed up, as I had to see it all, likewise for them. I couldn’t hide anything, they had to be cc’d on everything I sent. It was a nightmare! I got attacked on a daily basis, no matter what I wrote. Any evidence I submitted was then gaslighted out of existence.

    Which is why I moved to a Island once they ignored the hearing with HRTO and it was all dismissed. I did not want Bullies to know anything about my new life, except what I purposefully share in my own site. They know I am in NL, I don’t care about that, might even know the city I live in, but they won’t get to anyone here. I made sure of that, to be honest, as I limit who is in my life here and who I come into contact with. I have every confidence that I am safe here, no matter what they try to do. I live among some of the most pragmatic bunch who take people at face value, not on the words of someone they don’t even know the name of!

    I’ve been here for 1 1/2 yrs now, was even offered a job doing the same I did in Ontario, in apartment buildings, and I know if I reach out to them tomorrow they would take me. I have deliberately made people aware of these sites to get some honest feedback and I was told they don’t care about some words written by an anonymous person when they have the real person in front of them and they can decide for themselves. All I have done this past year to ensure my personal safety I have done.

    I came to accept it don’t matter what I do, write, or say they will keep going, even if they have to make it up! lol The fear is gone and my confidence is strong enough now to tell anyone who tries to get at me right where to go!! I have a choice and my choice is to not read their words, and not listen to anyone I don’t need to listen too. I have taken back control and it will stay with me. My mind is free!

    • cheriewhite says:

      I completely understand, Stella. There are exceptions, legal proceedings being one of them. I’m proud of you for doing what you had to do to ensure your safety and to get peace of mind. Where you are now, anything your bullies try to do is limited. Here’s wishing you a fantastic future, honey! 💖💐🌻🌷 Cheers! 🥂🍾

      • Stella Reddy says:

        I know you do Cherie and I appreciate that, very much.

        Bullies have no authority here where I am and will never get any either. I have no one I need to answer to anymore, just my own moral guide. I purposefully made it that way. I removed all avenues for them to triangulate me, as no one is there for them to go too!

        I can see them trying to reach out to anyone they find living here in NL, but I know they will be blocked on all sides. These bullies won’t find anyone willing to listen to them here, they are strangers, where as I may not be!

        I did what I need to do to keep myself safe and I know that Newfie’s here have my back!

    • Aahna Yadav says:

      Ruby,it seems that you are in the same boat as one of my friends was a few years back. She was too gullible and believed in giving second chances even to the bullies, despite me making her see the truth. It’s a good thing she gave up that habit. Cherie’s posts are making a lot of people aware about bullies and their tactics. Glad you understood the reminder too.
      Good day!!

  3. Aahna Yadav says:

    Recently, I heard a couple of people discussing about their family issues and miseries in open… And I literally mean OPEN. It was in the public park. It’s okay if really close friends do that but you shouldn’t discuss such issues with toxic people firstly because they will only be happy that you have these problems. And secondly, they might turn against you if you haven’t gauged their honesty properly. Right? Thank you so much for this Cherie.

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