Triumphing Over Workplace Bullying (Part 5)

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(Continued from Part 4…)

Six months after Darnell and I walked away from the workplace cesspool, that was Shady Grove Living Center, the fit finally hit the shan. I was outside walking my dog when a neighbor, who still worked at the nursing home, stopped me to relay some exciting news.

Beau, Harry, and Cammie, better known as “The Thieving Three,” had all been fired from the facility earlier that day- only an hour or two earlier, in fact. The news had traveled that fast!
She told me that the owners of the facility had suddenly shown up and had the three of them escorted off the property. An Acting Administrator took Beau’s place. A temporary Bookkeeper/Payroll Clerk and Head of Maintenance took the positions of Cammie and Harry.

Over the next few weeks, several others were fired as well. The DON (Director of Nursing) was let go after stealing narcotics to feed her addiction to pain pills, as were a few other nurses. The owners also terminated the dietary manager and several CNAs- who had all been loyal flying monkeys to The Thieving Three.

So many got the ax and within such a short amount of time. The owners cleaned that place out. After it was all said and done, I could probably count on one hand the people spared.

It was the buzz around town for well over a month. After they were terminated, Harry and Cammie were so scared and humiliated that they threw everything into two U-hauls and skipped town. Surprisingly, Shady Grove never pressed charges and I was told that it was because the nursing home was afraid that pressing charges might tarnish it’s reputation.

Harry and Cammie moved somewhere around middle, TN, somewhere close to the Tennessee River. Cammie ended up working for the County Medical Center there, in the same position she had at Shady Grove. Later, she committed the same crimes there; only the Medical Center didn’t let it slide as Shady Grove had.

They pressed charges and Cammie was found guilty. The judge sentenced her to three years in state prison but she only served two.

I’ll never forget the tyrannical reign of The Thieving Three over the employees of Shady Grove, and neither will I forget their downfall. This is why I firmly believe that most bullies usually get their just desserts in the end, just as these bullies did.

Sometimes, you must let your bullies do what they do until they get too cocky, too careless, and end up falling on their own swords.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

0 thoughts on “Triumphing Over Workplace Bullying (Part 5)

  1. Dawn Pisturino says:

    I worked in a nursing home where the DON was working on a restricted license for stealing narcotics. Whenever we were doing the narc count and narcs were missing, it was always attributed to this DON. Then, another RN started getting accused of stealing drugs, and I was never certain whether she really was or whether the DON was setting her up. A lot of other strange things were going on, too, among the staff, so I quit. It wasn’t too long down the line that the owners stepped in and started firing everybody. I was so glad, because it really was an awful place to work.

    • cheriewhite says:

      That sounds exactly right, Dawn. I’ve learned that in workplaces where there’s a little of illegal, criminal activity is where bullying is also rife. Amd why not. The criminals need scapegoats to bully and set up to distract others away from their crimes and keep from being caught. Sadly, it works.

  2. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Girl, oh no, not The Thieving Three! LMAO 🤣😆😅😜😂 Y’all had some kind of drama…deep drama…soap opera kind of drama going on in your workplace. 😲 But honey, you wrapped it up in a nice, tight package…most bullies usually get their just “desserts” in the end, and on their swords, they shall fall! 🗡🏹🗡⚔🗡I guess karma really is a bitch, isn’t it??? Great episode Cherie! 👏🏼🙌🏼👏🏼

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