“Good Will Hunting” The Moral of the Movie

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When I watched the movie “Good Will Hunting” for the first time twenty years ago, the character Will Hunting reminded me a lot of myself during high school- bullied, angry, lashing out at people, and would fight at the drop of a hat if someone stepped on my toes. I wasn’t a genius like he was. But still, there’s a moral to the movie.

Will, although uber-smart and talented, had been conditioned to think he was worth less than what he was, hence his working a job as a college janitor at the beginning of the movie. With his smarts, Will could have any job he wanted. He just didn’t know it.

Because this poor kid had a terrible start in life, he had long ago lost sight of his worth as a person. Just as I, and the character Will Hunting, leaned the hard way, you must know your worth to be happy and have a good life. Know that you have value and that you matter because if you’re blind to that, you’ll never be successful at anything.

For example, if you do not know your worth, you’re likely never to reach your true potential. You’ll end up settling for less than you deserve. You’ll sell yourself out in every area of life.

You’ll settle for crummy dead-end jobs that pay a pittance, dates, and partners you aren’t interested in, and friends who treat you shoddily. But one thing Will did have is great friends who had his back. Those guys would’ve laid down their lives for him.  So, I can say that Will chose his buddies wisely. But in every other area of life, he sold himself short. And his best friend finally told him the same thing, in so many words, toward the end of the movie.

As the old saying goes, “If you settle for less, you get even less than what you settled for.”

And that’s the gospel truth because I did that when I was young and got even worse than what I thought I’d accepted. It was all because others had programmed me to believe that the mere crumbs I’d received were the best I could do. And let me tell you, it royally sucked!

That’s what bullying does if you let it.

Fortunately, I eventually scratched and clawed my way out of that mindset, and now live a better and happier life. It wasn’t easy, but it got better once I began drumming into my own head that there was more out there for me and that I deserved a good life as much as anyone else.

Will Hunting also got the message at the end of the movie. He eventually saw his worth and found the courage to go after the life he wanted.

Isn’t it time you started getting more of what you want and deserve out of life?

Make the decision today to begin aiming higher! Apply for that 90K per year job you may or may not qualify for. Go ask out the girl who you initially thought was out of your league. Command respect and love from others and return the same to them. Aim higher than you ever have and watch your life begin to change for the better and become more rewarding!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

0 thoughts on ““Good Will Hunting” The Moral of the Movie

  1. Oritsesegbemi Jude Gbonwei says:

    A few days ago, I was talking to someone about the type of girl I would love to marry, the type of girl that I will love with my heart and not just my head. Well, she said, “if you see any girl that is okay, responsible, and God-fearing, just stay with her.”

    She talked a lot and I dropped my expectations, but after reading this, I believe I deserve what I want, and I’ll go get it

  2. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Oh what a mouthful you said here Cherie:
    “For example, if you do not know your worth, you’re likely never to reach your true potential. You’ll end up settling for less than you deserve. You’ll sell yourself out in every area of life.”

    As you duly noted, it is our mindset that steers our actions, behaviors, and beliefs. If you allow others to define your worth, you will never rise to your full potential to be all you can be! Thanks so much for delivering this powerful message ladybug! 🤗💪🏼😍🧠😘🐞🌞

      • Kym Gordon Moore says:

        Awww Cherie, you are sooo incredibly sweet and I love you for your honesty, humor and old school tunes to keep me motivated! 🎵😁🎶 You are on a roll, even if you’re rollin’ on the river! 🏞 Big wheels keep on turnin’ Proud Cherie keep on burnin’ and she’s rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ yeah, rollin’, rollin’ on the river!!!! Now go on and do your Tina dance!!! LOL 🎸💃🏼🎷🎵🎺💃🏽

  3. mediarteducation says:

    Shot the stars, i surpassed myself, more than the “technical diploma” and any post doctoral studies, with my practical solutions. Substance more than foam. I reached more than i believed while i was in high school, for myself.

    • cheriewhite says:

      That’s awesome! I’m so proud of you! 🥰😍See? If you believe in yourself, there’s no limit to how far you can go and the heights you can achieve! Love this!

  4. Jim Wingrove says:

    I’ll take a look at this movie…I’ve always avoided it, but you make it sound interesting 🌷🌷

  5. emergingfromthedarknight says:

    This movie honestly brought me undone when I watched it Cherie and I just realised why reading this.. Will also strongly used his intellect as a defense.. He could use it to look down on others when really he had no connection to his own buried feelings.. I recently watched a you tube video of most powerful movie scenes of all time and they featured the one where his therapist takes him to task over this over the comments Will offhandedly makes about his dead wife..this really resonates for me today.. thank you for sharing how much you also identified with the character.

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