People Don’t Care How Much You Know. They Only Want to Know How Much You Care.

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“They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Lou Holz

I’ve never read a truer quote than this. It touches me in ways I cannot explain because I do care about people and always have. Only in the early days, I didn’t know how to show it or maybe I was afraid to show it because it made me vulnerable. After all, I was suffering from a torrent of bullying and I was afraid that if I showed vulnerabilities, people would eat me alive.

This was wrong think.

I now realize that before you can help others, you must not only care about them, but let them know that you care. Now I could spout off about how much I’ve learned about bullying and the dark part of human nature, but all that knowledge is worth nothing if I don’t care about my fellow man.

And anyone who shares their knowledge and gives advice without caring for people are only spreading their wisdom for purposes of vanity and that’s not good.

You must care about people, especially those you’re trying to help, or your cause will fall flat. Knowledge without love and caring is dead.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

0 thoughts on “People Don’t Care How Much You Know. They Only Want to Know How Much You Care.

    • euroktoo says:

      Ain’t that the bloody truth! The one I know of late follows the classic case of the Peter Principle which looks like this thanks to LinkedIn’s Nicolas Allen: a good worker is promoted to a higher position based on their competence in their current job. If they do well in the new position, then they are promoted again. This continues until they are in a position which they can’t perform with competence, and there they stay- no longer able to be promoted due to their incompetence.” My former bully boss was quite a showman but a total dud! He barely could complete required tasks at the last level- hopefully they will surround him with capables who will have him come out smelling of a rose. Otherwise, as Allen completes his post: “The Peter Principle is not the fault of the person being promoted, that’s in the hands of the management promoting them.’ I don’t think our HR does that well either. And our exit rate proves that! Thank you for helping me clarify my thinking even further!

      • cheriewhite says:

        You’re most welcome, Kim. And I agree. And the reason why the wrong people get promoted is because they take credit for others ideas and hard work. Also, many types of management also operates on nepotism and favoritism and bullies are experts at charming members of management and getting them to like them.

        • euroktoo says:

          You are so right! Take credit- OMG, that former boss is a thought thief! But I also know precisely how that bullyboss feels about our leader and let me just say it ain’t pretty. Indeed she has surrounded herself with vipers – but they suck up sickingly very well -( isn’t it obvious?) securing their position in her back pocket!

  1. Life By Mehreen says:

    Interesting article. I would say I care too much. Too too much about everyone even strangers and that causes me to suffer alot. As I take their pain as my own and I suffer with them, I am always there for people when they need me but I do end up suffering alot in the process.

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