Bullies Want to Make You Believe You Need Them. You don’t!

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Bullies want you to believe that you’re nothing without their approval.

They want you to think that they control your very existence and that you can’t make friends, find a date, make the sports team, win a prize or have any successes without their say so.

Understand that this is how they brainwash you to wrest complete control and domination over your life. If they can make you believe that you’re nothing without their approval, then they succeed in taking away your power!

But know this! You do not need approval from anyone except the people who love you back. If the person doesn’t see your worth, their opinions of you shouldn’t matter.

0 thoughts on “Bullies Want to Make You Believe You Need Them. You don’t!

  1. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Uhhh…no I don’t think so! We have seen evidence of this on the public domain, as well as in a private setting a lot. I never thought brainwashing was as real as I’ve seen it, and so many folks easily allow themselves to fall into that trap as if they owe the bully something! SMH 😣 Sad!!! 😝

  2. Jen says:

    Oh man, I remember 7th grade, some of my bullies tried to pretend they were my friend so they can crap on me later. One of them, real surname “Meronek” — rhymes with Moronic — has been arrested and convicted a number of times.

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