Attention New Followers!!!

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As of May 31, 2022, WordPress has taken away my ability to follow new blogs nor like new posts. And they’ve done it for reasons that are unjust.

However, I do have a plan B. I can put you in my blog roll and keep up with your posts this way. It’s the next best thing to following. Know that I do appreciate new follows and if I could, I’d follow you in a heartbeat! God bless you all!

22 thoughts on “Attention New Followers!!!

  1. 80smetalman says:

    It sucks that this is still happening to you Cherie. On that note, I’m going to do some shameless promoting and let you know that I’ve written the opening segment of He Was Weird 2 for your feedback.

  2. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour mon ami, amie
    Un petit texte comique pour souhaiter une bonne journée
    Tu sais qu’aujourd’hui et un autre jour
    Ta nuit de repos est finie
    Allez au boulot, le devoir t’attend
    J’aurais bien aimé être à ta table pour ((un petit café ou une tisane avec toi))
    Mais nous sommes loin de l’autre
    Mais je moi je l’offre gratuitement avec MON BONJOUR

    Belle journée à toi. Ton ami du net

  3. Adelaide Dupont says:

    Hi Cherie:

    I haven’t been to your blog since the start of 2023.

    Love the splash page for three of your books.

    WordPress does find it hard to define its edge cases – especially the commercial side of the platform where professional bloggers work and play and live.

    Have you now gone self-hosted? Looks like it!

    So we’ve had a week’s worth or so of “Today’s Quotes”.

    • authorcheriewhite_xpmr1f says:

      Hello, Adelaide! It’s so good to hear from you. As a matter of fact, I have gone self-hosted and I love it! I’ve also been taking a long hiatus from blogging but I plan to get back to it next Monday, May 1st. Once I do start up again, I won’t post near as often as in the past. Only about once per month on average so that I don’t have to break my neck all the time. Thank you so much for commenting and I’ll be back next week!

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