Beware The Phrase “For the Greater Good”

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Here lately we’ve been hearing corrupt leaders use the phrase, “For the Greater Good,” or “For the Good of Humanity.” I agree that we should reach out and help our fellow man when he’s down. Also, I realize that these terms can be deceptive. People use these phrases to slyly promote the self-interest of only a few in authority.

Therefore, we must realize that the majority of politicians are experts at giving the illusion of compassion.

Understand that anytime someone tells you that you should  do something that is unsafe, or wrong “for the good of humanity,” you can be sure that what they’re asking you to do isn’t in your best interests. It never is.

A Subtle Guilt Trip?

Realize that the use of these two excuses is a form of manipulation.  Bullies and people in power use them to guilt you into doing something that will be harmful to you or to another individual. In that, they play on your empathy and love for humanity.

We see this happening today. But this is a tactic people have used all through history. And when you get hurt because you allowed them to convince you to do what you know to be harmful to you, they will then disappear and leave you to suffer with no recourse. It will be a herd lesson you’ll have to learn. Then, when you speak out and warn others not to make the same mistake you made, the same people will come back with a vengeance. And they will gaslight you and do everything they possibly can to destroy your credibility.

That’s why it’s imperative that you see these two phrases as sure signs of manipulation and follow your instincts. You most also question their motives and try to figure out what would be in it for them if you complied. Also, you must weigh the pros and cons on their side and those on your side of the equation. How would they benefit? How would you benefit? What could possibly go wrong if you complied?

Who Benefits from Your Compliance, You or Them?

Always ask questions even at the risk of invoking the anger of the authorities. And, more importantly, do your own research and gather your own information. Know that you have a right to know the truth.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

9 thoughts on “Beware The Phrase “For the Greater Good”

  1. Dougiepoobear says:

    Interesting post Cherie and your points made me ponder, as much of what you say can unfortunately ring true.
    I’m wondering what you think of my post a while back when I discuss ‘The common Good’? It’s coming from a different perspective but I really like what Michael Sandel has to say especially in his book ‘The Tyranny of Merit – what has become of the common good’.
    If you get chance to read my post it would be great to hear your opinion.

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