Bullying and Toxic Conformity

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Conformity can be good because we conform to sensible laws and rules in order to ensure a safe and well-run society. Conformity holds us together. However, toxic conformity is never good and can place us in danger.

What Toxic conformity brings:

Toxic conformity brings unawareness, silence to wrongdoings and injustices. Also, it promotes abuse of power and totalitarian authoritarianism.

In a toxic environment, bullies in power demand that you agree with everything they say and do. Right or wrong, they expect you to keep your mouth shut if you disagree. Moreover, you’re cannot give off any nonverbal language of opposition. In other words, you must go along if you expect to get along.

Because, if you don’t, the powers that be will subject you to ostracism, rejection, smear campaigns, even physical violence. And in extreme cases, the bullies in power will send mobs to your door. Consequently, you may endure physical torture and murder.

Schools and workplaces with a culture of bullying demand total conformity, absolute loyalty, or- toxic conformity. Totalitarian authoritarian communities and societies also demand these things. In these types of environments, there’s no margin for error.

Expect to be Ostracized if You Don’t Conform to a Bully’s Buffoonery

Moreover, you can’t deviate even the slightest bit without being punished in some way, shape, or form. And it doesn’t matter if the deviation was an honest mistake. In other words, they don’t allow you to be human. For instance, in schools and workplaces where people practice toxic conformity, creativity isn’t allowed. In communities and societies of this nature, the head honchos forbid free thought and expression.

Understand bullies see anyone who doesn’t conform to their rules and standards as a threat to their power. And they will make that person pay dearly for daring to be different. Anyone having the audacity not to stay in lockstep with their morals (or lack thereof), rules, and standards faces danger.

As I mentioned, if you dare to be different- to show creativity and talents, God help you. Having your own thoughts, opinions, and ideas puts you at risk of the bullies’ hatred and brutality.

Therefore, if you’re a target of bullying, it’s imperative that you find a way out of that environment. Otherwise, you may pay dearly with your health and peace of mind. I realize that it won’t be easy. Nothing worthwhile is easy.

 Change, especially positive change, is never easy.

However, persecuted people have uprooted and left their home countries for the US in order to attain freedom. And they found a better life. So, how much easier would it be to leave a toxic school or workplace? Find an environment where you’re free to be yourself, express different ideas, create, grow, and flourish. Only then will you truly be free!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

14 thoughts on “Bullying and Toxic Conformity

  1. 80smetalman says:

    A very good piece, Cherie. With your last paragraph, the reverse is true as well. One of the reasons I went to Great Britain and stayed after marrying my first wife was I felt ostracized because I didn’t conform to the standards of 80s Reagan America. While the numbers aren’t huge, I know l am not the only American who has sought a safer environment abroad.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I’m so sorry you’re dealing with such nonsense, dear! But I’m so proud of you for taking action and in that, taking care of yourself and your family! May God richly bless and keep you! 🙏 💖

  2. fgsjr2015 says:

    There’s a relatively new OREO cookies TV commercial, one that makes light, with smiles, of a boy’s black eye. The bruised boy’s little brother gets him to smile after holding a dark-brown Oreo cookie to his own eye.

    The viewers, being potential product consumers, are given no clue as to the actual cause of the conspicuous bruise. Still, I really didn’t get the impression that the boy had received the ring-around-the-eye bruise from an accident.

    Was the 12-ish-looking boy hit by another boy, as I believe we, the viewers, are supposed to presume? If so, does that make it socially and therefore ideologically thus politically acceptable?

    Or was he supposedly assaulted by an older sibling or even parent? Or slugged by a girl, be she a friend, girlfriend or school-peer bully?

    Nowadays, commercials get cancelled at the drop of the figurative hat, or at least edited, when they offend vocal thus influential segments of the viewership; yet this anti-male violence-accepting commercial, in our supposedly enlightened times, continues to be broadcasted unchanged.

    Seriously, what does this say about us collectively?!

    Meantime, I’m seeing boldly socially progressive TV ads, perhaps overdue. They notably include two ads, both consisting of a gay-male couple: One involves two men in their 20s (one is White and the other Black) lovingly holding each other after one puts food in the other’s mouth; another ad has two non-White men towel-drying a little girl together, she being their daughter.

    Why is there such a clear contradiction of advertisement-media values?
    One value rightfully recognizes and represents societal sexual diversity, while the other value maintaining the ideological/political acceptability, or at least making light, of a boy having had his eye blackened as though we were still residing in archaic times.

    P.S. Yet another case of societal thus media bias: I ran “violence against boys” through Quora’s search engine [and also that of Reddit] and only violence in the context of sexual violence came up.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Unfortunately, guys get the short end of the stick and I’m saddened because I have two sons. It seems that humans are under the misguided notion that rights for one category of people mean none for the others. But it doesn’t have to be zero sum.

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