Hmmm…What will they do next?

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Not only have the tyrants at Automattic blocked me from liking or following the blogs I like, but they have now prevented the bloggers whose blogs I read and comment on from seeing me in their notifications. I’ve also discovered yet another blogger who is in the same predicament. I hate to say it, guys, but if they’ll do it to me, they’ll do the same to you too. Just give them time. Beware and be aware.

I can’t tell you how sorry I am that I can’t follow or like anything right now. And I don’t know how long they intend to keep my hands tied nor if they ever will release me from this prison of theirs. Sadly, freedom of speech is a thing of the past. I’m beginning to despise technology and wouldn’t care if Big Tech was taken down.

I can tell you this. I will not stop blogging and they’ll have to do better than this to get me to quit.

Sorry for the rant, guys. I’m just tired of the censorship and other childish nonsense these “techies” are doing to the rest of us. No, I’m not being cencored per se. Nevertheless, my ability to show my appreciation for other bloggers is severely limited. Therefore, it presents a restriction of freedoms. The only thing I can say is that the people behind this nonsense are evil. They are the bullies I’ve been warning about for the past six years.

God bless you and I love you! ❤️

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