Starving the Troll

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lazy big fat man sitting at sofa play tablet all day no activity unhealthy lifestyle bad habit

Here I am, deleting the hate, starving the troll

Disappearing this keyboard warrior is my goal.

Refusing to feed the food that gives it power

Behind the keyboard the troll will only cower

As it spew it’s vileness and vitriol it chokes

The troll was at peace but now it’s woke

Refusing to give it any of my precious oxygen

The troll uses all caps their rage explodes like nitrogen

Repeat, repeat, and repeat again, I delete

Starving them of a much-needed reaction, so they don’t eat.

They’ll only eat bitter humble pie

Forcing the troll to wither and die

Go away, go way, troll- buh-bye

Smell ya later, troll, buh-bye

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