Wings Clipped

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Cut cut snip snip
My wings bullies clip
Kill it- don’t let it grow
Is their collective motto
The gravity that keeps me earthbound
With my feet anchored to the ground
Is lies, smears, ugly words of hate
I hope help comes before it’s too late
I want to fly away far from them
To keep from sinking I must swim
But they ensure that I don’t fly
And those who can help ignore my cry

To ensure I continue kneeling
They keep me from healing
My virtues they scorn
I can’t get airborne
They can’t stand to see me soar
Despising me down to their core
I want to fly high above the crowds
And soar beyond the clouds
I want to see the bright sunshine
And reclaim what once was mine
The pressure of their hate
Is like a millstone weight
Keeping me shackled
As they viciously heckle
I’m locked in an invisible prison
With walls that block my vision
Of happiness and freedom
And the realization of my own kingdom

But one day I’ll heal these broken wings
And fly away to better things
With a little personal sacrifice
I’m fly away to my own paradise
I’m break their anchors and chains
And fly away from these pains.
I’ll escape this quagmire
And build my own empire
God will hear my cries
And I’ll touch the skies
With broken wings turned to scars
I’ll fly high enough to reach the stars

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