6 thoughts on “A Rare Commodity

  1. Pajama Party 39 says:

    This! You hit on something big. I think one of the great mistruths and inaccurate beliefs in society are that males are, in general, more competitive with females. Not true! Women, in some ways, are even more competitive. There can be a lot of cattiness and jealousy woman vs woman instead of building each other up while I have seen two men get into a literal fight with one another and the next day be fine. People need to build up people. That is one of the interesting things too. I have often heard men say they don’t like having a ton of platonic female friends (a few but not tons) because they are looking for romance while many women love having guy friends because they enjoy not dealing with the jealousy etc

    • cheriewhite says:

      Yassss, girl! You nailed it!

      Women are a lot more competitive and they’re sneakier too! They’re vicious and they’ll try to destroy their target. They’ll try to break up your marriage, cause you to lose your job, smear your good reputation- they don’t know when to quit.

      I’ve heard it said that two men can get into a fist fight and they’ll usually make up and shake hands the next day, then go have a beer together.

      But two women get into a fight, they’ll hold a grudge against each other for the rest of their lives. Also, women are relentless. If they can’t get you one way, they’ll get you another way. And they’ll try again and again until they find something that works!

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