Doxxing- When Cyber-Bullying Goes Too Far

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scared and sad female teenager with computer laptop suffering cyberbullying and harassment being online abused by stalker or gossip feeling desperate and humiliated in cyber bullying.


Not long ago, I wrote a post entitled, “Cyber-Bullies, Stalkers, and Trolls.” In it I mentioned the importance of not letting faceless cowards get to you. I also mentioned that most of the above were a bunch of losers who were living in their mom’s basements and were bored and miserable with their existences and were to be laughed at or pitied.

And that’s most certainly true with most keyboard warriors. But!

What happens when online bullying goes too far? What happens when you encounter a more sinister troll- one who doxxes you and finds out your address, cellphone number, where you work, go to school, hang out- or, even scarier, who your family members are?

Then, it’s no laughing matter! This is a situation you must take seriously because things can get dangerous fast. If a troll doxxes you and finds out all this information, who’s to say the cyber-stalking bully won’t show up at your door and try to break in? Who’s to say the creep won’t go after your spouse and kids?

Anytime you have a doxxer on your tail, you’re dealing with a very vindictive, diabolical, and mentally disturbed individual(s) and you don’t know what the person is capable of!

In recent years, we’ve heard many, many stories of people being doxxed and creeps showing up on their doorsteps wanting to deal with them personally. Some people have had to go into hiding and a few have even had to go underground. It’s terrifying!

This is not paranoia; these are real and legitimate fears. And it’s plain to see that the law isn’t doing enough to protect innocent, law-abiding citizens when it comes to cyber-bullying and doxxing.

I believe the reason why people aren’t protected, and laws aren’t passed to crack down on trolling, cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, and doxxing is because neither Big Tech nor the government takes it seriously, and may even condone the behavior.

Big Tech is too powerful. Also, many of our lawmakers, especially ones of the Far Radical Left, secretly encourage this kind of behavior. How else could they keep track of, instill fear in, and censor those who do not go along with their narratives and who don’t live their lives the way the Far Radical Left thinks they should?

So, why would they regulate their own minions and tools who’ve been working for them and risk Big Tech de-funding their causes and campaigns?

Sadly, I don’t expect any laws to be passed to protect private citizens against doxxing anytime soon. In fact, if certain wealthy people on the Far Radical Left (like George Soros, for instance) actually hire people to cyber-bully, troll, and dox “dissenters,” it’s a given that nothing will be done to protect the innocent.

Doxxing cyber bullying

With that said, if you’re ever in a situation where you’ve been cyber-stalked and doxxed by a cyber-bully, you must do what you must do to protect your privacy (or what little of it we all have left). Be aware of your surroundings and if anyone approaches you or breaks into your home, do what you’ve got to do to stay safe!

You have a  God-given, primal, and Constitutional right to protect yourself and the people you love. Yeah! You know what I’m saying. If someone inters your home uninvited and has clear intentions to hurt you and your family, you know what to do!

I may get some heat from the PC “woke” crowd over this post, but I don’t care. When it comes to safety and protection of human lives, any feelings and opinions automatically take a back seat. Period. Full stop!

Because, if some creep ever invades my house and it comes down to the lives of myself and my family, it’s no holds barred!

And I’d much rather be judged by twelve than carried by six- or worse, one of my family members get carried by six.

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  1. Greg Dennison says:

    Yes. This.

    I have a related story. It was relatively minor; someone very immature was leaving garbage all over my yard and making ominous-sounding phone calls. I found out who it was, at least one of the people involved, by overhearing something someone else said and playing dumb, asking for more details while pretending to just be curious what others were saying about me. The next time I got the ominous-sounding phone call, I called that person out by name and threatened to call the police, and the attacks stopped.

    I know this is kind of vague, but I can’t go into more detail without giving away what I do for work, and I don’t do that on WordPress because that would be a spoiler for future episodes of my blog.

  2. dunelight says:

    You had me til you went to that place where you post previously digested propaganda.
    Girl, I’m told I’m left of center. Most of my friends are left of center. We want cyberbullies prosecuted to the full extent of the law and that means changing the laws so that big tech has to follow some new laws to discourage and prosecute cyber bullies.

    Instead of bullies and big tech you went after mythical extreme left wing boogymen.
    Setting up a nice straw man and then bashing straw men is not going to stop cyber bullies. Baby, I’ve fought Cyber bullies, had them all up in my bank account, stealing my husband’s ID and burning the websites of my friends. So…enough of the extreme right straw men made up boogie men. Let’s have reality. You know, pre 2015-1016 reality. Let us work together, you, extreme right, me left of center, to help all and come up with new laws to prosecute cyber bullies and to hold big tech responsible. Peace.

    • cheriewhite says:

      First of all, I’m not Extreme Right. I’m Independent. Big Difference. Left Center is fine, I said Far Radical Left. I have friends who are also Left Center and they know the difference between Center and Far Radical.

      My point is that Big Tech is too powerful amd laws need to be passed to protect innocent people who want to use the internet in peace. And Soros is NOT a straw man. He’s very real and he’s evil. You may not like it and it’s your right not to. But it’s also my right to speak what I know to be true. Let’s agree to disagree. No hard feelings.

      • dunelight says:

        There you did it again. You intimated I ‘might not like your right to speak’. Please, do not project on me. You do not have to make a point by attacking others first.

        Your right to speak does not threaten or anger me. You intimate your rights anger me. Gurllllll that is some nonsensical patter you have picked up and assimilitated into your Independent view. The only other place I’ve seen patter like that patter is in extreme right media propaganda.

        It’s OK.. I too have some right beliefs mixed in after a long life of experience with many people from all over the social spectrum.

        Let me clarify, if your problem is with Soros, then say Soros, do not swing a blunt pen at (and thereby deligitimising (sp) and trying to shut up) an entire section of the political spectrum.

        At the end of the day we agree. I’ve had nasty experience with trolls. Whereas you feel the need to attack ‘far left’ lumping all together with the ‘Soros’, I’m all for looking at reality, looking at the problem, not calling names, rather, coming together and working together…with respect.

        • cheriewhite says:

          I did what again, exactly? Called Soros out for what he is? And no one is “projecting” on you. I simply said, “You may not like it and it’s your right not too.” And yes, I meant “you may not like what I have to say, and indeed, you may not. That’s not an attack. It’s a general statement. Nonsensical patter? I don’t think so.

          It seems that you’re the one who’s doing the projecting here. I see things for what they are and I’m not afraid to speak out about it. Sorry if that offends, or intimidates you.

          If you want to twist it and say I’m “attacking” the Far Left, then fine. But calling it out for what it is, isn’t attacking them.

          It’s funny how people accuse you of attacking, when you call them out for the evil they do. Sounds to me like they’d rather people be silent because anyone who speaks out scares them. 😀

          You say that you aren’t angered? It sure doesn’t look that way judging from the tone of your reply. Something about it does anger you so what exactly is it?

          It sounds to me like you’re offended because I called out Soros for what he is- evil. If you’re so offended by my calling him “evil” then answer this: If you aren’t a close friend, family member, or fan of his, why does my view of him bother you so much?

          Here’s another question: If you’re center left, why does my view of the Far Left bother you so much if it doesn’t apply to you?

  3. Alec Heesacker says:

    If that were so, there would be no safe place left to go online, if all of the tech companies were to Cyber-Bully me online.
    Even my Able Savings Account would not be able to work without their emailing apps, which you would be just sitting there, crying and feeling useless all of the time. There would be no more communication left on your owned devices and FYI, I have a mental illness.

  4. Lawrence Morra says:

    Another fabulous posting Cherie! Big Tech is too powerful. Therein is the problem, like they say “follow the money honey!” What has happened is Corporate Anti-Trust Law and Regulation has taken a back seat while these Megalithic Corporate High Tech Giants have taken the lead in regulating first themselves then as if that isn’t bad enough, public sentiment or thinking, to a vast extent something unheard of let alone imagined outside of Orwell’s 1984 type Sci-Fi genre of years gone by; to now being a reality where a group of unelected and even unwanted people having more power over all of our lives than anyone should or even could in those days of yesteryear and normalcy, when the Newspaper filled us in on the top events or matters of community and citizen interest! Those are the good old days when times and people were living much simpler than they are now in this crazy factory and pressure-cooker we are all living in!

    So to the end of your fine comment I say this, the bottom line is; I said it before how I fear no man or woman on God’s earth I only fear God above He who is above and watching my every move and breath that no human or devil can match, “He being my power and strength” that kept me from tumbling down death’s doorstep more than once! And so, if any idiot wants to do me harm they will deal with Him above, one way or another there will be absolutely no escape from that, so they better be thinking in terms of finality and ready as in prepared for the “Consequences,” because if I’m not caught off guard they won’t ever try or get the opportunity to bother anyone again; and this based on my God given right to “self-preservation” not any government telling me what I can and can’t do in my own home or even out of it, when minding my own business living my life and someone chooses to “violate these rights from God!” But, we do have Constitutional Rights that also back up what I’m saying! And up there at the top with this right is my right to “Freedom of Speech” and nobody not the woke crowd or Big Tech demigods dictate what I can and can’t say; I have no use for any of those leftist organizations and blew them off when they hassled me; as a waste of time!

    You said in here, “No Holds Barred!” I’m not an attacker but if anyone who is wants me to be their victim they picked the wrong guy, because I’ll be a barrel of rattlesnakes and it will only take the bite of one to finish the job! No second chances!

    God bless you and yours.

    Lawrence Morra III

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